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NBA: 3-1 NCAA: 2-3 Teasers 3-3

NFL: 13-12 NCAA: 19-19 Teasers 15-12
I'm lookin' for a guy that's about this big, oh wait, I'll let the boys at Insideplays satisfy me today!

Welcome to Sunday Funday at Insideplays.com. After Saturdays near perfect explosion(I don’t know how the #7 Bruins can lose an 11 point lead with 5 minutes to go), I am primed and ready to mix up some NFL pigskin as well as some hoops for you. If you didn’t check out our post on Friday, our homey Drew Donkulous leads with his heart and patriotism on the Eagles/Cardinals game, CLICK HERE to check it out. As for where my benjamins are gonna sit today, and of course some scantily clad hotties, just keep readin’.
It's tough to cover up perfection, but I think the Pirates will learn from this hottie and figure it out!

Seton Hall +19 @ UCONN

Yep, I know that that the Huskies have more depth than Jenna Jamesons love canal, but that depth is also part of the reason that they will struggle today to make this a 20+ point game. Coach Calhoun will use his starters to grab a solid lead early on, then will stretch his usual 9 person rotation into a 10-11 person rotation today for the sole reason of resting the big boys for a Wednesday tilt against #22 Villanova followed by a Saturday showdown with #13 Notre Dame.
If my tube sock lover Jenna Jameson isn't worried about covering her spread, than why would Jim Calhoun be concerned?

I love the Big East this year for the fact that I think the coaching staff will constantly be thinking about the next game and the wear-and-tear that the schedule will have on his young guys. I believe that we will see many games between the upper and lower tier of the league where the bottom dwellers cover because the better team is just looking for a comfortable win. On the flip side, let me draw the line in the sand and say that we will see the exact opposite when we have two tightly matched ball clubs(ie Syracuse yesterday and Georgetown/UCONN a couple weeks ago), these games that should come down to the wire are ending up in 15 point victories simply because teams are attempting to make a point. Anyway, back to the Pirates, they average 77 points a game, which means if they come remotely close to this I don’t see how the Huskies can cover. UCONN wins by 8-10.
Ya down wit OKC, hell no not me! OKC has looked good as of late, but all good things come to an end, like when I open my eyes after an Izabel Goulart dream!

Miami Heat -2 @ OKC Thunda

Let me start by saying that I may talk myself out of this game by the time the tip off comes, but I love the fact that in the previous 3 months of the season the Thunda had won a total of 5 games, now out of nowhere they have won 3 of 4. What has changed? Absolutely friggin’ nothing. Lets get real, this is a horrible ball club that has found a mini-groove that will end sooner than later.
Will the Heat be ready or relaxed, that is the question.

What I dislike about this matchup is that the Heat are playing their 6th consecutive road game and they played and lost last night in Houston. I have concern that they will be ready to tie up their shoelaces. So if you play this, keep it light, and it will be a game time decision for me, much like deciding if that Big Mac sittin’ in the corner of the bar is gonna get a treat from T-Bone or not!


Two teasers and a pearl necklace, I like it, alot!

Ravens @ Steelers teased down to pick ‘em
Ravens/Steelers under teased up to 40

When I look at what the Ravens have done over the last couple weeks, I don’t think anyone can deny that they deserve to be fighting for a Superbowl berth. But I feel like this is the end of the road for them. They are now playing their 3rd straight game on the road against progressively tougher teams, the Steelers happen to have the best defense in the NFL this year, Joe Flacco has set a record by being the only rookie QB to win 2 playoff games, and lastly their injury list is about as long as Wilt Chamberlains conquests.
The home team always is better rested sleepin' in their own bed, especially when it is cold as f**k outside!

So picking the Steelers to come out on top today feels like a pretty safe play today, I really believe the weather is going to set the tone for the game as well. I’m thinking it is going to be around zero degrees with the windchill at kickoff, so you will have two teams trying to establish a running game against 2 of the top 3 defensive teams in the league. I see this one playing out much like their 13-9 showdown in December. Although their won’t be much action in the endzone, this will be one to watch cuz today very well could be a flashback of an old school classic defensive showdown.

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