NBA: 5-2 NCAA: 5-6 Teasers 4-4

For those that are only weekend warriors, you missed one hell-uva week with Greggy G at the steering wheel. He was so smooth and on point all week that it reminded me of Ice Cube in Boyz-n-tha-Hood, cruizin’ down Crenshaw Blvd. in his ’64 Impala, just letting it drop and hop! To see Greggy’s stuff, CLICK HERE!
Time to pull up your socks and get ready, cuz Inside Plays is always ready for a good day on the hardcourt!

As for me, other than riding Double G like a brokeback mountain boy toy, I am coming off an undefeated Super Bowl Sunday in which Inside Plays hit three pigskin picks for you. But even though our picks have been like waking up next to 18 year old Britney Spears, you never know when you might wake up next to 25 year old Britney, so lets work to keep 18 year old Britney around today fellas!
To be crazy or not to be crazy, that is Britney's question!

Detroit Pistons -3 @ Milwaukee Bucks

Let me start by saying that if you like this one at all, jump on it early cause it has already went from-2 to -3 in the early going. I love this game for two reasons today. The first is simply the fact that the Pistons have owned the Bucks for several years, this matchup is a bit of a mental mind screw for the Bucks. Plus the Pistons have double the talent that Milwaukee can even try to put in a uniform tonight.
Tough to keep talent like Rip and Tay-Tay under cover for too long, so good you just want to eat 'em.

The second, and most important reason, is that the Bucks are trying to get through the rest of the season without Redd, Bogut, and Ridnour, who happen to be 3 of their top 5 scorers. That leaves Jefferson and Villanueva to do all of the scoring, and they get to go up against the likes of Prince, Hamilton, and Maxiell, I don’t know that there is much of a comparison in that matchup. On top of that, the Pistons have one of the stingiest defenses in the land. Expect this one to be extremely low scoring, like a 90-79 snore, but a win none-the-less!
Looks like Baylor green to me, did I ever mention to you that I am color blind and luv Asians...

Baylor Bears -4.5 @ Texas Tech Red Raiders

Baylor has dropped 4 in a row against the Big 12 elite, so they are looking to get back into their groove and improving their March Madness seeding. Tech has been horrific most of the year and are on a skid of their own, only they don’t have the talent to pull out of it. ‘nuff said.

My teasers are on the back side of the page, click below to see them!

From a pair of teasers on the backside..............
To a pair on the front side, it all brings a smile to my face!


Syracuse @ Villanova teased to -1.5
The Big East is a whirlpool of talent, but I love the fact that the disciplined Cats get to host the thug-life Cuse, who happen to be coming off a dominant win and have probably been switching from joint to a 40, and back and forth for a couple straight days. I believe they will come in un-prepared and walk away with their tails between their legs.
Mizzou loves the back door road win, and the Tiger ladies will take it any way they can get it, cuz we all know that sometimes sheep get more attention than the ladies in Missouri!

Missouri teased down to -4 @ Iowa State
The Cyclones have proven over and over that home court doesn’t mean a whole lot to them this year, and scoring apparently doesn’t either. I love the fact that the Tigers have been rolling and they throw up almost 85 a game. The Clones simply don’t have the depth or talent to hang with them all game. Close at half, but near double digits at the end.

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