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Have a Great New Year's Eve Homeboys!

NFL 23-18 - NCAA 18-13 - Teasers 19-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
NBA 11-9 - NCAA 4-4 - Teasers 3-0 - Church League 69-0

Before we get to my Bulls prediction & Bowl pick...


Chick-Fil-A Bowl - Hotlanta, GA
Jump on now Fellas...this man's creating a dynasty!

In the collegiate pigskin world of the spread offense and the Warren Moon run-n-shoot, Paul Johnson’s triple-option is a breath of fresh batcave and makes me smile more than an Asian Hair Dresser wearing a school-girl outfit. Even with limited resources at Navy, Coach Johnson struck fear in the power conferences when they saw the Midshipmen on the schedule. Now with the sick athletes at Georgia Tech, those same coaches look more nervous than a frat-boy heading to Planned Parenthood for the results.

Just like this magical bikini, the triple-option is magnificent!

While everyone thought it would take some time to convert the Yellow Jackets into a wishbone scheme, Johnson proved his magic was already in place during their regular season finale at Georgia. Against their in-state rival and preseason National Title favorite, the triple-option exploded for 409 rushing yards in a 45-42 victory on the Dawgs lawn. Led by future NFL star Jonathan Dwyer (1328 yards, 7.0 avg, 12 TD), the breakout performance from the lightning quick Fr. Roddy Jones (vs Georgia: 13 carries, 214 yrds, 2 TD) and a QB born to run the option (So. Josh Nesbitt- 631 rushing yards, 7 TD), Tech put the nation on notice that there’s a new dynasty in the making.

Mr. Johnson is gonna make life miserable for LSU's Fr. QB!

While the defense gave up plenty of yardage against Georgia, the Dawgs are littered with NFL skill position players, a veteran QB, and plenty of confidence. As for LSU, they finished the season in disarray losing four of their last six, including a blowout home loss to Mississippi, and still have no idea who their QB of the future is. Tonight, after experimenting with Jarrett Lee & Andrew Hatch most of the season, Nick Saban’s water-boy will give Fr. QB Jordan Jefferson (42 comp% - 2.8 rushing avg) his second start of the season trying to prove this was a rebuilding year. As for a prediction, at least two sacks from the small forward playing DE Michael Johnson!

Rumor has it she had a Yellow Jacket on before this!

While the Bubble Bee D has given-up its fair share of yards, the new scheme installed by Dave Wommack should benefit from the additional time to prepare. And speaking of few extra weeks, how do they think the displined triple-option will look after Coach Johnson is finally able to throw-in a few more wrinkles? As for a prediction on one of those wrinkles, Nesbitt is a better passer than his numbers suggest. After pounding the ball all evening, look for the extremely underrated & Andre Johnson-sized WR Demaryius Thomas (6-3, 230 lbs) to pluck a few one-on-one jump-balls for his biggest game of the season. I could go on, but I need to start cracking on my Icehouse sautéed Shrimp for my New Year’s gathering. Take my word for it, Georgia Tech rolls like Kirstie Alley after a runaway donut.

Final Score: TIGERS 17 BUBBLE BEES 34
(BTW, my Homeboy Teasin’ T-Bone loves Boston College today!)

While the Bulls will be trying to proving to the fans their good, Orlando will be thinking about New Year's at the club!

I know the Magic are one of the best teams in the league and coming off a loss...(TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE LUV!)

I know its a stretch, but I'm going with the Bullies!

I know the Magic are one of the best teams in the league and coming off a loss, but this is the MFin NBA we’re talking about Homeboys! While the young Bulls are still trying to find their way and desperate to get the city to believe in their abilities, the Magic will be thinking about all the groupies and Cristal waiting for the 4th quarter horn. Plus, this game’s on TV and I have to pick one side to invest on…

I luv a girl with a New Year's grin!
Have a safe Holiday Homeboys...Much Luv!

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