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Detox and a warm shower, gotta luv Mondays!

But today ain't Monday homeys, it's Sunday Mutha F**kin' Funday. My degenerate ways have left me with a hangover and some mysterious shaking in my hands that I don’t want to admit to. And since I have had several days off work to solidify my plays for today, I’m just gonna dig right in today, much like Kobe Tai(Watch how Kobe packs for vacation RIGHT HERE!) in my all time favorite, Executions on Butt Row.

Peyton has had 2 options on each side all year.

Indianapolis -5 @ Cleveland

Today is a tale of two teams headed in completely different directions…the Colts are back on the winning track knocking off 4 in a row(3 of those coming against the Patriots, Steelers, and Chargers) with a healthy Peyton and his wide out cronies. And surprising to me that have done most of it without their rock Bobby Sanders on defense. During this stretch of 4 weeks the wannabe big boy Browns have went from Derek Anderson, to Brady Quinn, and not-by-choice back to Derek Anderson, all the while going 1-3 against a pretty favorable NFL schedule.

Let's see...Harrison, Wayne, Clark. Where's Gonzalez? Dammit he just went in for another tuddy!

The reason I really luv Indy today is because I believe Peyton is getting his form back that he has had most of his career. The last 4 weeks he has thrown 9 tuddies to only 1 interception, which has led the Colts to a +6 turnover margin during this stretch. And Peyton needs to give a big Thank you to Anthony Gonzalez, who has emerged this year as a consistent threat in the offensive scheme. We all know that Wayne, Harrison, and Clark will get theirs, but now that Gonzalez is showing up every week, it creates that elusive fourth option that creates match up nightmares all day long.
My homegirl Kate Beckinsale just texted me and it said...T-Bone, kind of impossible to cover so many good things on one playing field isn't it? Kate, I am in full agreement!

Do you put a backer on Dallas and let him get burned?? Do you put a safety on Anthony and risk not having deep coverage?? These are the questions that must be answered all day long, and lets not forget 2 very important things regarding this….Peyton happens to be an absolute mastermind that maximizes every coverage opportunity, and the Brownies happen to be ranked 30th in the league in pass defense, giving up nearly 300 a game. Doesn’t really sound like a day when the Colts offense is going to struggle moving the ball does it?

I'll be relaxing with a stogie by the 4th!

But hey, lets give the Browns some credit. Anderson boasts a solid 49% completion percentage and has one more touchdown than interceptions. Jamaal Lewis can get you a touchdown every third game, and Kellen Winslow can provide more drama than your high school girlfriend calling to say she has a 15 year old kid. And while most of these stats wouldn’t post a victory in college ball, it somehow still buts the Brownies 3 games ahead of Cincinnati……GO OHIOOOOOO!!! Indy rolls by 17 points today!!

Keep on reading for my East Coast Teaser.
***And BT "mutha f*ckin" W, GREG GAMBLE luvs MIA -8

It's okay to not cover the spread all the time, cuz the boyz in Vegas give us many options to choose from....

Let me reiterate what Greggy G said on FRIDAY, it’s kinda tough to shy away from an insideplays teaser when it puts you in the winners circle 70% of the time!! And lets not forget that Greggy still has half of his teaser open from yesterday, and with Georgias debacle, it makes me want the Bills at -.5 that much more.

Baltimore teased to -1 @ Cincinnati
Two weeks ago the Bengals were +3 in turnovers against the Eagles and still only managed a 13 point tie, and last week the Ravens took those same Eagles and walked on them like grapes, pulling out a 36-7 win. Gamblers math tells me to expect a 29 point victory today, but since they only beat them by 7 earlier this year, back when the Bengals had Carson Palmer and their dignity, I’ll assume that they can at least walk away with a ‘W’.

I give you Thomas Jones on the left and Leon Washington on the right, kinda tough to argue with perfection!

Denver @ NY Jets teased to -2
Repeat after me…the Jets have a redonkulous offensive line, the Jets have a redonkulous offensive line. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are putting up nearly 150 a game this year behind the hogs up front which has opened Favre up to do his thing in the air(and barely get his jersey dirty), which in turn has landed the Jets at 8-3 and what looks to be an AFC 2 seed. All the while the Broncos continue to pile up injuries and give up nearly 150 a game on the ground. Looks to me like a ground control ball game that leaves Denver playing from behind all day and walking away with a 10 point loss.
Greggy G bends over backwards for the Monday Hardcourt. Make sure that you check back my friends.

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