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NFL: 11-9 NCAA: 17-18 Teasers 13-11

NBA: 1-1 NCAA: 0-1 Teasers 2-1

Greggy G luvs the NFL, TOUCH HERE TO SEE!

It's game day fellas, step up or step aside!

We have reached the last Sunday Funday before Christmas, and this is always a special one to me because it provides four avenues of fun…big boy and little boy pigskin, as well as big and little boy roundball!
No gadgets, no gizmos, no sugar plums...

And on this Sunday, I don’t have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I have a vision of having a bottle of Templeton Rye delivered to my front door by the TR man himself, Dr. Killmer, and he would deliver it in a vehicle that would make sounds like the friggin’ ice cream man was coming. He would drop it off at my doorstep like he was on a milkman run, I would open the door, he would look at me and in a Ja Rule voice would say ‘Holla, holla, me and my homeys are lookin’ to make some dolla’s, dolla’s!!’ I think I can help with that today my friends….
Wrong team, right colors, and that's good enough for me. Hey look, is that Reggie Bush cumin' in my tunnel, I mean coming down the tunnel?

New Orleans -7 @ Detroit

When I saw this line throughout the week I thought one thing…the Vegas Gods have some type of belief that the Lions are actually going to stay close in this one because it is their last home game and this is their last realistic shot at winning a game. I get all that mumbo jumbo, but the bottom line is that we have a matchup of the most potent offense in the league at 28 points a game against the absolute worst defense in the league at 32 points a game. Plus you are putting a dome team in someone else’s dome, and it really can’t be considered a home field advantage for the Lions cuz there won’t be any fans there!
I don't even think Heidi Montag creating a diversion like this would sidetrack the Saints today....

Even if you wade yourself through all of that muck and still think the Lions might have a chance, lets not forget that Coach Rod is already passing his resume out at the local high schools, and the turnstile that is the QB position never seems to quit rotating. I have got to believe that Orlovsky gets the nod again just to gain some experience, and you know if he is playing to get experience that the coaches are going to be more concerned about giving him specific plays in specific situations, which doesn’t necessarily line up with how the flow of the game is moving. So even if the defense doesn’t lose the game by giving up 50 points, I still don’t think the Lions offense can get in the 20’s to keep this one close. The Breesy Bush wins, 38-17.
Click below for my SUNDAY FUNDAY TEASERS!

You know my theory, if you're gonna do it, you might as well go for two at a time, the ride is that much better!


Cleveland Cavs teased to -10 @ OKC Thunda
Ya down wit OKC, yeah you know me!! Not, nada, zilch, zero. No way my friends. The only reason I don’t like this straight up is because the Cavs are gonna get such a big lead early on that most of the starters will be resting the whole 4th quarter and I could really see OKC creeping back close to single digits. But the bottom line is that this is a showdown of 2 ball clubs heading in opposite directions in a hurry. I love how the Cavs have been playing lockdown defense, and they now have Ilgauskas back, so that can only help their cause. By the way, the Cavs already walked on the Thunder earlier this year by the count of 117-82.
InsidePlays fanatic Keeley Hazell just texted me with this pic and said 'T-Bone, here's how I tease and cover two gems at the same time.' Keeley, you are my new BFF!!

Troy Trojans vs. S. Miss Golden Eagles teased to +11
This bowl game is the exact reason why there should be less bowl games during this time of year. You have the 1st place team from the Sun Belt against the 6th place team in Conference USA. The fact that C-USA gets 6 teams makes me want to slowly claw my eyes out. But that is beside the point. I don’t feel good enough about either of these teams to go straight up, so I’m going with S. Miss for 2 reasons. 1) They know how to shut down the running game(only allowing 57 yds/game in their last 4), and we all know it is tough to control a game the way you want to when you can’t rely on getting a couple yards on the ground, and 2) they are on a 4 game roll. This team went from 2-6 to 6-6 in November. What a better state of mind to be in as you hit the practice field for a month straight. Again, I’m not putting much coin here, but just enough to keep it interesting.
Teasin' T-Bone, editor for IP.com luvs 3 things...boobs, Templeton Rye on the rocks, and letting his fingers do the talkin'!

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