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NFL: 13-9 NCAA: 19-19 Teasers 15-11

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Indianapolis Colts -1 @ San Diego Chargers

Normally I try to stay away from the Colts because quite frankly I detest how good Peyton and the Horseshoes are. But today, it is simply too good to pass up. Somehow you have a San Diego team that latched onto the AFC West title last Sunday because the Broncos wanted to go sit on the beach a week sooner, and because they grabbed the title, they now get to host the Colts who have been on a 9 game binder that would put most meth-heads into a coma. And if you can remember way back to the beginning of the season, Peyton was coming off his first serious injury for the first 7 games of the season.
Peyton has many weapons to choose from, oh yeah, and he also is livin' tha thug life. Play on playa.

So now the Colts are sneeking into the playoffs under the radar because they don’t even get a home game, but here is what they have done in the last 9 that should have any opposing team dropping the back door load in their pants. In 9 wins, they have outscored their opponents by 92 points, that’s averaging winning by more than 10 points a contest, in those same 9 games, Peyton threw for 17 touchdowns to only 3 picks, and during those 9 games, the Colts managed to get two 500 yard rushers, a 1,000 yard reciever in Reggie Wayne, and nearly a 1,000 yard tight end in Dallas Clark. Peyton has options, several options.
Looks like bending over in home whites is a common theme!

And I know that all of the Charger fans are cussing me right now and using names like Rivers and Tomlinson in between all the f-bombs. I agree with you, I do thing that LT will play with more passion today than he has all season and I do think that Rivers will be able to move the ball on occasion. But the bottom line in my mind is the fact that the Chargers haven’t shown up on defense like they have in recent years. They give up nearly 22 points a game, but more importantly they are 24th in the league in passing defense, which happens to scratch Peyton’s itch quite well. Colts win 27-17.
If Victoria can figure out how to cover her spread, I think the Falcons can figure out a way to grab their pick 'em spread.

Atlanta Falcons pick ‘em @ Arizona

I don’t have much to say on this game other than the fact that Matt Ryan has went on one hell of a ride this year, and he has many thanks to give to Michael Tucker. The Falcons will continue to dominate the tempo of the game by getting Tucker his carries, this will allow the rookie Ryan to settle into his first ever playoff game. And do you remember how Ryan stepped up big in his last game at BC by derailing Sparty in last years bowl game…..expect the same today.
If Edge and Warner were as perky as these sweater kittens the Cards just might have a fighting chance.

As for the Cardinals…Edge is old and pissed, Warner is wishing he was back in college so he could have a month off before a bowl game, and the Fitzgerald/Boldin combo can’t do sh*t if they don’t get the ball on a consistent basis. Plus ‘Zona has the 28th worst scoring defense in the league. Falcons win 33-17.

Smells like a couple home losses today fellas, and click below to see my college play of the day!

Look how excited the Buffalo faithful is.

Buffalo +7 @ UCONN

Although the Bulls are labeled as the visiting team today, let it be known that the Rogers Centre in Toronto will be packed full of Buffalo fans today. With a passport and a couple hours of road beers, this seems like a pretty simple trip to watch this surprising Bulls squad. And with the athletic director and the fans knowing that Gill is wanted by many programs in the nation, you can bet that they will want to show him that there are plenty of reasons to stay in frigid Buffalo for a few more years.
I think the Bulls will look very comfortable today knowing that Coach Gill is staying a few more years.

After tripping up Ball State in the MAC Championship game and taking the Bulls to their first bowl appearance since dirt was invented, you can rest assured that Coach Gill has not allowed his team to lose focus in their month off. I truly believe this is a team that has played above its skill level, but I’m okay with that because there has been nothing that would have decreased their motivation level or belief in each other in the last month.

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