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NCAA: 17-18 NFL: 11-7 Teasers 12-11

Sunday Red works for Tiger, are you complaining?

So I went on a Ketel One dirty martini binge last night and magically woke up this morning realizing it was Sunday Funday and all I want to do is call Sharky and tell him how all my homeys had enough balls to bet on a Florida team that was a 10 point favorite over the number one team in the land. Other than that, my head is thumping and I feel like I’ve got an Amtrak train set doing circles around my brain and the only thing that is going to cure that is a bloody and the morning line. So lets dig in, and I can assure you these were circled early in the week!

J--E--T--S, Jets, Jets, Jets. It is kinda black and white today fellas!

NY Jets -4 @ San Francisco 49ers

After last weeks disappointment against the Broncos, Favre and the Boyz are looking to rebound, and lucky for them they get the ‘9ers, who have been blessed with mediocrity for the last decade. You know damn well that with a one game lead over the Pats in the AFC East, Favre will not let his team lose focus today.

Grandpa Favre can shed some clothing in the friendly SF temps! Is that a lucky clover for the east sider?

I see a few aspects of today’s game that gets me absolutely excited to give my boy Sharky a call this morning. Starting with the Jets offense, there isn’t anyone on this planet that will tell you it is a bad thing to run the ball well on the road. The Jets happen to get 137 yds/game on the ground when their living out of a suitcase, and they have proven it is a key to their success by already winning 4 of 6 on the road. It makes me even more excited to see that San Fran can’t stop the run, they give up 108 yds/game, which is in the land of mediocrity, but bordering downright turnstile like in NFL land.

My homegirl Heidi has an impressive front line, much better than what the '9ers have provided for Frank Gore

When you look at the 49ers on offense, it is equally as bad as their defense. It’s like the coaching staff just found this vast land of ‘close to decent’ and decided to set up their teepees for many moon. Aside from the fact that JT O’Sullivan has thrown 3 more interceptions than touchdowns and gets sacked 3 times a game, Frank Gore is in the middle of a downward spiral that he doesn’t know how to get out of. His numbers are consistently dropping each week, and playing a tough Jets squad that is 5th best in the league when on the road won’t help matters much.

The Pac-Man is a fighter, and he will be swinging today.

But the stake in the heart for SF today will be the fact that Favre is due for some type of miraculous outing. Yes, he has lead the Jets to recent wins over the Pats and the Titans, but he hasn’t had a 3 touchdown performance since week week 4, and he got shutout last week against Denver. To add more fuel to the fire, he is in warm weather, and Grandpa Green Bay could use any help beyond Vicatin to keep his muscles moving. Jets put up mucho points and win 31-13.

Kinda tough to defend 10 players coming at you from all angles! Good luck my Raptor friends!


Portland -3 @ Toronto
I’m popping my association cherry today, and hadn’t planned on doing so until I saw what the line was presenting to me. The Blazers are a team that is going to be tough to stop this year. As a team they play stingy defense that doesn’t like to foul, they have 10 solid contributors every night, and they simply don’t turn the ball over while trying to put the ball in the bucket. And what really sold me on this one today is the fact that Portland is on their last game of a 5 game east coast swing in which they only have one loss so far, and Toronto is having their first game of a home stretch. I see so many teams that finally get home only to drop their first game. Plus the Blazers are simply better, kinda like watching your mama play tennis in a 1970’s skirt, it just feels so right.

I just got a delivery from this fine looking UPS lady, and there was a Sunday Funday teaser inside, how lucky are we??? She had the nerve to ask me which box I wanted to open!


Philadelphia/NY Giants teased to over 37
It was apparent last week that Donovan has become highly motivated after the benching and media trash talk that took place, it was unfortunate for the Cardinals that they had to feel the wrath of that last week. But that led to 48 Eagles points. On the Giants side, they have quietly creeped to an 11-1 record and put up nearly 30 points a game on their own. I am honestly scared of the line on this because Donovan could explode again, but even if he doesn’t, they will grab a couple tuddies and that is enough for me to pick up a bottle of Alize!

Sage is used to the turf, things aren't as cozy on the ice of Lambeau Mr. Rosenfels!

Houston @ Green Bay teased to a pick ‘em

Not much to say here other than I like the fact that I can get the Pack as a pick ‘em on their home turf. Their record isn’t impressive, but 4 of their losses have been by 4 points or less. They are better than what is seen by the numbers, and I simply think that my homey Sage will have a bit of a let down on a short week and having to travel straight north to the frozen tundra. Game time is suppose to provide negative degrees, not a good thing for a dome team.

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