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Friday Night NBA ATS with Lovely Ladies

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 64-48 ats…58%
NBA 45-34 - NCAA 13-12 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
What do u know, another perfect ATS evening in Hoops last night!

With Gotham's cult-hereos staying home, I expect a frenzy at The Garden tonight...and an ATS landslide!

Before we hit-up my Hardwood Winners & Drew Donkulous’s Dish, let me quickly touch on the NBA transactions. For the Bulls, I’m fully convinced GM Johnny Pax was talked out of quiting by owner Jerry Reinsdorf. As for the moves Pax made, while the United Center faithful drove around Chicago screaming in disgust (while dodging pot-holes bigger then Jenna Jameson’s luv cave), I'm not saying I’m jumping up in down like Billy Bob once they cast Halle Berry for Monster’s Ball, but the Bulls are a better team w/ more flexibility now. And here’s why:

After peeling away the layers, things don't look so bad!

Simply put, John Salmons is a better overall player than both Gordon & Nocioni, and unlike those two cats, he can actually play both wing spots (touch me here & scroll down for my Salmons insight). And the Bulls decision to keep Capt. Kirk means Gordon’s definitely gone at season’s end (and signing for nowhere near what Pax offered a couple years ago) and Vinny Del Scott Baio actually has a legitimate & interchangeable 3-guard rotation (Rose, Hinrich, & Salmons). As for Brad Miller, sure he’s aging & slow, but his deal is up before Noce’s, and trust me, he’ll be lethal at the top of the key on the pick-n-pop w/ Rose and will teach Noah, T-Time, & Aaron Gray a thing or two.

U can be sad bout the pile of "what Najah left in a chick's hamper" known as Jerome James, but don't hate the deal!

As for the Knickerbocker deal, it’s really simple Homeboys. The money and years are the same, but the Bulls have now split the money into two guys, meaning it'll be much easier to package them next year with a youngster to bring in a superstar. And if Timmy Thomas actually does play well because he had his best year in PHX while Vinny was getting coffee for other people…that’s just a bonus!

While T-Mac may have screwed Houston's championship shot, at least the other guy was replaced by someone better!

As for elsewhere, besides new the PG situations in Orlando & Houston, everything was a salary dump. And my favorite aspect is how teams are camouflaging their financial moves with the bold-face: “We just want to be players in 2010 FA frenzy!” But briefly on those PG moves, I luv Rafer “Skip to My Lou” Alston’s story coming from the blacktop, but he’s aging worse than Aurora Snow after 12-years of shielding her eyes from liquid shrapnel. On the flipside, the Rockets already had a better tiny scoring option in the speedy Aaron Brooks, and now have one of the most underrated young defensive playmakers in Kyle Lowry...winner chickin dinner for the Rockets...but not tonight!

As for my flawless NBA ATS selections tonight?
The Mavs are quietly becoming sexy again!

No playoff team has been in more disarray the last few weeks than Houston. From the artist formerly known as T-Mac being swapped for Vinsanity then suddenly having season-ending surgery, to Yao Ming early retirement articles, to shipping-off their starting PG at the last minute…this is not a recipe for Friday Night ATS Success.

The Nets throwing in Antoine has been nice for Dirk & Co.

As for the Mavs, while the media continues to hammer the J-Kidd for Devin Harris trade like it happened yesterday, they’ve won 8 of their last 11 and have a throw-in piece from last year's trade suddenly working wonders…Antoine Wright. The 25 year-old 6-7 SG has provided some length & athleticism on defense since entering the starting line-up, but more importantly, after finally seeing quality minutes his offense has shown the signs that made me an early first-round pick (last 3 games: 18 ppg, 7-10 from behind the arc).

But if I was Cuban, I would've asked for a few dancers

And finally, the German Diggler is playing extemely efficient right now, J-Kidd should have a field-day posting-up little Aaron Brooks in the paint, and Josh “puff, puff, give” Howard finally seems to have regrouped from a year-n-half of stupidity. As for the great Yao Ming, for all the shiznit the Mavs received for the enormous signing of Erick Dampier a few years ago, guarding a slow big-man is one of the few things he does well…MAVS IN AN UPSET!

