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I realized something this morning fellas. Not only are the weekends(real men start the weekend on Thursday night!) great because most of us get a break from the daily grind, but they are also great because InsidePlays treats you and your monopoly money like you are friggin’ gold. Going into today IP.com has brought you an an NFL win, 2 NBA wins, 1 NBA push, 2 NCAA football wins, and an NCAA teaser win(congrats to Kool Kash Killmer on the picks, you have earned your official IP.com PHD, welcome to the group, Dr.). The only loss that you have seen from us is my teaser loss yesterday, and I should’ve known that Sparty was gonna get eaten alive in Happy Valley.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned....

And I would like to post a formal apology to all of our fans out there who happen to luv sports, gambling, and insideplays.com, but aren’t very fond of full frontal naked ladies. My article yesterday included a couple ladies that forgot to cover up(if you didn’t see it, you can CLICK HERE to view, cuz they are awesome!), and it is my intent and the intent of IP.com to provide you some great sports banter along with handicapping while viewing ladies that provide some mystery and creative thought. It is not the intent to become a porn site(even though I did appreciate the shout outs from our Florida clientel), so get ready to call sharky and look at some scantily clad hotties, heeeerrrreeee we go!!

Penn St. studied up yesterday, T-Bone studied up today.

NY Giants -3.5 @ Arizona Cardinals

Warner will be pulling up his socks all day long....right after he picks himself up off the ground.

Let me start by saying that I don’t know if it is possible to express how much I love this game. First, let me remind everyone that the Giants are the defending SuperBowl champs, and they also happen to be 9-1 going into today and have continued their dominance on the road. But what really caught my eye is the matchup that I see with the Giants D and the Cardinals aging offense. The Cards rely on Warner’s arm every game and they consistently need a 300+ performance from him just to keep enough points on the board to stay ahead of their less than average defense. I have been waiting for Kurt to realize that his old bones are indeed old, and it will happen at some point this year. I believe that the Giants pass defense that only gives up 197 yds/game is just the group to make Mr. Warner open his eyes. The Giants do this two ways, confusion & pressure up front, and shut down corners Ross & Webster making it difficult to hit the 5 yard receptions that Warner loves to throw.

Even a nurse with a fetish like this can't do anything to help Edgerin and the Arizona Cardinals pathetic rushing attack!

We all know that Edgerin normally isn’t a factor in the scheme of the Cardinals, and with his recent request to get the hell out of Zona, we can expect that not only will he struggle to get his 40 yds a game, but most importantly he has created a tension filled locker room by his mid-season antics. I really think that this puts a lot more pressure on the receivers for the Cardinals. All of a sudden everyone in the world knows that they can’t run the ball, so much that a star running back wants nothing to do with them. Any time you can have an NFL defense focus on a one dimensional offense, it simply spells bad news.

She looks about as good as a 9-1 team that I know...

Aside from the fact that I believe the Cards will be stymied most of the day, I luv the fact that the Giants don’t need to rely on the arm of Eli. With their two headed monster of Bradshaw and Jacobs, they can work the clock, control the tempo, and mythotically pull away from the Cards as the game progresses. And because of the well known running game, Eli will have a big day in the air. I’m thinking about 280 yds and 3 tuddies using air mail for the Giants today. NY rolls 31-17.

Now how 'bout a teaser, sound okay to you???


Giants/Cardinals teased to over 42
Simply put, these are the 2 highest scoring offenses in the league at nearly 30 points a piece each time they step on the field, as I mentioned above I do think the Giants defense is respectable and matchup well with the Cards, but both teams will get more than 3 tuddies apiece today.

To check out the other half of the teaser, you will need to CLICK HERE to see what Greggy G has to say about it. I put my stamp of approval on it as well since it was one of my circled picks from early in the week!
And make sure you check back tomorrow for Greggy G's Monday Madness, you know you want to....

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