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Sports Weekend Recap & Daily ATS Picks

NBA 17-12 - NCAA 7-7 - Teasers 4-0 - Church League 69-0
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While McNabb & Westbrook get most of the luv, the passionte hard-hitting play of Mr. Dawkins has this team believing!

Well, I definitely learned my lesson by not following the inscription on my ankle bracelet: WWGGD. After predicting the Eagles would win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year (if you don’t believe me, TOUCH ME HERE and scroll down), I played the Giants on Sunday and basically backstabbed my own handicapper. That being said, I couldn't be happier for Donovan and fully expect them to still be playing in February. And the funny thing, while I usually hate when players use the “we used the criticism as motivation”-card after a victory, for some reason I feel McNabb has every right to throw it on the table.

I suggest Timmy T use the Tila T approach when in front of a large group...don't talk & just tell them stare at your body!

TIM TEBOW IS COMING BACK (and hopefully taking a speech class)
I know Tebow is the definition of a collegiate football god, and in my opinion, will also have a much better career than most people think at the next level, but have you ever seen a lifelong media magnet all of sudden transform into a nervous prop trying too hard to be both humble and Mr. Joe Cool. Honestly, watching the Gator rally as he announced he’s was returning (after an embarrassing attempt to tease the audience), I actually pictured Drama from Entourage playing the role of Tebow and purposefully doing a horrific & uncomfortable performance. Maybe I’m a little harsh, or even jealous of the pigskin superstar, but since the end of last season, I just cringe every time he’s front of a microphone.

While Pacman is a badazz dude, watching his interview w/ Stephen Azz was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

*TOUCH ME HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW...the first minute just has Stuart Scott’s one crazy eyebrow haunting your dreams, but after that the interview starts, and trust me, it is beyond priceless!

First off, watching this last night, I honestly felt like I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit. Who needs 60 Minutes & Mike Wallace when you have Stephen Azz screaming every other word and pretending he’s solving the strip club mystery with inquires that would be an insult to “Softball Questions”...you have Pac Man glaring like a man that just doesn’t give a f*ck and a minute away from jacking somebody...and you have the crackerish Lawyer debating whether his client can respond to the investigative brilliance of one Steph Smith,

Stephen Azz: “DID you…or DID YOU NOT say, I’M GONNA KILL EVERBODY in da CLUB?!”

While I'd rather watch these two over any other two, Stephen & Pacman added a fidgety white lawyer for my amusement!

Everything from Sir Pac O Lot asking what he’s supposed to do when he can’t go here, can’t go to da club, can’t drink, can’t make it rain and then try to take the money back, to his rich cracker representation discussing a gangsta named “Slugga” and looking eerily similar to Blago’s photo-challenged lawyer was frickin' hilarious! Not to mention, after years of struggling to figure out whom Stephen Azz Smith reminds me of, I’ve finally figured it out. With his tiny little gyrating head, enormous yapper, and emphatic gestures, what can I say, he reminds me of a Muppet! But I will give the overzelous character one compliment...he got Pacman to say one of the greatess non-answers of all time:

Sir Pac o lot: “I ain’t fuss or fight with nobody man…I might had some words, but that’s it.”

Scott Skiles brilliant coaching style should work for at least two more years...then the players will start tuning him out!

This game comes down to my belief in Coach Scotty Skiles coming off a loss and my belief interim Wiz headmaster Ed Tapscott is in over his head after spending the last 10 years upstairs instead of on the sideline. While the Bucks are smack-dab in the middle of Eastern playoff mediocrity and a few games under .500, for the majority of the year either Michael Redd (last four games: 28 ppg, 42-3pt%) or Andrew Bogut (12 ppg, 11 rpg, 57 fg%) has been sidelined. Even though they lost a heartbreaker against suddenly hot Minnesota 106-104 Saturday, Boget finally returned and looked extremely efficient in 28 minutes of play (7-8 FGs, 7 reb, 2 blks), and I expect him to look even better tonight against the Brendan Haywood-less Bullet frontcourt.

