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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 61-47 ats…57%
NBA 42-33 - NCAA 13-12 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

While I know he’s lying to my face, my hate is tempered by the fact 99% of diamond dudes wants him to burn in hell!

Of course the cousin injecting stuff in his azz kinda creeps me out. And hell ya, after walking around in broad daylight with a stripper girlfriend u can’t use “it’s been a tough year with the divorce”-card ...let alone trying to blame not doing a keg stand at a frat party as the reason you "used" is insane. But, please let it go.

Just like the long-term harm of getting a camel toe tattoo, how does what A-Roid did really harm anybody else?

We know he did it, he somewhat admitted it, and they only people he harmed where a couple clean ball-players and the losers laying in bed analyzing baseball records that have been tainted for years. In comparison, Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns was driving 95 mph on a residential street with a toddler not in a car seat. He received a one-game suspension and the media scrutiny of a question or two about a potential Amare trade. Talk about a frickin' joke Homeboys.

I'm giving him a second chance...and f*ck pitbulls anyway!

Seriously, sit back, relax, and enjoy what he has to offer!

While Ronny Mexico switching coasts (possibly the 49ers) is a brilliant move, and I guarantee he’s an angel with an improved discipline for the game, the actions from Mike Singeltary are still the only headlines that really matter to me! Can you believe he actually told the 49er press he guarantees the squad will be “physical”..."physical" with an “F” he says! And obviously, that could only mean "F*ckin Physical", right? Kinda strange for a cat known to be a self-proclaimed preecher? I guess he did show his junk to a bunch fellas, maybe he's closer to the church than I think. Anywho, I luv ya Iron Mike and believe your the best chance to turn things around...but please, just don't let the scribs know what your tellin' a bunch of hard-piping gridiron grunts!

As for all the NBA trade rumor shiznit...I SEE DA LIGHT!

Sorry Bull fans...I told ya Monday it wasn't happening!
Nothing is gonna happen except the most underrated trade of all time...John Salmons to da Thunder or Bulls!

While most casual Association followers have no idea who he is, no baller is more unda the radar than Johnny Sal. The 6-6 Mr. Salmons is currently averaging 18 ppg, 4 apg, & 4 rpg with a 47-fg% & 42-3pt% on a team trying to feature Kevin "No Defense" Martin. As for where he's going, if the sickly young, athletic, & full of 1st Rd draft picks-Thunda can make this move, they'll be my darkhouse to be a big-time playa in the playoffs next year w/ Championship potential by 2010. PG Russell Westbook, SG John Salmons, SF Kevin Durant, F Jeff Green, C Tyson Chandler, and a bunch of picks in the lottery up-coming...I don't think you understand how quickly this thing is gonna get sick! If he goes to Chicago, it's because Brad Miller is involved and they want somebody that can actually run the pick-n-pop with Rose...but don't sleep on Salmons, he's the real MFin deal!

While always pimpin'...now he's actually playin'!

After an entire career dominating one aspect of the game, Mr. Anthony has suddenly matured into a complete superstar…and now, he has a chip on his shoulder and sportin' a veteran point. Snubbed for All-Star weekend & continually mocked for not having a playoff moxy, look for the former Cuse star to put the professional hardwood on notice to start the 2nd half and continue to showcase his newfound rebounding/defensive intensity and trips to the charity stripe.

Melo told her to cover up and told me they'd cover tonight!

As for the Sixers, they lost in Indy last night, have trade rumors swirling around Sammy D & quiet chatter about Andre Miller, and don’t have the long-range shooters to keep pace if J.R. Smith, Linus Kleiza, & Chauncey heat-up. Trust me like you trust your bookie Homeboys, the Nuggs will be one of the best team off the Weed & Groupie Break…DENVER BY 6-10 POINTS

Everyone talks about how the change effects Nash & Amare, but the former 6th Man speedster is the real winner!

Talk about switching from a virgin back to an adult entertainment girlfriend, the trade front is silent after the Suns scored 140 in Alvin Gentry’s opening rout of the very Clipper team they're facing tonight. Actually, I shouldn’t say “The Very Clipper Team”, Dunleavy’s best player of late, Zach “Permanent Baby Fat” Randolph, probably won’t be playing after jacking some white-dude with long hair from PHX. So I'm guessin' the rejevneated Suns roll again…especially with J-Rich back after missing last night's contest…SUNS BY 14-20 POINTS

Just chillin' & waitin' for more Greggy G...TOUCH ME HERE

I know I’m due for G-State to bite me in the azz (or shoulder if ur Marv Albert’s girl), but I just loved their swagger finishin' the 1st half TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE PICKS & HOTTIES FELLAS

Keep laughin if you want, but I'm pickin' a GST upset!

I know I’m due for Warriors to bite me in the azz (or shoulder if your Marv Albert’s girl), but I just loved their swagger to finish the first half and believe it will continue (won their final four at home against PHX, Utah, New York, & Portland). And you can’t tell me Kobe & Gasol’s somewhat aging-bodies will be fresh after the All-Star drama & playin' on a back-2-back... WARRIORS W/ A SHOCKING UPSET!

Have a great one Homeboys, and as always...
...try to get your girl in that happy position!

Posted by Greg Gamble on February 18, 2009 10:23 AM |


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