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Monday Night ATS & Booty Magic

NFL 21-17 - NCAA 17-11 - Teasers 18-9 - Lovely Ladies 93-0
NBA 4-2 - NCAA 3-2 - Teasers 1-0 - Church League 69-0

Iowa State legend & Greg Gamble hero Troy Davis can't be too happy with the direction of Cyclone Football!

What did I tell you last Monday Homeboys (touch me here)…the benching of Tavaris Jackson earlier in the year was a brilliant decision and will transform T-Jack into a quality NFL starter. And how bout the Auburn Tigers decision to steal away one of the worst coaches in Big Twelve history Gene “Holy Chizik they hired me!”

I bet she's confused about Auburn's pigskin hiring too!

Seriously, have you ever heard of a headmaster from a downtrodden program (Iowa State) in the mist of a ten game losing streak (5-19 in his two seasons) hired by one of the powerhouse pigskin programs? That’s like Heather Locklear dropping a pimp-daddy rockstar for someone like David Spade…oh wait. (CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT!)

Jim Boeheim seemed much happier when he had hair!

The only other sports news of recent absurdity is Syracuse douche bag Jim BOOBheim’s decision to ignore the university’s judicial hearing board’s request to suspend Eric Devendorf for whacking a female student in the face. Instead of the usual whining about not making the Big Dance after scheduling cupcakes and losing every big game late in the year, Captain Orange is putting his efforts into claiming the year-long suspension is too severe and announced he’ll treat Devendorf no different while he appeals the decision.

I wonder how BOOBheim will clean-up this mess!

Last fall, the smug & cocky BOOBheim defended Jonny Flynn, Rick Jackson and Scoop Jardine after they were accused of sexual assault by a female student. While all three were cleared of charges after a 10-month investigation, the trend of Syracuse ballers acting as if they rule the world combined with a “five-strikes and your out” policy from Coach BOOBheim once again proves winning is all that matters to the bum.

All righty then, time to hit-up the ATS tablet of love…

Eagles defensive guru Jim Johnson's gonna make this poor kid wish he was back on the sideline with a clipboard!

Unlike the Lions playing with a desire to stay out of the Hall of Fame or the 49ers attempt to impress their new stripping headmaster, the Browns look as though they can’t wait for the season to end. Especially with a lame-duck coach looking more relieved by the week he won’t have to answer embarrassing questions about his coaching abilities, I just don’t see how a trip to rainy Philly (showers likely, mid 30s) to play a desperate Eagles squad delivers anything but a blowout.

Dorsey's gonna see plenty of big green things flying at him tonight, and unfortunetly, they won't look like this!

Throw-in the Jr. High arm of Cleveland’s 3rd-string QB & a non-existent running game of late, and Eagles D-Coord Jim Johnson is gonna have a field day bringing the house on Ken Dorsey. Back to the lousy running game, speedster RB Jerome Harrison (31 carries – 7.9 avg) is out tonight & Jamal “I can’t believe he’s only 29” Lewis has aged overnight and managed just 7 yards on 7 carries last week. In addition, with WR Braylon Edwards suddenly having the worst hands since Sexy Rexy & TE Kellen Winslow out again w/ an ankle injury, the playmaking duties will once again fall on the shoulders of RB Jason “I don’t know who you are” Wright. Overall, besides my fav WR/RB/QB/Pimp Joshua “MFin” Cribbs (questionable) running some Wildcat action, I can’t see how the Browns muster much of anything offensively.

I can only think of one person looking more flawless wearing green than Brian Westbrook.

On the flipside, with the rebirth of a confident McNabb, arguably the best playmaker since Asia Carrera in Brian Westbrook, and a coach finally not calling a game like he’s playing Madden, I expect the Eagles to score with ease against the league’s 26th ranked defense. Last week, Westbrook had one of the most dominate games I’ve ever seen (33 carries 131 yards TD – 6 catches 72 yards TD) making Donovan’s sweet-azz play-action look like it’s circa 2004. Since his benching, the Eagles have scored 68 points in their last two contests with D-Nabb completing 67% of his passes and throwing five tuddies to zero Ints. Especially with a bevy a of talent on the outside and a Browns pass rush ranked 30th in sacks, look for the suddenly confident Eagles to put the foot on the gas and not let-up in front of the home crowd.

Check out the Browns' sideline tonight...I bet half the guys are already thinking about their next trip to the beach!

Not much else to say, except the Eagles still have playoff aspirations, while the Browns can be summed-up the same way the Asian ground crew from Major League summed-up the Indians…THEIR SHITTY! After Philly takes an early lead tonight, watch as Romeo & Co. appear to be counting down the minutes to the conclusion of this rainy contest.

Final Score: BROWNS 10 EAGLES 34

So your telling my Yi Jianlian is gonna stop this?!

Usually investing on a team on a back-to-back is considered a “no-no” in the Association, but tonight...TOUCH ME HERE for more picks & pics

It's gonna be tough to contain the Raps big two!

Usually investing on a team on a back-to-back is considered a “no-no” in the Association, but tonight, I see things differently. The Raptors have been a huge disappointment thus far, but shake-ups to the coaching staff has everybody playing with desperation. Especially following yesterday’s disappointing home-loss to New Orleans, I expect the Raptors to come out with some fire early and to actually look sharp having just played at home.

While the don't compliment each other as well as this, Bosh & O'Neal have been looking pretty sweet together!

Another big reason for tonight’s investment in Toronto, the inexperienced bigs starting for New Jersey (Yi Jianlian & Brook Lopez), as well as their backups (Josh Boone & Ryan Anderson), should struggled mightily containing Chris Bosh & Jermaine O’Neal. Look for new headmaster Jay Triano to give his frontcourt plenty of room to operate, while spacing the floor with his deadly shooters (Parker 46-3pt%, Calderon 46-3pt%, Kapono 44-3pt%).

While Vince's knee hasn't bent the wrong way yet, he's due for a visit from "General Soreness"...I luv that diagnosis!

While Vinsanity always gets-up for a return to his old Canadian stopping grounds, look for the Raps to have the long, athletic Jamario Moon shadowing the former Tar Heel great. In addition, with Bobby Simmons now basically a stationary shooter, Kapono can actually get some big-time minutes without getting burned too bad at the other end. I know the speedy Devin Harris has been nightmare for everybody this season, but Calderon is a master at controlling the tempo and can do his fare share of damage from the outside (13 ppg, 9 apg, 48 fg%, 46-3pt%, 100 ft%). As a result, Raptors jump out early and cruise to as somewhat easy victory…RAPS BY 8-12 points

Just like Eva, take it easy tonight Homeboys!

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