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NCAA: 17-18 NFL: 11-8 Teasers 12-11

NBA: 0-1 NCAA: 0-0 Teasers 0-0

At InsidePlays WE BELIEVE in the luvly ladies, we also believe in covering spreads, but as you can see, sometimes not by much!

Yep, you read it correctly fellas, while I have followed my homeboy Greggy G to the bank with his baller picks(to check out the trifecta from Wednesday, TOUCH ME!), I have focused my weekends on seeing just how many points the college pigskin boys can put up and thinking to myself…I wonder how many of these teams can beat the Lions? That has left me in mid-December with only a TrailBlazer win-but-no-cover last Sunday against the hopeless Raptors. Who, by the way, made it up last night since I was on the coattails of Double G again, CHECK IT OUT HERE!

There are smiles in the 'D', but are they for the right reasons? Automotion girls or AI?

So as I was sitting at the Pistons game last night watching them go up and down like a friggin’ yo-yo, I caught myself grabbing my beer at halftime and thinking…did ‘Sheed even play in the 2nd quarter. The answer is no, and the answer would have been the same in the 4th if it weren’t for the blown lead that got recovered with under a minute to go. And I don’t want to question 1st year coach Curry, but when in the hell is the chop and churn of player changes going to quit so they can try to get some cohesion? When is Iverson going to actually be ‘one of the team’? Why is it that McDyess shows back up and now Wallace plays under 30 minutes and Kwame is picking slivers out of his ass all night? Why is it that they let Danny Granger score 42 friggin’ points? And I catch myself taking another sip of beer, wishing it was a Special Brew, and smiling, cuz I’ve got cabbage riding on this one and Rip finds his way to the corner to hit a baseline jumper to go up by 8…….

I don't know what is going on here, but Curry better get it figured out if he has any intention of playing in May...

….so lets jump right into Teasin’ T-Bone’s Saturday Extravaganza and erase my Pistons let down from last night.

I luv me some good Ashley Judd, please read stalker letter below!

Indiana Hoosiers +16.5 @ Kentucky

Dear Mrs. Judd, I know your Wildcats are on the rise, but there are two things for certain…they will never look as good as you, and they don’t have the talent to run the Hoosiers for more than 16! Can you please send me a photo of you with less clothing for my ceiling? Luv, the mad hatter Teasin' T-Bone

Young talent is never a bad thing, but it is much better in pornos than it is on a college basketball court...

I know that Gillespie puts together the best possible team he can every year, and the Wildcats will be a much improved ball club this year, but this is still a young team that has two options…Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson. Beyond that you will find some boys that know how to run and jump, but none of them can be that third option that spreads out a defense.

Looks like Crimson and Crean to me!!!

Even though the Hoosiers are in even worse shape than the Cats this year, first year coach Crean has brought something back to Indiana in a remarkably short amount of time....pride. He, and his players, know that they are going to have more bumps than smiles, but this Hoosier team is the type of team that takes you back a couple decades. Let by Tom Pritchard and Devan Dumes, the Hoosiers aren’t going to wow you with high flying acrobatic moves, but they do know how to play with enough heart and passion to keep them close, especially against a mediocre at best Cats squad. Kentucky wins 78-71.

Click Below for my Teaser Special!

It's roundball season friends, time to dig in!


West Virginia teased to -3 @ Duquesne

I can’t say that I follow the Dukies all year long, but I do know that they haven’t been able to stay within 15 points of anyone from a real conference, all the while the Mountaineers have at least tested themselves against Iowa, Kentucky, and most recently a strong Davidson squad. Huggy Bear knows that he needs every win possible before jumping into the meat grinder Big East conference, so I don’t see his kids getting sidetracked today.

I love home dogs...white uniforms, plenty of points, and on a four point tease, can you go wrong?

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Atlanta Hawks teased to +10

With Ilgauskas and Boobie Gibson sitting in street clothes tonight, plus the fact that the Cavs had to play at home last night and hop a plane on less than adequate sleep, I don’t see how they are going to have enough Ron Jeremy-like stamina to keep this game in double digits all night. Lets not forget that is in reach of an early season division lead and they happen to be 7-1 at home.

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