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Join us today at Insideplays where we will discuss the roundball and a couple spreads, is that okay with you?

Welcome to Sunday Funday fellas, and I have to say I have some bitter sweet emotions coming into today cause I had more combinations working with the Penn State/Iowa game yesterday than you can shake a stick at. And my one loss yesterday was the fact that Iowa covered the 6 points, but I have to tell you that I have PSU teased with almost everything I touched, and since that made the points -2 for the Nittany Lions, I have to admit that it was a very exciting last 5 minutes of the game watching them come from 14 points down.
Although Saturday looked pretty good.....
I think Sunday looks even better!

But that was yesterday and we all know that Sunday brings new ballers, new ATS lines, a slightly different level of intoxication, and most importantly an all new spread of Inside Plays ladies. And for those that are loyal fans(like my homey C Witt who brought these trends to light for me), you know that I am a trend guy, and I need to let you know that I have been following the moneyline for a while and tracked it closely over the last week, here is what I found.
After reading the trends below, you may want to ride me like a surfboard, right after my lady Jarah gets done!

In NBA action, there have been 27 games where a team is -200 or above, out of those games only 3 have lost, which is an amazing 89% winning percentage. Looking at the same thing for NCAA, there have been 35 games and 28 winners, posting an 80% winning percentage. But when you only look at NCAA for -300 or above there have been 21 games and 19 winners, which is an even more impressive 91% winning percentage. I give you these trends to keep your eyes open, cuz big daddy Teasin’ T-Bone has put some parlays together that has made very happy. So lets get to the action!
At least someone looks good in the Bulls red colors, cuz we know the men in the Association would rather not put these colors on.

Chicago Bulls @ Minnesota T-Wolves -5

When I think of the Bulls of late, a song comes to mind… ‘Where oh where have my Chicago Bulls gone, where oh where can they be?’ After dropping their last 4 in a row, both straight up and against the spread, and 3 of the 4 at home, they are now tasked with going into the T-Wolves turf where Minnesota has won 8 of their last 10 overall and 5 of their last 6 home games.
There ain't nuttin' better than your own home floor, it makes everyone look like a slice of heaven!

Add in the fact that Drew Gooden has a sore groin(whether it is his sphincter or his taint is still to be determined), and I don’t know how Vinny Del Scott Baio is going to find a rotation that can or wants to stick around and play all 48 minutes. I really believe that Al Jefferson will walk all over Aaron Gray today, but the magic will come when Telfair and Foye are on the court at the same time, cuz Telfair will keep Rose busy and Foye can score well enough on his own, but with Gordon on him it will be that much easier. T-Wolves by double digits.


Two-for-one time fellas, and these two are firm, if ya know what I mean!


Georgetown teased down to -4.5 @ Seton Hall
The Hoyas are a top 15 team without a doubt and they are on a two game skid, you can rest assured that John Thompson the 47th will have his men ready to go against this mediocre Pirates squad. I see this game unfolding much like the one last Sunday when Seton took on UCONN, it was a 15 point victory where the Huskies led by double digits nearly the whole game. The difference today is the Pirates are playing at home, which keeps this one right around 10 all day, so I’m thinkin’ 4.5 is about as good as waking up next to a Cougar that you know you couldn’t have pulled if you were sober!
Good thing for the Gophers they get the whipping boys of the Big 10 today, the Hoosiers have even learned to whip themselves.

Minnesota teased to -4 @ Indiana
I know that Crimson and Creen is building a program in Hoosierville, but the bottom line today is that Tubby Smith has a couple years on him, and I just don’t see how a top 25 team can walk away from playing the cellar of the Big 10 with less than a double digit victory. I love the fact that they have lost 2 in a row as well, cause that just provides more motivation to completely beat up on an under-talented squad like the Hoosiers.

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