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Daily Hardwood ATS Selections & Bikinis

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 61-46 ats…57%
NBA 42-32 - NCAA 13-12 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Even with Manu probably out, the reason I luv the Spurs tonight is what occured this weekend during party time!

Cause you know the PHX sun & All-Star parties can affect ur head, & I'm guessin' the Knicks enjoyed the fun a lil more!

Don’t be fooled by the disciplined styles of the Big Three & their veteran headmaster, just like Kobe, Bron-Bron, and the defending champs just a couple weeks back, playing in The Garden will bring out the best in the quiet, yet ego driven Spurs. Especially after ending the first-half with an ugly loss to the injury-riddled Raptors, I expect the Spurs to look sharper than Marah Carey’s sweater poppers yesterday (just CLICK and SCROLL DOWN)! Oh yeah, and trust me, Pop’s would luv to blow-out his ole West Coast Playoff comrade No-D-Antoni!

While Nate Rob is the shiznit, All-Star weekends (on & off the court) always seem to take a lot out of him!

Let's just say it's never an innocent weekend when the white chicks in bikinis are sporting multi-colored hair!

While the Spurs had plenty of representation during All-Star Weekend, don’t you have a feeling even without many invites the Knick regulars probably enjoyed the extra circular festivities in Phoenix a lil more…not to mention Nate Rob probably was the highlight of every hip-hop bash in the city. Spreaking of lil Nate and his hyper running mate David Lee, while I can’t see how Gotham trades it’s two cult-heroes & fan favorites, every day there’s a new rumor on where they’re heading and you can’t tell me they aren’t listening to all the gossip.

In the NBA, having size downlow is a recipe for success!

But if trade rumor chit-chat and conspiracy theories on the aftereffects of the Weed & Groupie Break is not your thing, the Knicks lack of size should be enough to guarantee San Antonio rolls to an easy win tonight. Timmy D has been redonkulous running almost a point-center high-post game averaging 26 ppg, 13 rpg, & 6 apg in last four contests.

As Longoria & Timmy D garnering all the attention, Matt Bonner & Roger Mason are enjoying wide-open looks from deep!

With Tony Longoria wheeling & dealing off the Virgin Island 7-footer, Matt Bonner (49-3pt%) & Roger Mason (45-3pt%) spreading the floor like a gymnast turned Adult Entertainer, and Manu (questionable) overdue for some bball brilliance, trust me, the Spurs will open the 2nd half of the season with surgical precision and methodically dismantle the overachieving Knickerbockers.

But back to a lil more party gossip rationale…TOUCH ME HERE

I was gonna talk more about Tim Thomas & Al Harrington probably having some fun this weekend, but with the ATS line between these two numbers...there's really no reason!

Plus, she's wearing Spur lingerie...that has to be a sign!

Posted by Greg Gamble on February 17, 2009 11:04 AM |


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