Just like our friend, it's tough for the Wiz to contain someone of Andrew Boget's size with Brandon Haywood out!

While Skiles’s approach eventually fell on deaf-ears in Chicago, initially the team thrived playing the style & demeanor of their headmaster…and the same results can be seen in a redesigned Bucks squad even w/ their injury problems early on. A telling aspect of Milwaukee’s development can be seen in their schedule the past few weeks as they’ve bounced back from a loss with a victory in six straight contests. And as mentioned, they blew a lead late & lost in Minny Saturday so look for the disciplined group to come-out focused tonight.

While I don't know what this means, Stevenson's aggressive defense and passionate on-court antics are sorely missed!

As for the Wiz, they honestly look as though they know the season is already over. Still without Agent Zero, defensive specialists DeShawn Stevenson & Brendan Haywood, and forced to start a shot-happy overmatched vet at the point (Mike James), Washington’s merely a two pony show…and those two ponies aren’t having much fun. Having lost two straight, Jamison & Butler entered the weekend with arguable the best just to muster some kind of momentum with a tilt in Chicago Friday and home game against the undermanned Bobcats the following night. Unfortunately, their fate was sealed as they were killed by Chicago and blew a 4th quarter lead against the Cats O Bob. And I don’t think a date with an energized Skiles squad will liven-up their downtrodden vibe.

Just like she matches well w/ wealthy crotch-rocket bikers, the Bucks match-up well w/ the Bullets big-time scorers!

As for the particular match-ups, Redd & RJ have the scoring ability to match Jamison & Bulter, while Bogut should have a field day against the light-weight Blatche and the Ridenour/Sessions combo will run circles around Mike James. Throw-in the unique defensive abilities of Luc Richard Mbah a Moute on the perimeter-oriented Jamison and the scoring prowess of Charlie V off the bench (last four games: 20 ppg, 47-3pt%), and I expect the Bucks to easily handle the biggest disappointment in the Association. BUCKS BY 7-12 POINTS

I can't wait to see how Vinny Del Scott Baio handles an already crabby backcourt once Capt. Kirk finally returns!

As for the Blazers...
...they have more scoring options than she has clothing options to match those beautiful stockings!

While the Bulls have been the definition of inconsistent...

Just like those stars, the Blazers frontcourt will eventually bust-out against the Bulls weak interior play!

While the Bulls have been the definition of inconsistent, I’ve been leaning more towards “bad” than “good” when looking at their overall development. Coach Vinny Del Scott Baio still looks uncomfortable standing on the sideline, Ben Gordon still is the biggest defense liability in the league, and their offense basically revolves around a 20 year-old rookie PG trying to break the opponent off the dribble. Especially with a roster full of over-celebrated and underperforming players with too many years of experience to still be called young (Gooden, Gorden, Deng, T-Time, Hughes, etc.) that continues to throw their headmaster under the bus, and I just can’t see how they beat a well-coached top tier team from the West.

When healthy, Brandon Roy looks like Izabel...MFin Flawless!

The Blazers beat the Bulls by 42 when they played earlier this year in Portland, and that was before Greg Oden was actually in some sort of game shape. While the (22-14) Blazers have struggled on the road (8-10), tonight starts a four-game Eastern conference trip for McMillian & Co. so I expect the Blazers to be focused to start this thing off on the right foot. Portland activated SG Brandon Roy (23 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg, 47 fg%) Saturday after he missed four games with a hamstring injury to see if he was ready for the road-trip, and the former Husky was consistent as ever (19 pts, 6 reb, 5 ass). Throw-in the always added incentive for LaMarcus Aldridge (last five games: 21 ppg, 8 rpg) after Chicago traded the Longhorn on draft night for Tyrus Thomas and the great Viktor Khryapa, I expect the Blazers to open their road-trip with an easy victory over a team still trying to figure out their identity…BLAZERS BY 7-12 POINTS

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