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NCAA: 13-16 NFL: 6-6 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers 9-7

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Ouch, looks like it's Sunday Funday again!

Recently I have been very glad when I wake up and can say that it is Sunday. And today I really wish that hind-sight was a friend of mine that would visit me on Saturday morning and not Sunday morning, cuz as I sit here with a hangover that will soon get drank away, I realized that I put all my lettuce on a team from Utah and the friggin’ Golden Domers, who have managed to piss me off even more than before.

I actually liked the Golden Domers yesterday, I feel dirty!

And before I get off the Charlie Weiss hate list, let me just ask the burning question. With Pitt bringing in a 2nd string QB that only completed 50% and threw 3 picks yesterday, what in the hell was the ND defense doing the rest of the day that would put them in a situation to give up 36 points. Let me make a point for the Pitt Panthers and my mind numbing level of hatred for Wandstadt also….can you really say the coach is making the right decisions when his 2nd string play caller comes in and his team plays better?

She's ready for Sunday, are you?

Enough of the boys that play for fun, lets get to the men that drive our ticket prices up to a couple hundred a seat…..

Who are these Dolphins, I don't recognize them?

Miami Dolphins +3.5 @ Denver Broncos

I skipped over this game several times, but my eye kept bringing me back to it. In my mind I was still thinking of both of these teams as they were about a month ago….the Fins prepping for the Patriots as a 14 point underdog and the Broncs with healthy offensive weapons. And as we sit here today, it is very clear that not only does a month make a difference in trying to hide a teenage pregnancy, it also makes a difference in whether a team in the NFL can compete at a high level anymore.

While you probably don't know what they look like, the Dolphins D has been smoother than a booty holding booze!

I won’t go as far as saying that the Broncos are now a bad team with all of their injuries, I will say that they had an opportunity to walk away with the division early on, and a couple of key injuries to Cutler and Young have made them a little more one dimensional based on the week. The bottom line is that there are 4 running backs, 2 wide receivers, and a tight end on the offensive injured list.

Much like practice, this is nothing you will see on the field.

Not only does this mean that they don’t know who is going to be able to perform today, more importantly it means that their whole week of practice was shit not knowing who was going to get the ball and catch the passes. I mean really, how can you get any consistency and add wrinkles when practice is going to be nothing like the game.

How can u not luv beach teams?

For the Fins, I hate to say it but Chad Pennington has somehow become the 6th best QB in the league and is completing 70% of his passes. This is going to prove to be lethal as Brown and Williams continue to improve. But today won’t really be about the Fins offense, it will be about how many 3 and outs the Broncos have. Miami wins 17-10.

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