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NCAA: 17-18 NFL: 11-9 Teasers 13-11

NBA: 0-1 NCAA: 0-1 Teasers 1-1

It's hard damn work homeys, but if Santa can do it, I think InsidePlays can step up to the plate. All I want for Christmas is those two front things....

Today is the beginning of Bowl Season at InsidePlays, and although bowl season doesn’t have the same meaning as it did in college(puff, puff, pass Smokey), I’m excited to announce that yours truly, Teasin’ T-Bone, is making the commitment to our fan base to provide my insight(and of course my pick) on who is going to cover ATS for each and every game! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly fond of all of them, so I’ll let you know when I have a 5-dimer and I’ll also tell ya when I think it reeks of a south Chicago street corner girl that I wouldn’t touch w/ Greggy G’s bent boy toy!

I thought Chizik just had to open his mouth to get the job, but it appears he had to bend over and take one for the team as well!

And if you didn’t read up on Drew Donkulous’ rant on the situation in Ames Iowa, CHECK IT OUT HERE! I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts on Chizik and the programs situation. The way I see it is like this, whether we want to admit it or not, Gene Chizik is a coach on the rise, and in Ames and with the poor history of the program, they are only going to get 2 styles of coaches….an up-and-comer like Chizik that puts a turnstile on the coaches office every 3-5 years, or a mediocre coach that can bring .500 ball and stability to the program. I give my props to AD Jamie Pollard if he can find someone other than this, last time I checked Ames Iowa has the Hawkeyes 2 hours to the East and the Huskers 3 hours to the West, kinda tough to pull in top recruits and coaches Mr. Pollard.

Time to get up and stretch, and trust me, no camel toe today from our pigskin ladies, I already checked!

Refresh your drink and lets get rollin’ on college pigskin.

Navy vs. Wake Forest -3

This is my 5-dimer fellas, You may think I’m crazy for going with the Deacons today, especially after the Midshipmen gave WF their first loss of the season back in September of this year, but I believe that provides a couple advantages today. First, there isn’t anything better to help prepare your team than having played that exact same team before and knowing how your offensive and defensive schemes worked. Secondly, Navy has the triple option, and that is it. That makes it pretty easy for the WF defense, when they have had 3 weeks to prepare for a one dimensional team. Plus their defense only gives up around 110 yards a game on the ground, so you can bet they are looking to change the fact that they gave up 200+ in September.

Riley Skinner is smiling today knowing that his leathal pair(Pendergrass & Adams), are going to be able to let loose and have some fun!

And when Riley Skinner takes the field, I think Navy may want to start back pedaling. The man gets nearly 30 attempts per game and completes 63% of them, and he threw for 270 yards the last time the Navy defense tried to stop him. 116 of those yards went to DJ Boldin, so look for him to continue his dominance at wideout, and I have to believe that the Deacons are going to get a little more creative with Pendergrass and Adams coming out of the backfield. We know they won’t have record days on the ground, but they are 2 highly talented backs that will get the ball in different ways today. Wake Forest wins 24-13.

To mustache, or not to mustache, that is the question.

Fresno State -3 vs. Colorado State

I’d use Greggy G’s money to bet on this one, but that would be about it. My gut tells me that Fresno is gonna roll, but my pocket book has been hurt twice by them this year(how can they be a national contender and only beat Toledo by one friggin’ point?). But I still sit here and think that the talent level on both sidelines are very different, national title talks vs. not even suppose to make a bowl. With the extra weeks off, my hope is that the Bulldogs have been able to re-focus and believe that a bowl win can salvage their season. Fresno wins 35-10.

Many great things come from South Florida....but are they good enough, I'm not convinced.

Memphis +11.5 vs. South Florida

The Memphis Tigers are everything but a perennial pigskin powerhouse, and I have to admit that I haven’t followed them at all this year, but I have followed the South Florida Bulls. I saw a team self-destruct in November and lose 4 of its last 5 games, all with all star Matt Grothe at the helm. The difference maker…defenses figured out Grothe and made him throw 11 interceptions in those 5 games. With a shaky offense and a defense that has lost its swagger since Coach Mac exited to Florida this year, if the Tigers can put up two touchdowns, they will definitely cover and might even win the damn thing. And if you can read between the lines, it means I also love the under at 55 points as well. South Florida wins 21-17.

It's a good thing they allow the football team to score, cuz good talent is already being wasted in that neck of the woods!

BYU +3 vs. Arizona

Imagine a college coed passed out on your bed, bra on but no panties, landing strip down below and smudged lipstick up above. You don’t know how she got there, what do you do? Don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, much like this game! It’d be okay to crack open a beer and watch(either the game or the chick) for 3 hours or so cause it would be fun, but that’s about it for me. I do believe that BYU is gonna win this outright. They have a stingy defense that has had a couple weeks to rest up, and their offense is downright explosive. But I love the fact that they have a chip on their shoulder and will be trying to prove that a mid-major conference can play with the big boys. BYU outright, 31-21.

Don't forget about my teasers, click below!

A day without spherical objects in your life is like a day without oxygen. And shamelessly groping your egg shaped testes don't count homeys!


Both of these teams played last night, so they are on an even playing field in that respect. The difference, the Bucks were in New York and coasted to an easy victory, while the Clips lost an OT game in Chicago on Wednesday and then squeeked out a 2OT win against the Pacers last night. I don’t see how they have the energy or the interest tonight, especially knowing they get to hop on a plane and sleep in their own beds after the game.

Home whites bring out the best in everyone!

VA Commonwealth @ Oklahoma teased to -9
Oklahoma has Blake Griffin, VA does not. The Sooners have a 10-0 record, the common-folk do not. The O to-tha U dominates the glass(37 a game), the wealthy do not(29/game). And finally, Oklahoma is playing at home, and the Virginians are not. ‘Nuff said Tonto?
You know it, I know it, just thought it needed to be brought to the surface. Have a day fellas, have a day.

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