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NFL: 13-11 NCAA: 19-19 Teasers 15-12

NBA: 2-1 NCAA: 0-2 Teasers 3-1

If you look into Kobe's eyes you will see determination, if you can see through the glaze in my eyes you will find determination as well, Teasin' T-Bone style!

The only thing I have to say today before jumping into my banter and picks is that if you haven’t ridden Greggy G like a rented mule the last 2 nights, you have missed out. To see is mastery of football and basketball picks, CLICK HERE for Thursday action and TOUCH ME for Friday action.
Some people think she is the 'Y' in the YMCA, I think that she is a referee in Carolina today.

Arizona/Carolina over 49 points

When looking at this game I first went back to see what the hell happened when these two met back in October in Carolina. The result, a 23-27 Panther victory, which adds up to 50 points and shows me the potential is there to duplicate this effort. But what really caught my eye today was the fact when the Cardinals hop on a plane to go to a visiting city, they seem to forget their defense back in Phoenix.
Every team looks like this against the Cardinals so-called road defense.

The last 5 games that Arizona has played on the road have resulted in defensive lapses that have given up 27, 37, 48, 35, and 47 respectively. And in those 5 games, Zona has managed to score 18 points a game. I believe that this shows there is a lot to be said for a team getting up by 20 points and relaxing a bit, and we all know that the Cardinals are potent enough with Fitzgerald, Boldin, and the playoff ready Edge.
With a couple wide outs like Fitzgerald and Boldin anchoring the front end, it's tough to not score all the time, kinda symbolic isn't it?

If you need one more reason to love this game, both the Cardinals and Panthers have gone over the line in 6 of their last 7 games. Smells like a whole lot of tuddies and at least 60 points today.

I have two Bulls teasers for you today, and both look like winners even if they are mixed in with other gems!


OKC Thunda @ Chicago Bulls teased down to -4
OKC/Chicago under teased to 211

For all of the Bulls faithful out there, this will be a game to watch. Not only are the Bulls on a two game win streak, which has been a bit elusive in the Vinny Del Scott Baio era, but they get to host an absolutely horrific OKC. Plus I’m guessing that the Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook matchup with make you feel like you’ve got Jordan back in town for a game.
Home whites can make any team in the Association look flawless, especially a mediocre Bulls squad.

I like the straight up cover, but really love the young Bulls gaining some confidence with a slim win tonight. And with both teams playing last night, I have to believe that they come out of the gate a bit sluggish tonight, I don’t see either team getting into triple digits. So sit back, relax, and pretend that this a the Bulls squad of the early ‘90’s, cuz with an opponent like the Thunda, they just might look like it!
Dig in today fellas, there is a ton of action on the table, and if you go all in it is bound to provide some excitement!

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