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NCAA: 13-18 NFL: 9-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 11-8

Teasin' T-Bone provides the pearl necklace, and my lovely ladies wear them, sounds good to me!!

With many big games on the slate today, I was itching to get going yesterday so I thought I would press my luck, needless to say that Fresno has provided me with the ability to go all out today AND still upgrade to wine out of a bottle!! I have so many thoughts for you today that I just have to dive right in….and stay tuned for the whole thing cuz there are two surprises today, a special teaser pick from Greggy and our new capper Kool Kash Killmer, and secondly, more nipples than a friggin’ mama pig!

The Hawks are a bit sneaky, but they always get their hands on what they want....excuse me, is that Floyd the Pig or is that your sweater kitten?

Iowa -6 @ Minnesota
Professor Ferentz is on the verge of saving his job by putting the Hawks into a New Years bowl with a win today. But don’t let the fact that they are highly motivated talk you into this one…let Shonn Greene do tha talkin’. The man has rushed for over 100 yds in every game this year, has 15 tuddies, and is giving the Hawks a mere 6.2 yds every time he touches the ball. We all know that Shonn is a great back, but I believe what has made him even better is the mid season development of Ricky Stanzi, proving that Iowa can get the job done offensively when they have a QB that just plays solid. He completes 59% of his passes, but most importantly he doesn’t make the stupid throw. Plus he was born in a town called Mentor, if that town doesn’t breed leaders than I don’t know what does.

Yeah, Yeah, you've seen her before, but really, does it ever get old?

As for the Gophers, I feel like I’m in the middle of my 12th year of groundhog day. Has anyone ever seen Minnesota jump out to a 6 or 7 win start against the cellar of the NCAA only to fall on their face midway through the Big 10 season? Yeah, me to. The Gophers have dropped 3 in a row, and it just so happens that all 3 of them have yielded less than 100 yds on the ground, that ain’t gonna change today against what I believe is gonna be the toughest front 4 they have seen all year. Iowa only gives up 94 yds a game on the ground when they are away from Kinnick Stadium, and I simply don’t think they will let Deleon Eskridge do anything close to that, especially when he only avgs 64 a game. Hawks win by two tuddies today.

This is just the beginning, so click below for 5 more games!!

Our friend Daniell Lloyd knows how to look good on 2 weeks rest, but the Panthers will look more like the mom from Gilbert Grape...
Pitt @ Cincinnati -6

The only thing I’m gonna say about this is that Wandstadt has been given 2 weeks to prepare for this game coming off a big win against Louisville, that smells like a team that is going to be overly cocky to me. And we all know that Dave can’t actually coach a team solidly for a whole season….Pitt picks up their 3rd loss today by coming out flat and turning the ball over. Cincy makes this ugly, maybe even a 3 touchdown win!!

Did U say 4 teasers T-Bone? Yep, I gotta say today is a good day!

NCAA TEASER SPECIAL(Double Whammy today!!)

Michigan State teased to +21.5 @ Penn State
Let me first say that Penn State will be the outright Big 10 Champion, and they should probably be playing for a national title if it weren’t for those pesky Hawkeyes. Today they will be in for a bit more of a Vick, I mean dog, fight than what they would like. Sparty plays eerily similar to the Hawks….eat the clock while on offense, take advantage of being in the red zone, and play hard nose front 4 defense that offers a slower pace and bend but don’t break mentality. PSU may be up the whole game, but Sparty will keep coming back to keep this one around two tuddies.

UNLV teased to -4.5 @ San Diego State
Two sub .500 teams are battling it out here, but if you have been watching CFB scores all year you clearly understand that a man named Chuck Long wishes he was back in college, cuz his 1-10 Aztecs are making him feel like a waste of space. Here is the thing, SDSU gets blown out bad, their D is 40 points a game horrific, while the Runnin’ Rebs have played close to Air Force, BYU, and TCU while beating who they should. UNLV wins when they win the TO war, SDSU is -9 in turnovers in their last 5.

Only half way through, here is another pair for you...um below my friends, not above!!!

Greggy G & Kool Kash Killmer Saturday Teaser

If I remember correctly the conversation went like this… “T-Bone, we luv a teaser so much that we’re using our baby formula money to throw down just to get some extra coin on it, and oh yeah, we’re gettin’ piled up too’!! The games they luv….how ‘bout West Virginia teased down to -1 at Louisville and Oregon State teased up to +9 at Arizona. I like it enough that it deserves some of my 401K funds.

Insideplays.com...tight, firm, fun....it feels so right that it can't be wrong!

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