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Fiiiiiaaaaa, InsidePlays is on Fiiiiiiiaaaaa! Looks a bit like Teasin' T-Bone doesn't it? The heat doesn't scare me today fellas.

Go straight to Greggy G's Sunday Funday pick by gently STROKING HERE!!!

Sunday Funday in Insideplays-ville, and being an Iowa State alum, I seem to have college football and sexual acts on my mind, let me explain where my head is at…

Well lookie here, we happen to have a weiner, if you take away the bun you will see that it belongs to a certain Auburn president...
Now wait a sec, that appears to be Gene Chizik with his mouth open, c'mon Gene, I know you can open wider!
Lets see....weiner + open mouth = hummer
And apparantly when you mix a hummer with a 5-19 head coaching record you magically get a better coaching job surrounded by these Auburn hotties, gotta say I agree with Mr. Chizik!

Now that we have that out of the way, aside from the Crean led Hoosiers squad that had to foul with 12 seconds left, even though they were down by 16 points already, only to go down by 18 and blow my pick, I had a pretty damn good Saturday. Even though I didn’t post it, I threw in a St. Mary’s/Xavier parlay and Pistons pick from my homey Greggy G to make sure that I woke up this morning needing to go to the bank. But we can’t live in the past, so let’s get to today’s action.

The Titans have assembled a pretty good package this year, and it is tough to deny perfection.

Tennessee Titans -3 @ Houston Texans

I have finally admitted to the fact that this has been and will continue to be a magical season for the Titans. Kerry Collins has continued to impress everyone, and their season is becoming eerily familiar with the Warner/Rams and Brady/Patriots situations within the last decade. But what really gets me today is the Titans rushing attack.

One step closer for Fisher and the boyz today.

When I break down Tennessee, they have mastered the age old reality that having a rushing attack can do wonderful things for a team. The two headed monster of Johnson and White have simply dominated all year long to the point that they gain a league leading 163 yards a game on the ground on the road. Coach Fisher has managed to curb the issues with LenDale and turn it into motivation for the rushing duo, and that simply leads to plenty of open pass patterns for Kerry Collins to pick apart all day long.

Unlike our lady friend, Houston will have their eyes wide open today, but the result will still be something that involves bending over.

As for Houston, they do have my boy Sage, but other than that, they bring a losing record, a 3 game win streak(losing record with a streak like that spells a BIG ‘L’), and a horrible rushing defense that gives up nearly 130 a game. Brett Favre can beat the Titans, but the likes of Matt Schaub and Steve Slaton cannot. Titans walk today, 31-17.

Click below for my Teaser Extravaganza!!

I get creative on Sundays much like my friend with the jello-shot holster!


New England teased to -1 @ Oakland
The Pats are sitting on the outside looking in today with the number 7 seed for the AFC playoff picture. Oakland is simply hoping that they can fill up a whole hand when they count up their wins at the end of the year. I really don’t see the Pats giving this one away, cuz if there is one thing they have proven through adversity this year, Coach Hoodie doesn’t allow them to lose against teams they shouldn’t. I’m teasing everything with this one, maybe you should too!!

Minnesota T-Wolves @ LA Lake Show teased to -11
The records of each team says enough for the way this game is going to go today, but with this one being a Sunday late night TV game and the fact that the Lakers haven’t covered a spread in their last 5 outings, I figure they are due and giving them an extra four points never hurt anyone. Lakers improve to 13-1 at home and 20-3 overall as they post a 15 pointer against the depleted Wolves.

Gonzaga teased to -2.5 @ Arizona
Not only are the Zags a better team hands down today, but they spread the wealth around and may be the only team in the nation that has 6 players averaging in double figures. This fact sure helps when traveling on the road so that they don’t rely on just one person, but was also helps is that the Zags have already tested themselves early and succeeded, plus this one is being played in Phoenix, so it can’t even be considered a home game from the Wildcats perspective.
Make it a good Sunday my friends, you know they are.

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