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Friday Night ATS Hoops Handicapping

NBA 20-13 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 4-1 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While most view Jameer Nelson's ole running mate merely as a role-player, now that he's out, those cats will see how important his energy & ability to defend is for their rotation!

As a general rule for gambling gurus and Sportsbook savants, investing on an elite team on a back-to-back after a loss, especially one with a MVP candidate, is usually a no-brainer. But in tonight’s case, against a healthy Hornets squad that always plays to the level of their competition, I expect Bron-Bron to be in for a Ronny Mexico type of battle (aka a dogfight) considering at least 40% of his starting line-up will be in street clothes (Delonte West-out, Big Z-out, Ben Wallace-?).

The signing of James MFin Posey is like the decision to get a back-tat...sometimes it's necessary to get a little nasty!

The Hornets proved last week in a double-digit victory in Lakerland they have the moxy to play anywhere. Especially with the addition of Posey this off-season, Byron Scott has a tough minded wing-defender & clutch shooter to at least make King James work at both ends. On the flip-side, while Mo Williams may be the biggest reason the Cavs have a legitimate chance to host the trophy, he still struggles at times defensively and will get absolutely torched by CP3 tonight.

You believe in fate...because I believe in her Hornet colors!

Throw-in the floor-spacing Peja, the consistent inside-out offensive firepower from David West, and the improved/active play of Tyson Chandler, and I expect Coach Mike Brown to struggle finding the proper match-ups with all his injuries. HORNETS ROLL BABY!!!

Trust me Homeboys, Kevin's gonna light-up the Sactown sky!

The Kings usually act as if the ghost of Mitch Richmond is roaming the halls of Arco Arena and have been shooting light’s-out at home since Kevin Martin (last three home games: 26 ppg, 43-3pt%) finally returned from injury. Along with the Western Carolina kid on the wing, SF John Salmons (last four games: 19 ppg, 7 rpg, 4 apg, 47-3pt%) is quietly having another solid all-around year, while G/F Francisco Garcia (last three games: 17 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 apg, 63-3pt%) has the ability to cover both wing-spots without much of a letdown.

Her confident stance reminds me of Brad Miller at the top of the key...except she has much better posture!

As for the Bucks, unlike the last few years Skiles has them competing on a nightly basis, but tonight, his only decent low-post producer is out (Andrew Bogut: 12 ppg, 11 rpg, 58-fg%)…which means the recently dusted-off Gadzuric will be forced to uncomfortably defend the high-post against the crafty & suddenly dominate Mr. Miller (Last 5 games: 15 ppg, 12 rpg, 4 apg)…which also means the undersized Luc Richard & the unenthused Charlie V will be in charge of cleaning the glass.

BTW, I'm so confident I bet her an IPOD the Kings roll!

In closing...and in the house that Spud Webb built, I expect Martin to weave through over 200 screens and easily outscore Michael Redd, and the red-hot John Salmons to out-duel the suddenly pedestrian offense of Richard Jefferson. After those two match-ups conclude as I predicted, I can’t see where the Bucks buckets come from to mathematically keep this close…KINGS BY 6-12 POINTS

Before I head out and check out my Homeboy Drew Donkulous's Arizona luv, just a little reminder that Teasin' T-Bone and myself will be around all weekend giving you winners and bikinis!

When I was kid, I always wondered why Zona's players looked more like my next door neighbor than pigskin warriors!

D R E W ' S - D I S H
By: Drew MFin Donkulous...IP.com's state of Iowa scout!

Why I Have No Choice But To Root For The Cardinals

For years the St. Louis/ Arizona Cardinals have been the last place losers of the NFL never garnering any respect.

This year things may be different. (TOUCH ME HERE to read on)

From Neil Lomax to the young partier from USC and everybody in-between...who would have thought the ghost of Kurt Warner would finally lead them to Championship Sunday!

Why I Have No Choice But To Root For The Cardinals

For years the St. Louis/ Arizona Cardinals have been the last place losers of the NFL never garnering any respect.

This year things may be different.

This is a team that was not wanted or missed when they left St. Louis in 1988 to play in Arizona. Their new home was not their own as they shared Sun Devil Stadium with Arizona State Football. They have had very little success during their time in Arizona but did manage one playoff appearance in 1998....... until now.

Things are looking up for a team that most people felt would be terrible forever. They moved into their 66,400 seat retractable roof stadium in 2006, and seem to have done reasonably well in making front office decisions. They averaged 64,096 in attendance according to the NFL.com.
So, this is where I really pull for them.

Pull for the team that has bounced from city to city. Pull for the team that circled the drain for years after leaving St. Louis only to watch the Rams come in and win a Superbowl.
Pull for the team that is starting the experienced old veteran at QB and the tough old running back over the hot shot young draft picks.

Pull for the team that lost it greatest player, Pat Tillman, to a terrible incident involving friendly fire in the war on terror in Afghanistan, only to have it covered up by the govenrment.

If these aren't reasons to pull for a team when there are no teams I care about, I don't know what is?

Much Luv,
Drew Donkulous

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend Homeboys!

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