How do you trade two guys that actually give a F*ck?

Considering their schedule of late, the Knicks have been playing unbelievable ball in The Garden (beat Popavich & Greg Gamble in OT on Tuesday) and the New York faithful seem as passionate as ever. And tonight, after it became official their cult-heroes Krypto-Nate (last 3 games: 32 ppg, 8 rpg, 7 apg) and A.D.D-avid Lee (last 5 games: 21 ppg, 13 rpg) were Knickerbockers for the rest of the season, I expect to see a playoff atmosphere for team playing with High School intensity and a crowd resembling a pep-assembly with booze.

Just like I was disappointed MTV decided they didn't need Tequila, the Raptors are also pretty depressing too!

On the flipside, in my opinion, nobody in the Association has been as disappointing as the Raptors. Making matters worse for a city rapidly losing roundball interest, the trade-deadline proved the organization was somewhat giving-up by trading for the Matrix’s expiring contract. Speaking of Shawn Marion, while he’s talented, his unique style of play will take more than few games for his teammates to figure out…especially with an interm/rookie coach at the helm. And finally, making my degenerate-azz smile even more, with Mr. Bosh supposedly returning after almost a 20-day absence, I have a feeling the spread will shift in our favor ever so slightly…and considering Bosh was praying he’d be dealt and probably will look a little rusty, it makes me luv the Knicks even more tonight…NEW YORK BY 10-16 POINTS

Just like the flawless Miranda doesn't have two bad photoshoots, Dwight doesn't have back-2-back bad ones!

While Stan Van Ron Jeremy’s squad struggled to beat Charlotte to open Tuesday (W 107-102) and were completely embarrassed by CP3 the following night (L 117-85), I think the aftereffects of the Weed & Groupie Weekend have finally worn-off and we’ll see a focused squad tonight. After D-Howard completely dominated the Cats O Bob fresh of his All-Star high (45 pts, 19 reb, 8 blk), the man-child was non-existent against a Chandler-less Hornet squad (29 min, 12 pts, 8 reb). In short, I believe he bounces back like Debbie in Dallas. I could go on, but I have other shiznit to do & booze to buy. But trust me, Hedu & Rashard will blow-up from deep tonight...MAGIC BY 7-11 POINTS

By ur friend n mine...Drew Donkulous

Note from Drew D...You should at least wear arm protection when playing wth dangerous animals you fools!

As I am in my third month of Drews Dish I was discussing the subject matter with my good friend Catfish. Mr. Fish thinks going outside of the sports world from time to time woud be healthy...so here it is.

It always amazes me how surprised people are when a wild animal attacks a human. This weeks hilarity is the Chimpanzee that attacked the pitiful, lonely, woman who has been holding it captive in her home in Stamford Conneticut. I use the word "captive" because it best describes the holding of anything that should not be there. A pet is something that is domesticated or is able to be controlled with a leash. When you decide to make "friends" with an animal that outweighs, outstrengths, and or outtooths you, you run the risk of getting your ass torn to pieces for no reason at any time.

The news reports I have read and the pictures I have seen regarding the "Chimp Attack" are hiiiiilarious. The woman, Charla Nash, is being called a "victim" by the media. Because she treated the monkey like a human by wining, dining, dressing, and even bathing the Chimp, I guess he's the azzhole. Talk about totally MFin disturbing.

I feel bad for your poor daughter, like she even knows handling snakes is insane...btw, I don't feel bad that you can't feel anything anymore!

So to anyone who can't find the humor in this, all I have to say is I wish I was writing "Drews Dish" when Sigfried and Roy got munched or when the "Crocodile Taunter" Steve Irwin was spiked. IDIOTS who made a living gambling on pea brained animals. And I'm guessin Greggy G already has an ova/unda on when an inevitable attack will get his poor girl...Much Luv, Drew D

Make sure to check out Teasin' T all weekend fellas...
...cause the Insideplay (IP.com) door is always open!

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