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To go straight to my Sunday Funday pick, CLICK HERE, but trust me, it ain't as fun as the whole ride!!!

The question of the day...who falls on their head today?

NFL Pigskin Record:
ATS: 5-3 Parlays: 0-1 Teasers: 2-0

Let me start today by stating one simple thing….I hate the SEC!!! For the 2nd week in a row I put all of my faith(and my cabbage) on the east side of the nation, and the bottom line is that they have left me crying in the shower like I just went down on a she-male. But I’m not worried, cuz Sunday Funday continues to show me the way and makes sure that I can take my baby mama somewhere other than Mickey D’s.

When I take my lady out for some fine dining, the after dinner treat is always to my liking!

And one of the reasons the NFL has been so good is cuz I’ve rode my homey Greggy G like a rented mule. This weekend he has already banked on Ohio State, cleaned up on an Oregon St/Texas Tech teaser, and now has much luv for the Sunday Bucaneers(CLICK HERE TO READ UP!)

Don't cry, the Cubbies still have a bright future!

Before I dive into my pick of the day, I have to make a statement to my fan base that has more Cubbies shirts than button downs. Disappointment is inevitable, and they did just waste an opportunity at something great, but lets not forget that they have made the playoffs 2 straight years, and by dominating the regular season they have shown that they talent in the dugout. Pinella is the right answer for them, he is proven and will continue to build this team going into next year. All I ask is that as a Cubs fan you don’t get jumpy, support the team and support the coach as they build for next year, cuz I’ve been a Cubbies fan for many years and I like what I’ve seen the last few years!

I know you came for football, so pretend you're astro-turf and dig in!

Now that I have neatly folded my Cubbies shirt and put it in the bottom drawer until April, lets get to the Pigskin Pros.

The Chargers can score several different ways.....

San Diego -7 @ Miami

I had this one circled early in the week cuz I really believe the line should be around 11, but thanks to the Dolphins one week of excellence against the Pats last week, 7 points is the magic number today. I clearly admit that in the NFL, it is tough to win on the road, but you can’t show me anything that the Fins have done in the last 2 years that are going to make them get exponentially better overnight.

Miami packs a punch, just not on the field!

Miami will go back to mediocrity today, partially because of their overall lack of talent in all positions, but today it is mostly because of who they are playing. The Chargers simply get the job done on offense. Rivers is completing 65% of his passes, the LT/Sproles duo is continuing to gain efficiency, and with Kaeding’s leg all but a guaranteed 3 points, I don’t see how the Chargers don’t throw up around 40 today. I haven’t been impressed with San Diego’s defense so far, but it won’t matter today cuz the Fins don’t have the firepower to stay close.

2 4 the price of 1, can't ask for much more!!


Seattle @ NY Giants teased down to -1.5
I like this one straight up cuz the Seahawks offense is more banged up than Jenna Jameson during, well, her normal work day. Asking Manning and the boys to win at home isn’t a tall task.

Cincinnati teased up to +23 @ Dallas
The Bengals are getting their offense on track and this week they get back Chris Henry from suspension, but I like this cuz their D hasn’t given up more than 26 all year. Cincy will get around 15, which means Dallas has to throw up 38, I don’t think so.

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