GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 53-38 ats…58%
NBA 36-26 - NCAA 11-10 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
Did you see my pic of Barry Boids lookin' skinnier than Kate Moss?

On the docket tonight, it can't look more picturesque than somebody named Dwight matched-up w/ someone Very White!

...ok, maybe it could look a lil more picturesque.

Damn I was close to being undefeated this week. My only losses, the Cavs game by a hook and correctly predicting the Laker/Celtics Unda only to lose in OT. While some may say I'm whining, I'm just trying to tell you I know what I'm doing...just like my on-point reviews of the Bulls roster back in '07! Alrighty, enough BS, let's win some paper!

You know who plays center for the Pacers…two somewhat old, not particularly athletic white dudes named Jeff Foster & Rasho Nesterovic!

When your teammates think they have a better chance to score by doing this...that's not a good thing!

You know who plays center for Ron Van Jeremy’s squad…the beastliest young brotha since Busta Rhymes jacked-up Remy in Higher Learning. And for ATS-good measure, the Pacers are on a back-to-back, and Mr. Howard is coming off only 30 min. & 12 pts on Hump Day…which means LOOK OUT BELOW PACER CRACKERS!

Usually it takes awhile to find a gem like this, but today, I only needed my right-eye open to find this one in Indy!

Throw-in a Magic squad with the 2nd best road-record in the league and some extra fire as they try to prove they’re still an elite team w/out Jameer, and I expect an absolute blow-out. Especially with Indy's best baller, Danny G, hobblin' to the Break having played last night against Philly’s physical wings, and I don’t care if T.J. Ford runs past Anthony Johnson all night…Dwight’s still waiting underneath.

Like our red spandex wearing friend, I'm sure about this!

And finally, the Pacers other main scoring option, Mike "I'll be a role player in 2 years" Dunleavy, has the unfortunate tasks of trying to manuever against the most underrated defender in the league, Mickael Pietrus, while containing a sharp-shooter w/ better than advertised athleticism in Courtney Lee (47 fg%, 44-3pt%). I could go on & on like my girl Nautica Thorn, but why bother... MAGIC BY 15-20

Spreaking of match-up problems, w/out Wallace, how the Cats unathletic forwards gonna hang with J-Smith & Williams?

...that's like asking this poor top to contain these two!

Whether Joe Johnson plays or not, I luv the team that Spud Webb built tonight. Without the underrated Gerald Wallace flying in from everywhere to fill-up the stat-sheet, Marvin Williams & Josh Smith’s ridiculous athleticism is gonna be shadowed by the beefy-Boris Diaw & Adam “why is everybody else so fast” Morrison. While Diaw can cause some match-up problems for the more tradition PFs with his versatility, as professional scout of the hardwood, the freak that is “J-Smoove” (aka Josh Smith, aka why the f*ck isn’t it J-Smooth) is gonna absolutely destroy the Frenchman!

I knew Diaw was undersized at power forward, but I didn't know he was shorter than my Homeboy Snoop Dogg!

In addition, while Emeka Okafor has been solid in the middle this season, the Hawks just got Al Horford back and can now move the USSR-hitman (aka Zaza Pachuila) into a more comfortable role…coming off the bench and whacking Okafor without worrying about fouling out.

You know why she's chillin', she's been rollin' w/ Greggy G!

While Raymond Felton will surely fly past Mike “No-D” Bibby with ease, the headband wearin' bomber will make-up for it w/ more than a couple from deep…which means you'd be crazier than Heather Locklear & Nick Nolte to invest ur hard earned dollars on the Cats O Bob!HAWKS BY 6-10 POINTS

With that Fellas, have a weekend that make Mike Phelps proud, make sure to check out Teasin' T-Bone Saturday & Sunday, and enjoy...

...the magic of this classy outfit and Drew's Dish!

By ur friend n mine...Drew Donkulous

By: Drew Donkulous

Considering I haven't written this piece for too long, many you may not know a very sad fact about me...I am a Sorry-Azz Detroit Lion fan!


Its really not my fault as I grew up in Toronto for 11 years, my Aunt and cousins loved 'em, and at the time it wasn't as embarassing as it is now. Often when people discover I am a Lions fan they wince and pat me on the back as if my dog just died a slow painful death. Even people in the NFC North, the oldest, angriest division in football seem to have some sympathy. Everyone asks me, "What do you think the Lions should do in the off season?" Well what the hell do you do?? 0-16?? You can't get any worse.

Some things are sexy & sad, but Detroit is just sad!

It was proven during the Millen era that you could seemingly waste and destroy every #1 Draft pick every year. Do you gamble in free agency and end up with another disaster like Scotty Mitchell? Only time will tell for the Lions, but as Detroit's economy sinks further and further into the toilet there may not be any fans or corporate sponsors to see what will become of this sad sad franchise. As for me...The Los Angeles Lions sounds just fine to me.

Much Luv...Drew D

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