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NBA: 7-2 NCAA: 8-7

In celebration of the end of the shortest month of the year, my vertically challenged friends and I ask you to make it a day worth remembering.....short people style!

Orlando Magic -2 @ Philadelphia 76ers

Both of these clubs played last night and had to hop on a plane...Philly from New York and Orlando from....well, Orlando. Normally it is good to stay away from a back-to-back, but since both of them played, I'm considering that a non-factor. 2 other factors however sparked my interest today. The first is the fact that the Magic are 26 games above .500 and have somehow lost 2 of 3 against the friggin' Bulls and Pistons. Odds tell me that a team that many games above .500 doesn't drop 3 of 4(BTW, they haven't lost 3 of 4 yet this year and only lost 2 in a row once), and with the line at -2, I'll take my chances and be upgrading to Alize tomorrow.
I hear that Philly has removed all phone booths from the city, I don't think that will be enough to help kid Delambert!

The second factor is the Superman theory. The matchup of Dwight Howard and Samuel Delambert is a joke in my mind. Delambert is only good enough to play 25 minutes a game on a ball club that loses as many as it wins, and we actually expect him to keep Superman in check, I don't think so. Expect Howard to take the pressure off the rest of the team and use his size and speed to blow by the weary legs of the '6ers. Magic by 10-ish.
Kick back and relax, cuz I have more for ya if ya click below!

Our lady friend Brooklyn may not be from the Atlantic Coast, but her name fits the bill and that is enough for my dreams!


Georgia Tech teased to +27 @ North Carolina
Wake Forest teased to -3 @ Virginia

Today poses some lopsided matchups in the All Cool Cids conference, but I'm on the road teams today. The Tar Heels have proven that they haven't been able to blow out a mediocre squad this year, and it isn't because they haven't tried, it is because these bad squads simply don't have the talent to hang in a fast pace environment, so they slow the pace and decrease the amount of possessions the Heels get. NC scores in the 90's against good squads and the 70's against bad ones. With this teased to 27, I think we are safe.
This has nothing to do with hoops, all I can say is shelf-ass and POW! Great googily moogily my scantily clad friend.

As for the Deacons, this is a former #1 going up against a Cavaliers squad that has only won 9 all year, the worst in the league. So we have an ACC squad that can't even win ball games in the preseason up against a former #1 and we can tease this to a 3 point game. The only question left is how many other games can I tease this with????

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