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NCAA: 13-16 NFL: 7-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 9-7

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Personal foul, it appears the passer likes it rough!

Thanks for joining us today at Insideplays, where words are only used to give your eyes a break from all that friggin’ skin! All kidding aside, you know you get two things when you roll shotgun with Teasin’ T-Bone on a CFB Saturday…college coeds and some form of opinion on where to let your cabbage reside. BTW, Greg Gamble (15-9 NCAA ATS) is all over the BUCKEYES (-11) at Northwestern this morning. The Cats are banged-up at the skill positions and the windy/cold weather probably doesn't bode well for their aerial attack. On Tressel's side, look for some smash-mouth action with their advantage in the trenches, while Pryor will break a few around the corner and special teams will snag at least one score. Sshhhh...Greggy G's Blue Ballz Luv Anacot Steel & Ohio St. -11

Let me introduce coed #1
.....Followed very nicely by coed #2

Let me start by saying that USC isn’t on my list today, but I’ve been impressed recently at their ability to cover a 16, 25, 43, and 46 point spread in four of their last 5 contests. And not only did they cover, they covered by an average of 14 points a game!! Oh, you want to go one step further, they are giving up 22 friggin’ points to Cal, the 2nd placed team in the PAC-10. I don’t have the stones to drop on this one, partially cause I’m still not convinced that the conference is worth a squat this year, but mostly cause I want to be able to put full concentration on the USC ladies(check ‘em out here) for the full 60 minutes.

When you find a girl that likes poles, I always recommend folding your Washington the long way, put the back of your head on the stage, and gently place it on the bridge of your nose. Now close your eyes and hope they aren’t crusted shut in the morning!

Keep on reading if you’re lookin’ for my winners, but let me warn you before you click below, I have a teaser that is so much of a lock in my mind that I’ll be poppin’ the bubbly before kick off.

The Huskers don't know how to handle multiple talents on the field, but I know I'd be up for the challenge.

Kansas pick ‘em @ Nebraska

I was a bit surprised when I saw this one come across as a pick ‘em today. It seems that the Vegas gods have forgotten that Kansas has absolutely scored at will the last 2 years and that the Black Shirts in Lincoln still aren’t that good. I see improvement on the Husker side, but do you really think Pelini can actually put together a defense of yesteryear, in the Big 12 none-the-less? And I do think this game is more about Nebraska’s defense than anything else.

Unlike the Black Shirts, she has no flaws!

When I look back into the recent past at what has happened when they have played against teams that are known to move the ball, the defense simply hasn’t shown up to play. Giving up 52 to Missouri, 37 to Tech, and 62 to Oklahoma, all in losses tells me that they just really don’t know how to slow down a solid offense with multiple weapons, and equally important, they don’t have the offensive firepower to run with those boyz. And guess what fellas, Kansas is one of dem boyz. Jayhawks roll 42-24.

And here are two more reasons to luv football...

Wisconsin teased down to -4 @ Indiana
It is clear to me that Sconsin is past its low point, and Sherer in 3 short games has matured ahead of expectations. He hasn’t thrown a pick in 2+ games and led the Badgers to a win over Illinois and a late loss in Lansing to a solid Spartan club. For the Hoosiers, they’ve won 3 games, 2 of them over mighty W. Kentucky and Murray St. I hate to say it, but the emotions of last year are gone, and with Lewis & Thigpen banged up with bum ankles, I don’t see the Hoosiers being able to muster many solid drives. It doesn’t hurt to have a top notch rushing attack on the road either, but who am I to judge….

Luv 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny the Buckeyes!

Ohio State teased down to -5 @ Northwestern
I think that Pat Fitzgerald is one of the better young coaches in the game, but lets be serious here. The Buckeyes have lost to USC and Penn State, Northwestern has dropped games to Michigan State & Indiana, not quite the same level of talent if you ask me. Most importantly in this one, CJ Bacher is stilled hobbled a bit by his hammy, James Laurinitis is not. The Wildcats won’t get more than 10 points today and you know that Pryor can’t be held down that much. The Buckeyes need a rout to move up and have a shot at a BCS bowl, and they get it today.

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