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The Robin Hood of Sports Handicapping "MUCH LUV BARACK...DO US PROUD"

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD PICKS: 32-25 ats...56%
NBA 21-16 - NCAA 7-8 - Teasers 5-1 - Church League 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN PICKS: 63-44 ats...59%
NFL 23-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

While the shot-happy Ben "No-D" Gordon spent too much time casting and started-off my MLK Day on a sour note...

...a had a bigger smile than our hat-wearing friend as my other two plays brought me some green!

Thanks to a Bulls squad more painful to watch than your doctor putting on a rubber glove, my Holiday started off like shiznit…but luckily, my remaining plays were sweeter than the posture from Alba & Eva. But like Jason Caffey & Travis Henry with a groupie and no hat in sight, I guess I just haven’t learned my lesson. While Coach Vinny Del Scott Baio-or-Ralph Machio’s inconsistent squad lost a heartbreaker in NY yesterday afternoon, their young frontcourt continues to play with more aggression and the return of Kirk Hinrich has greatly improved the team’s overall defense & ball movement.

Just like she's covering-up the goods, I expect the Bulls to cover-up for Gordon's D against the undermanned Hawks!

The only reason the Bullies didn’t pull-off a road victory in Gotham was Ben “shit…they cut backdoor on me again” Gordon went 3-15 from the field. But if you know anything about the former UConn Huskie, while his defense will never ever improve, he usually bounces back from a poor shooting night like Shawn Respert his senior year at Michigan State (BTW, Respert was the deadliest sniper in the clutch I’ve ever seen in college!). While the skeptics will tell you the undisciplined Bulls are a no-no on a back-to-back, unlike the injury-depleted Hawks who played later in the day, the Bulls played at noon and have a ridiculously deep roster to make them look much fresher than their counterparts…especially in-front of desperate and demanding United Center crowd.

With Al out, Busta has to hope Zaza can anchor the middle!

I know Hotlanta has put together an exciting run since late last year, but as every expert mentioned to start this season, their bench is extremely weak and unable to sustain any significant injuries to the starting group. Tonight, Al Horford is out again and Marvin Williams is questionable after missing yesterday’s come from behind victory after suffering a concussion this past Friday.

The Hawks are gonna think HotLanta is a tropical island after experiencing the cold-azz ChiTown weather!

Throw-in the joy of traveling to cold-azz Chicago where the strip-clubs just don’t match-up to NBA standards and a lazy, slow-footed defensive PG (Mike Bibby) dreading the embarrassment D-Rose might cause him, and I’m guessing the high-flying Hawks won’t be too exciting to be hitting the Windy City tonight…BULLS BY 8-12 POINTS

While I have no confidence in his coaching ability, how many NBA headmasters can say the starred opposite Pat Morita in a feature film & played with Nicole Eggert in a sitcom?

BTW, while Coach Vinny will forever be known as Vinny Del Scott Baio at Insideplays, after viewing the rookie coach for almost half a season I no longer see him as Charles in Charge, My Cousin Vinny’s nephew, or a Head-n-Shoulders Shampoo model. With arms folded and a sour-puss scowl (I swear he’s sucking on a lemonhead) his demeanor is identical to every Sophomore High School Basketball Coach in the Suburbs of Chicago that snags-up all the Cougars in the stands...don’t know what that really means, but just thought you should know.

They way Salmons has been shooting lately, he sometimes overreacts when he actually misses a shot!

Since your asking…Yes, I will continue to invest against the Nuggets until my bankroll is destroyed. The adrenaline of proving they can win without Carmelo will eventual catch-up to this undermanned squad…especially tonight on a back-to-back after Chauncey, Nene, Kenyon, & J.R. averaged 40 minutes apiece! And trust me like you trust your bookie Homeboys, the physical battle and emotional drain after a 2-point loss in Houston will keep this team from rolling over a bad, but sharp-shooting Kings squad.

Here's the skinny fellaz, the Nuggs will be tired tonight!

Speaking of Sactown, they haven’t played since Friday and should be dying to hit the court after an embarrassing defensive performance in a 129-122 home-loss to the Bucks. While their defense may be incurable, they are absolutely loaded with shooters on the wing and can bring Nene away from the paint by using the crafty Brad Miller at the top of the key. Especially with the tired-legs for Denver, I simply expect the Kings to put-up too many points for the Coach Karl’s short roster to match. Call me crazy, drunk, & horny, but I’m also thinking of playing the moneyline...KINGS IN AN UPSET

I love Teasers and if you do too...TOUCH ME HERE


Cassie in Spur colors has to be a sign my teaser is sweet!

I know Pop’s veterans played big minutes yesterday in a surprisingly close contest with the Cats O Bob, but with some home-cooking and a couple days off before playing at home again Friday, I expect the Spurs to ensure they don’t drop in the crowded Western Conference standings. While I definitely don’t think we’ll see a blow-out from SA, the Pacers also played yesterday and should still be sulking from another heartbreaking loss after CP3 drained a last second jumper.

I'd prefer tall white Cougars in skimpy outfits guarding a staircase to tall white NBAers in skimpy outfits guarding Timmy D!

In addition, the Pacers starting bigs are WHITE (Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster) and their only other frontcourt options is a European WHITE guy (Rasho) and slow-footed rook (Roy Hibbert)…which means Timmy D should have a MFin field day! Throw-in some horrible shooting from Tony Longoria & Michael Finely (4-20 FG – 0-8 3pt) yesterday and I expect to see some passion from a team that needed a 4th quarter push to beat Grandpa Larry Brown…SPURS BY 8-13 POINTS

After winning in the dead Clipper atmosphere, the combative stares from the Jazz faithful will be tough to adjust to!

While the Wolves have been playing great of late and actually won me some Monday Mula, rolling up the NBDL Clippers in LA with 16 fans in attendance is a little different than trying to win in Utah. Honestly, the Jazz harassing fan base could be the most evil & vile in the Association and they bring it every frickin’ night. While injuries have slowed Utah’s production on the road, their 16-4 in Salt Lake City and should look fresh tonight as they haven’t played since losing Saturday Night in Dallas. As a result, I’m guessing they roll out to nice lead (thanks in part to the return of the underrated C.J. Miles and the development of Ronnie Brewer against the wing-challenged kids from Sota) and coast to comfortable victory…JAZZ BY 8-13 POINTS

I know sweetie...that Greggy G is damn smart n sexy!

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