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I've never wanted to lick a football more than right now.

Happy November fellow sports fanatics!!! It is election Saturday in my book, and insideplays is running for office. The current opening is ‘Pimparific Playa that luvs ATS and LADIES’. It just so happens that no one else is running against us this year, and you know why? I have a few thoughts of my own, but I’ll let you be the judge. Did I mention that you get all this entertainment and advice for free? Grab a drink and bring your friends, cuz it ain’t nuttin’ but a gansta party!

But first, as promised...
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LSU's D is trained to attack SEC foes, so how u think a banged-up & bad Conf. USA squad handles things?

The Wavers adjusted to life without Chicago Bear Matt Forte better than expected as Forte’s understudy Andre Anderson was absolutely Marion Butts-beastworthy. Over a 4 game stretch the Jr. averaged 31 carries & 185 yrds/gm and still ranks 2nd on the team in receptions…and I say still cause the poor guy is out for the year. How about their #1 WR and playmaker Jeremy Willams you ask…poor guy broke his hand and hasn’t played in four weeks. I know it’s wrong to jump on a sorority girl when their sleeping & I know it’s mean to gang-up on a team in despair, but sometimes, I just don’t do the right thing.

The Tigers will FLAWLESSLY SPREAD the wealth today!

Tulane has lost three straight, including last week’s 42-17 home loss to Rice where they rushed for a total of 34 yards, and have decided to start a rotating average-QB situation. And Saturday, they travel to face a livid Tigers squad having lost 2 of 3 and embarrassed for talking trash & not backing it up. I could explain how the Tigers will score, but it will be spread-out to each & every one of them. The LSU Lines will dominate, the skill-position players have too much size & speed, and most importantly, the Wave might have the most Special Teams catastrophes in the entire nation…& that was against Conf. USA squads!

Final Score: GREEN WAVE 6 TIGERS 44

You know how IP.com rolls, don't ya???

Greggy G has already got the NBA vibe going in the last couple days, to check out a couple of his winners CLICK HERE! And also check back for both of us tomorrow as we drop some NFL knowledge for ya. But for my college picks, keep reading below and try not to get sidetracked by all the skin.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of this tootsie pop? The world may never know....
I forgot about the football, just click below...

Things are pointing in the right direction for the Utes!

Utah -7.5 @ New Mexico

All of the Los Lobos fans out there are jacked up today like a car in downtown Detroit, but unfortunately the cherry will get burst early and often.(Think back to that High School sweetie that found out that sex is all it’s cracked up to be….) There are a couple stats I stared at that just make this an easy game for the mormon Utes and will position them nicely for TCU.

How many different angles can you get hit from before you finally realize that the opponent has enough goodies to overpower you?

A little something called a BCS Bowl is definitely in the minds of Utah, I mean, c’mon now, they are 10th in the nation playing against a sub .500 team and they are only giving 7 points. You know they need a blowout today to show the pollers to show they are more than some squad in the mountains that plays shit teams all year. Also, their defense is absolutely tight on the road, only giving up 180 yards of offense a game. I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of tough for a team that doesn’t know how to win to find too many holes in a defense that plays shut down football. And of that 180, only 75 is on the ground, which happens to be the Lobos only shot of staying close today.

Who has the ball? Who has the ball? The Lobos will be praying that this 60 minutes will be over soon.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Utes have methodically engineered 38 points and 370 yards a game on the road, and this was against teams like Air Force and Michigan(back when they thought they were good). This Utah team simply has too much firepower on the offensive side to be contained for more than a series or two. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the Lobos are on their 2nd string QB, who happens to be completing a stellar 50% and a 1:2 tuddy to interception ratio. Looks like Rodney Ferguson gets the ball 35 times for 75 yards tonight, now that is ugly. Utah wins 45-21, bring on the Horned Frogs!!

Mr. Wandstedt, here is a hint on a new profession.

Pittsburgh @ Notre Dame -5

Let me start by saying that I would get into a fist fight with someone over who hated the Golden Domers more, but my vomit like beliefs for the Irish get set aside when cabbage is on the line. And you can tell I really set them aside to say that they are actually going to cover today. But there is one huge pink elephant in the room right now, and that is the fact that starting Panther QB Bill Stull was carted off the field last week with a concussion and whiplash to his neck. Chances of him being in pads today is highly unlikely. In fact, I will go as far as saying this….if he suits up you may not want to touch this game, if he doesn’t, ride girly boy Jimmy Clausen like he dreams of being ridden when he is soaping up in the locker room. That comment has officially taken my principles to an all time low, the Irish still roll 31-10.

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