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Time to suck it up and dig in, cuz pretty soon Playstation football will be the only way to get our pigskin high!!

It is yet another Saturday in football land today fellas, and although your belly is over filled, calorie intake is off the charts, and the beer fridge is empty, we are very thankful today to say that the pigskin action is only half over for the weekend!! So it is time to pop a pill and start in on your morning bloody, cuz you wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good Thanksgiving Saturday being hung over, would you?

I know it was a rough day of booze and pigskin yesterday, but my friend Nicole Scherzinger still knows how to look pretty on the outside while churning on the inside, time to follow suit cowboy!!

If you didn’t latch onto my picks last weekend like a newborn/mommy teet combo, then all I can say is that insideplays brought you the nectar all weekend long. Not only did Greggy G go 5-0-1, Teasin’ T-Bone gave you a 4-1 performance(not to mention an undefeated Turkey Day, CLICK HERE to witness the writing on the wall). I think it is time for a repeat performance….
I know our cowgirl Jenn Sterger is partial to the Seminoles, but I think it is obvious that she is open to anything that involves the state of Florida...

Miami -1.5 @ NC State
I knew that this line was going to draw me in today...

The Canes have the talent, and many ladies know that it is tough to keep that kind of talent at bay!

Miami -1.5 @ NC State
....as I was sitting back watching both of these teams do the opposite of what they were suppose to last Saturday. This is the typical ‘I underperformed and you overperformed’ matchup that puts my friends in Vegas sideways for a week, and it will only be a week. Let me first explain why I believe each did what it did last weekend….

The Canes are filled with young talent, not such a bad thing in my mind!

Miami has more young players on its team than your local 19 and over college pub. Simply put, they are too young to handle the hype and situation they were in. How can you expect a bunch of 19 year olds to know how to handle a speedy option attack like what GT brought to the table, and how can you expect them to deal with everyone moving them into ‘A’ status when they are still a ‘B’ or ‘C’ team. As for the Wolfpack, I chalk last week up as an intra-state rivalry that possessed a sub-par team to play way beyond their expectations.

The Pack would luv to copy last week, but unlike our scantily clad insideplays fan, I don't think they know how!!!

The good thing for us today is that both of the factors from last week aren’t valid today. Miami still has youth, but the preverbial balloon has been deflated(if you can actually call the ACC title game a balloon) and they can go back to being a young highly talented ball club that grows on a daily basis, without everyone telling them they are something they aren’t. The Wolfpack made their season with the route over the Baby Blue Heels last week, and who wouldn’t have a let down after a win like that, especially if you are a sub .500 team to begin with. I have to believe that overall talent wins out today in what is essentially a pick ‘em game. Canes win by 10.

Bama may swallow, but in my mind that is way better than the Auburn Tiger choke and spit that their offense has mastered this year!


Auburn @ Alabama teased down to -8.5
The town of Tubberville is in absolute disarray this holiday season, and the sorrow is being led by an offseason change to the spread offense and a pathetic commitment of half a season to make the offense work with existing personnel. A once powerful Tiger squad is balancing on mediocrity, and has the pleasure of tangling with Nick Saban and his bull rush defense. I don’t know how Auburn is going to muster more than 10 first downs and hit double digits on the scoreboard, meanwhile Parker-Wilson and the offensive cronies will continue to dominate for 30+, yet again. Can you say Roll-Tide-Roll!!

Look Dad, is that the BCS title game I see?

Oklahoma teased down to -1.5 @ Oklahoma State

Just follow after me….throw ya hands in the air, and wave ‘em like ya just don’t care. Now let me hear ya say….Stoops upside ya head, say Stoops upside ya head!! The non-Whitney version of Bobby knows what is on the line tonight so preparation and coaching will not be an issue, Sam Bradford is so cool he has ice in his veins, and that nasty Sooner defense swarms the ball like college freshman when Greggy G walks in the room. I know OSU is good, but it don’t matter who OU plays, a near pick ‘em game is like expecting food stamps and getting a pocket full of benjamins!!

And my homey Greggy G is all over the Dogs from Georgia, coming off a bye week teased down to -1.5 against Georgia Tech. Who is he teasing with you ask??? None other than a Sunday Funday pigskin romping from the Buffalo Bills. Greggy is teasing them down to -.5 against the 9ers, can someone please make a cash register sound, cuz it's like theivery around here!!

Just in case you doubted what Kentucy contributes to the lower 48 states.....And don't forget to check back tomorrow for Sunday Funday with Teasin' T-Bone.

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