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NBA: 4-2 NCAA: 4-6 Teasers 4-4

NFL: 13-12 NCAA: 19-19 Teasers 16-12
I know you had a rough one last night, but dammit, this is Super Bowl weekend so step it up homeys!!

To skip my Super Bowl pick and go to Sunday's hardwood winners, CLICK RIGHT HERE!
If you have your eyes just on the pigskin this weekend, keep readin' for my ATS winna.

Welcome to Super Bowl weekend with Inside Plays, THE ROBINHOOD OF HANDICAPPING!! Although my homey Smokey has a whole different meaning to Super Bowl, I find that it is a reason to completely waste a whole weekend over-indulging in everything that you can possibly get your hands on(I prefer booze and a benjamin on a game, but whatever gives you the utopian high is all that matters), and is capped off with a football game in which you won’t remember half of the plays(tough to catch the whole thing in between jager shots and beer bongs). The point is, however you go about getting it done, just make sure to give it your all, cuz you know Teasin’ T-Bone and Greggy G will be elbow deep in somethin’ that won’t be good!
You may have to look yourself in the mirror after this weekend, but as far as I'm concerned, the future looks very bright my friends!

Before I jump into who I believe is gonna give me a reason to upgrade from boxed to bottled wine, make sure that you check out Greggy and his PLAYER PROPS RIGHT HERE. And if his props aren’t enough of an indication of where both of our heads are at, let me say politely….
Get ready for a fight on Sunday, this one will be good!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona MF’ing Cardinals +7

I absolutely love the fact that everyone has boasting confidence about the Steelers defense. I’ll be the first to admit that if the Steelers can get to Warner early, it is going to be a tough road for the Cards. But here is why I don’t believe that is going to happen. Kurt Warner(I’ll refer to him as The Doctor for the rest of the weekend) completely fits the mold of a QB that knows how to dismantle a disruptive, blitz happy defense, and there are several reasons to my beliefs.
Mr. Warner knows how to fix a franchise, and his 2nd time around he is doing it docta-like!

The Doctor has experience. He has been through this before, and it just so happens that he had a very similar offensive game plan when he took the Rams to the promise land 9 years ago. When you look at his stats it becomes very apparent that he fits perfectly against aggressive defenses(ie Carolina, Philly, and now Pittsburgh). He completes around 25 passes a game with 67% efficiency, and has only been sacked 26 times all year.
We all know where The Doctor goes for his guidance, and the sun appears to be shining down on him.

These stats are absolutely the sign of someone who has mastered the now old-school west coast offense that thrives from short slants and dump offs to the backs. There is no better way to slow down a freight train like Palamolou than to have released the ball 2 seconds before he can even touch you. And of course all of this is made possible by having an offensive line that will give him the time when needed and also be the horses up front when the sprint draw game opens up.
These aren't necessarily the line splits the Cardinals are looking for, but they look as good as the O-line has been playing, and it's perty like yer sister!

The bottom line in this game is that The Doctor will feed the pigskin pill to as many people as he can and that will keep a normally solid Steelers defense on their heels and giving up between 25-30 points. The only question now is if the Cardinals defense can pretend to be Peter North’s money-shaft-in-virgin-porn-star and play the bend but don’t break system. If they can do this, which they have the last month, then I see both teams in the mid 20’s and we get to watch one hell of a game!!

Good luck my friends, and if you want to check out my hardcourt picks, click below.

No excuses today fellas, when pigskin isn't enough, there is always the hardcourt. And never ever use the word CAN'T!


South Florida @ St. Johns -2
I love it cuz the Bulls suck as bad as the Chi-town version. Other than that I am simply looking for something to bet on, and the Red Storm fit the bill.

Cleveland Cavs -3 @ Detroit Pistons
I luv my Motown homeys, but since the AI trade, they have been searching to find themselves. The line is lower today cuz Bron-Bron and the boyz have struggled on the road more than usual, but they pick it up in todays division showdown.

We'll catch ya on the flip side IP fanatics, but until then just make like Shock G and DO THA HUMPTY HUMP!!!!

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