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Friday Night Gambling Picks & Hotties

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 60-45 ats…57%
NBA 42-32 - NCAA 12-11 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
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Before you leave Pax...can you take a few guards with ya!
After years on the job, if your highest paid baller is Larry Hughes and your head coach use to be on...

...Charles in Charge, thinks aren't looking too good!

The Man Jordan Made Famous Never Really Wanted the Job
While appearing to have all the characteristics of a promising GM, Johnny Pax was missing the essential component to be successful architect in the Association…the passionate desire to actually do it. Paxson was unbelievably content as the insightful broadcast analyst and regularly joked when asked about replacing Jerry Jaba Krause:
“Why would I want to do that, my brother is miserable in Cleveland!”
But as well documented, the love-affair from his pseudo father figure, owner Jerry Reisndorf, persuaded the Chi-town icon to give it a chance and help save his last place franchise.

I agree Biance, time to kiss Johnny goodbye!

In an era and industry where “What have you done for me lately” is a weekly trend, nobody was given a friendly-shake than the former Notre Dame-star. I'll admit, I thought he'd turn it around. But after 150 lottery picks and an owner willing to spend, even the cult-hero wasn’t immune to the extreme mediocrity and recent disappointment of his tenure. And while the Windy City slowly turned on the orignal-Steve Kerr, if you peruse any writings nationwide on the professional hardwood, you'd know the "Paxson" name was more of a punch-line with each passing year…and they weren’t talking about his brother Jimmy anymore.

Unlike Nicolette, Pax never seemed happy...

...and it looked as if it was taking it's toll!

Some will say he was forced out, but don’t be fooled, Jerry would have let him run this thing for ever. While John always dreaded the thought of giving-up and truly hoped to leave once things were turned around, he's tired, sick of the pressure, and realized he was sending himself to an early grave. Prior to this experience, Pax was living the life. Chilling in a city that always glorifies the short-white dudes in sports (Tom Waddle, Matt Suhey, Steve Kerr, Craig Grebeck, Mike Fontenot etc.) and making some nice cash at cushy-job. It's just too bad he didn't listen to what he'd been saying for years..."Why would I ever want that job?"

With that, time to hit-up those kids at school!

In my opinion, Mr. Wright is the best coach in the Big East!

While I’ve mentioned it before, considering my diehard belief in this ATS trend, I can’t help but repeat it. Just like Jassie’s nervous rookie performance in Slumber Party 17 circa 2001 when compared to her captivating confidence in Old Geezers Young Teasers recently, conference road games get easier & easier for the top talents as the season progresses. Speaking of top-talents, the 13th ranked Cats have won six straight, have the most aggressive & deep backcourts in the country, and for the first time, have a dominate big to take the pressure off their long range bombers (6-8 Dante Cunningham 17 ppg, 7 rpg, 57-fg%).

After some fine-tuning, the Cats are looking sweet!

After some mid-season struggles, Nova showcased their dominant potential Saturday blowing-out previously 12th ranked Marquette at home with a 52-point second half and should be as confident as ever heading to Morgantown, WV. Speaking of the Mountaineers, they’ve lost four of their last six and the last time they played a ranked opponent at home they lost by 12 (Pittsburgh). I could go on and on, but trust me, take the points and make sure to let your lady know IP.com helped sponsor your Valentine’s Day gift…NOVA BY 4-10 POINTS

Hey look, it's Michael Phelps' pet chipmunk!

By ur friend n mine...Drew Donkulous

By: Drew Donkulous

So the Michael Phelps story is "so last week" at this point, especially with all the hot stove steroid action going on. But here is one angle I haven't seen yet and am wondering why?Where the hell were Michael Phelps' friends when snapshots are being taken of their "buddy" blowing dope? If Phelpsy was so baked that he had no idea what was going on around him, then where were his friends, girlfriend, speedo groupies, or at least a loyal hanger-on?

At least the Sucktown Cheerleaders got in trouble together!

I'm not sure about you or your past, but I may have been a few places in my life where things may not have been on the up and up with people were behaving badly and I don't remember anyone busting out a camera to document activities like they were with the local paper. Things were different in the 1990s and even then I knew pictures of late night partying would be a terrible idea.

The Po-Po is coming to get ya Phelpsy!

There is no excuse these days for being ignorant as to what can happen and how fast damaging photos or video can destroy a prominent public figure. We continue to see this happen time and time again. So my questions Big Mike, where the hell were your peeps? I'm not saying you don't have many friends, I'm just saying maybe sometime away from the pool could help your social life!

Much Luv...Drew D

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