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NFL: 13-12 NCAA: 19-19 Teasers 15-12

NBA: 2-1 NCAA: 0-2 Teasers 3-2
Sunday Funday with the NFL and Insideplays is like a pair of sweater kittens all pushed together!

My homey from the Windy City, Greg Gamble, has already summed up the NFL pick of the day pretty well(GET IT RIGHT HERE), so I am going to move my efforts on Sunday Funday to the reason that I lost sleep last night….the Chicago Bulls. Who by the way, managed to completely botch a 4 game home stand with end cap losses to the T-Wolves and the friggin’ Thunda.
If you surround yourself with the right people, good things are bound to happen to you, sweet little thangs.

Lets start with a general theme of mine that I have learned through my life as a degenerate business man. When you are in the middle of a losing situation, either business, personal, or sports, you have two choices…you either ‘CHANGE the people, or you change the PEOPLE’. So it is pretty simple, if the guys within the Bulls organization are not willing to change who they are(which is next to impossible by the way), then the only choice left is to get new people. And when I say new people, I’m talking 60-70% need to be wearing a different color.
Sometimes even top talent needs to strip down and change their scenery, like going from stomach to back!

So lets look at the Bulls roster over the last couple years. In 2007, the Bulls had names like Brown, Deng, Duhon, Gardner, Gooden, Gordon, Gray, Griffin, Hinrich, Hughes, Khryapa, Nichols, Noah, Nocioni, Sefalosha, Simmons, Smith, Thomas, and finally Wallace. Count ‘em up fellas, that’s 19 different players, all led by 2 different coaches. And now for the 08-09 roster, the Bulls bring Deng, Gooden, Gordon, Gray, Hinrich, Hughes, Hunter, Noah, Nocioni, Rose, Ruffin, Sefalosha, Simmons, and Thomas.
I don't always recommend it, but sometimes a 2-for-1 trade is needed.

So the good news is that they have slowed down the churn from 19 different players to 14 players this year, the bad news is that they chose to get rid of some of the wrong dudes. From the end of the 07-08 campaign, there are only 3 new faces…Hunter, Rose, and Ruffin. Last time I checked, changing out 3 faces on a team of 14 is about a 20% change, so unfortunately for Bulls fans, many more need to come. At point guard, I commend them for picking up Rose and Hunter, this was a great front office combination, cuz a vet like Hunter is about the only thing that will keep Rose from having 3 babies and a drug addiction after this year. Now Hinrich on the other hand, I cannot begin to explain how backwards it is to have the teams 2nd highest paid player at 10M be third on the depth chart. The Bulls need to dump now and hope to pick up a draft pick, or better yet a middle age defensive specialist to plug the holes.
We can't go back to these days, but we had a guy named Ben Wallace that played a similar style of shut down ball.

As for the rest of the change, I believe you need to get Gordon, Hughes, and Noah the hell out of town while you may still be able to get something for them. This would take a multiple team move, because no one in their right mind would want all three, but if the Bulls could free up 21M to get one good shooting guard that actually plays defense and a real threat PF or center that can master the pick and roll with Rose, Stockton/Malone style.
Dearest Vinny, please go back to TV and get the f**k out of Chicago!

Will these moves happen? I don’t know. Are they the right ones? I don’t know. But change needs to happen soon, and unfortunately for the Bulls, the best coaches to handle an all out culture change are the experienced ones, and last time I checked Scott Baio is as green as a friggin’ electric car. Either way, I’ve learned one thing about the Bulls with these two homes losses in the last week…their focus is elsewhere, cuz teams that have focus don’t let others with worse records take them down on their own turf…and that comes from the top.


I have two roundball winners for you, plus a sweet picture of a hottie molesting a couple basketballs!


St. Johns +19.5 @ Pittsburgh
No one doubts that Pitt is going to be at the top and most likely playing in Ford Field on Final Four weekend, but the bottom line today is that I’m not convinced they know how to play as the #1 team in the land. The Big East is obviously tough this year, and the Red Storm will not be in the upper half, but the level of variance between the top and bottom is as tight as any conference across the nation. And how about the fact that St. Johns just dumped a solid Irish squad, I have to believe their confidence is running high right now. Young and Blair will lead the way and I can see a double digit win, but with a late January schedule that demands 5 straight games against ranked teams, I have to think that the Panthers are more than happy to get a comfortable lead and rest the team. Pitt wins by 10.
The Toreros are the dark knight of the West Coast...a dark knight with whips and chains and lace that is!

San Diego +1 @ Santa Clara
I don’t know either of these teams inside and out, but I do know that SD sets up their pre season schedule against ranked teams to better prep them for domination inside the West Coast Conference. With the Zags and St. Marys leading the way, the Toreros often get left out of the conversations, but they a decent team that I like watching early in their conference play because they enter January with a near .500 record and end up rolling(especially ATS) early on. I really like this one cuz they are on a 3 game high, while Santa Clara just dropped a heart breaker on Friday to St. Marys. I think the will come out on the sluggish side and dig too much of a whole to get out of. Toreros by 7.
Dear Gambling Gods, I know I haven't been on my game lately, but please give me the wisdom to plant some cabbage inside my homeys pockets. And if you could keep making hotties by the bushel, I would appreciate that too!

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