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Chicago Bulls & NCAA Top-25 Breakdowns

NFL 22-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Lovely Ladies 94-0
NBA 4-3 - NCAA 3-2 - Teasers 1-0 - Church League 69-0

If Rae Rae was on the Orange bball squad he'd already have a perfect outfit and a coach willing to defend him!

How bout that lil bit of karma for the Cuse & Coach BOOBheim…don’t tell me you didn’t lose a lil sleep wondering if the Hardwood Gods were out to get your shady-azz Jimmy! Speaking of the World of Roundball, let’s jump right into some ATS action:

I like hers, but my heart is actually on the Bulls tonight!

Because just like in High School, Derrick Rose will be looking down at two lil dudes (Augustin & Felton) trying to stop him!

Ok, I’ll admit clamoring for The Bease over The Rose on Draft night has me looking like I read Rae Carruth’s book: “How To Make Smart Decisions”, but unlike most stubborn sports gurus, I don’t hesitate to flip-flop like an Relaxation Therapist in Vegas hotel room. Rose’s combination of strength & athleticism paired with a humble attitude & strong work ethic cannot be compared to anybody I’ve ever seen enter the Association. Just like yours truly dominating Church League games, I honestly believe the Chicago-kid is actually faster with the rock in his hands. And tonight, he squares off against the undersized D.J. “tiny” Augustine & Raymond “somewhat chubby” Felton. While both have some speed and will have their moments offensively, neither will come close to handling darting-Derrick’s relentless attack.

While both Tyrus & her have flawless physical skills, her look of passion is what we need to see from T-Time!

In addition, it appears Pax’s athletic bigs are starting to understand by simply running the floor and being active defensively, not only will Rose find them for some easy buckets, but Vinny Del Scott Baio will actually keep them on the floor. In Saturday’s impressive nine point win against New Jersey, Noah & Thomas combined for 51 minutes, 9-14 FGs, 5-5 FTs, 13 rebs, 5 blks, & 3 stls. Throw-in the decent play from PF Drew Gooden (13 ppg, 9 reb) and the space clogging Aaron Gray (last game: 12 min, 7 reb, 2 blks), and my guess is Emeka “I can’t bend from the waist” Okafor & Boris “Dude, my festively-plump French-azz is a Bobcat” Diaw are in for a long night.

Boris Diaw might want to borrow her car because rumors have him heading to New York very, very soon!

And speaking of Mr. Diaw, rumors have been swirling that Diaw & Bell were actually acquired so Charlotte can ship them onto Gotham and their old headmaster. Considering they just arrived and probably don’t have much interest in learning Grandpa Larry’s slow-azz schemes, I don’t see how these trade reports can help their ATS matters tonight. Did I mention do-everything F Gerald Wallace has also been on the trading block since ARRP Brown took over? Maybe that’s the reason he’s a shell of player he was the last two seasons.

Like our friend, Luol's finally putting his lanky frame to use!

Throw-in Luol Deng’s excellent play of late (last 5 games: 19 ppg on 52% shooting) and a deep bench to wear-out the undermanned and overall shitty Cats O Bob, and I expect the Bulls to send the so-called GM known as “His Airness’s likes White Girls, Golf, & Gambling” to his eighth-straight loss. BULLS BY 10-15 POINTS

In his 8th season, James has now become more of a role player...and that's what you call a good thing Homeboys!

To read the whole breakdown & few more lovely ladies... href="http://insideplays.com/2008/12/chicago_bulls_ncaa_top25_break.html#more">Touch Me
While Eagle fans were devastated to hear Marquette-mastermind Tom Creen was headed to violation-riddled Indiana...TOUCH ME HERE

Just like our friend Stella, you can barely fit another star on the Golden Eagles roster!

While the Golden Eagle fans were devastated to hear Marquette-mastermind Tom Creen was headed to violation-riddled Indiana, young Buzz Peterson (Marq. Assistant Coach last year) has all the tools to continue the success in Milwaukee. In addition, with four starters returning, three of which are seniors and all with NBA potential, Peterson had plenty of help for his inaugural season. And due to the sound leadership & personal confidence of those players, Peterson was rewarded as they embraced the new regime, jumped out to an 8-1 start, and look just as dynamic as in year’s past.

Just like how she's attackin' her weapons, Lazar Hayward attacks the glass with passion!

6-5 Sr. slasher Wesley Matthews (20 ppg, 6 rpg, 48 fg%) has already had six games of double-digit attempts from the charity stripe, 6-3 Sr. G Jerel McNeal’s (18 ppg, 5 rpg, 4 apg, 39 3pt%) off-season work on his jumper has opened-up the floor, 6-6 Jr. F Lazar Hayward (16 ppg, 11 rpg) attacks the glass like Eddy Curry attacks a glass of Chocolate Milk, while 12th year Sr. Dominic James (11 ppg, 5 apg, 4 rpg) knows how to handle the rock in the clutch. For the season, Peterson has left these four on the floor while rotating in a bevy of leftover role players with solid experience to match the opponent.

If I was Bruce, I'd need a smoke after Prince went down!

On the (6-2) Vols side, after opening with the same flair as usual, Bruce Pearl lost his second leading scorer in 6-7 JR. J.P. Prince to start December. In their first game since his absence, the already young squad was blown-out at Temple by 16 points. Pearl currently plays four freshmen (including RS-FR Cameron Tatum) an average just over 66 mpg...and those should obviously increase with the loss of Prince for at least two more weeks.

It's tough to hate on a Cougar or a veteran-laden squad!

As always, Pearl will work is magic with the youngsters and keep them near the top of the SEC, but just like in their nine-point loss to the Zags, look for them to struggle against veteran-laden squads like Marquette. As a result, while I’m taking the 6.5 and heading to the bank for IP.com, I’m also looking at taking them straight-up as well because...GOLDEN FLASHES IN A BUZZER BEATER!

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