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Greggy G's Hump Day Handicapping Revival

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 66-52 ats…56%
NBA 47-37 - NCAA 13-13 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
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Don't worry Stevo, after the Gambling Gods ripped me I knew one Monday & Tuesday, I look much worse than you!

But if Brian Austin Green can bounce back with Megan Fox after life as David Silver, so can my ATS gamblin' azz!

Led by a legit MVP candidate in Deron Williams who's been filthy of late (a lock for 30 & 10 nightly), the Jazz are the hottest team in the Association...and this was before The Booze, AK-& Mr. Harpring returned. With those guys back, while some would think it would take time to adjust, all of them know Sloan's system like Kobe Tai knows about the nuisances of the "cowcatcher" and will be looking to prove they can make this team even better.

While he my be a lil rusty, he'll bring an intensity (especially in a contract year) around the rim that Minny can't handle!

On the flipside, the T-Wolves are still devastated from the season-ending injury to Big Al as the offense they've run all year is no longer practical. As for the match-ups tonight, Minny's biggest weaknesses are at the point and lack of experience in the paint...which means D-Will, Okur, Millsap, & a hungry kid named Carlos from Alaska will dominate from start to finish...JAZZ BY DOUBLE DIGITS

Just like she'd get me to buy in to whatever she sellin', I'm buyin' into New Orleans rallyin' around the Chandler mishap!

While the number may seem high if you're a casual professional hardwood viewer, trust me, the Pistons are in complete disarray. After years of an efficient offense and the emergence of Rodney Stuckey as a playmaking guard, the acquisition of A.I. and subsequent loss of Chauncey has completely changed the mojo in MoTown. With Allen still thinking he's 26 and in Philly, Detroit now stands around watching as their worst shooter dribbles out the clock before hosting a bad shot or jumping in the air desperately looking for a teammate.

After another loss last night & Sheed knowin' he's gone at season's end, I'm guessin' his body language is similar to this!

Especially with an aging frontcourt (Wallace & McDyess) on a back-to-back, Rasheed looking more & more like his final days in Blazerland, RIP disinterested in his 6th man role, and Stuckey non-existent alongside A.I., I expect another poor outing from a veteran team knowing Dumars gave-up on the season for a salary dump. And sorry to tell you Piston fans, but it's a brilliant move. Keeping RIP, Prince, Stuckey, Maxiel, and using the loads of money coming off the books from Iverson & Wallace will make this team a contender in two years.

Tyson's first home game since the trade debacle will lead to standing ovation & fired-up squad. Btw, I can't believe Michael Bag-o-Donuts Sweets never made it as a starting pivot

The Hornets, especially CP3 & David West, were pissed management somewhat gave-up on the season with the Chandler trade. But now, with him back, I expect to see them turn things up over the next few weeks and for Chandler to return to last year's elite play around the basket. Speaking of CP3, while Stuckey has the potential to be a solid defender in this league, he's still not totally comfortable guarding the point...and tonight he has one of the best, if not the best with no one backing him up. As a result, the getting hotter Hornets ride some crazy momentum and absolutely destroy a team ready to close-up shop!

I know they f*cked me last night, but maybe pimp-daddy Rashard, Hedu and Dwight were thinking of...

...having some fun at The Garden tonight!

Listening to Magic headmaster Ron Jeremy blast his squad, especially the starters, for acting as if they weren't ready to play, I honestly believe they were thinking about putting on a show in Gotham for Spike, Nate Rob's Old School buddy Will, and all the other crazy stars. Especially for an up-n-coming mega superstar like Dwight, not to mention Superman looking to redeem himself after Krypto-Nate stole his powers at the dunk contest, I expect the freak to absolutely destroy a team without a true center on the roster.

While the Knicks have been sick of late, just like party girls after a week at the beach, they're due for an off night!

On the Knickerbocker side, while they've been a ball to watch, they're doing it with the strangest cast of characters playing out of their azz. Especially Nate Dogg, who sucks me in with his passion & excitement like a Nautica Thorn Adult Video, I expect him to finally comeback down to earth after three weeks of magic...especially tonight, overextending himself trying to outperform Mr. Howard. As for the rest of the NY cast, this is a perfect match-up for the Magic considering their forwards (Hedu & Rashard) are just better versions of Al Harrington, Wilson Chandler, & Q-Richardson...ORLANDO BY DOUBLE DIGITS


It's been a long time since things lined-up so perfectly on the ATS docket for a team like the Blue Devils!


The only thing I like better than Cassandra in pink is Duke unda double-digits against an average Terripan squad!

Rarely have you seen a Coach K line so low this late in the season, but the combination of Maryland's huge comeback win against UNC, Duke's perceived inconsistency, and the road loss for #1 Pitt last night makes this an ATS gem...and here's why:

My reasons for ATS victory are much bigger than this bikini!

Taking nothing away from Maryland or Mr. Vasquez's triple double, they were getting blow-out in the 2nd half and UNC took their foot off the gas...which they often do. ..which Duke now knows they can't do. Speaking of Greivis Vasquez, while he's a solid playmaking guard, his abilities and style of play can be handling by many of Duke's guards. Secondly, the Blue Devils have looked vulnerable against teams that pound it down low or dominate the glass...and Maryland doesn't do that at all. And finally, the Blue Devils beat this same squad by 41 earlier this year!...DUKE WINS EASILY

After a rough couple day, I'm still walking with confidence!

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