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Thursday Night NBA ATS Picks & Hotties

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 63-48 ats…57%
NBA 44-34 - NCAA 13-12 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Chuck is just one of those guys for me…no matter what he does, I luv him like I luv Kobe Tai…with endless loyalty!

I know he was getting sloppy with his insight on TNT. I know his gambling idiocy was beyond comprehension even for a guy running a gambling…wait…I mean sports information site. And obviously the DUI thing is beyond stupid, especially in PHX with Jason Richardson driving the streets. But what else can I say fellas, he’s still Uncle Chuck to me.

Just like an Asian on stage in a pink bikini, it's hard for me to see faults with Sir Charles!

While I’ll throw a Steeler kicker unda the bus for complaining about convenience store bathroom towels, for some reason the story of Charles running a stop sign because he's excited to get the best Monica Lewinsky he’s ever had is priceless (Read about it here). And the best part of this whole incident (besides TNT taking him back) is I guarantee he returns with even more vigor & once again makes me stay-up late after some lousy regular season professional hardwood!

Brad Miller's second stint with Bulls is making me feel old!

Briefly on the Bulls trade front, if you checked me out yesterday, I told you John Salmons was gonna be one of the only major players moved by the deadline. As for what I think of the deal, considering he’s the 23rd wing/guard on Vinny Del Scott Baio’s roster, here’s my happy ending feel (aka Greggy G's quick thoughts):

I agree girlfriend. After all the hoopla of an upcoming blockbuster for ChiTown, this trade kinda makes me laugh!

First off, the Bulls desperately grabbed Brad "Pop-a-Shot" Miller because they entire city thought Bosh or Amare was coming and this was the best our current/former/rapidly enlarging-GM could do for a big. That being said, considering Derrick Rose’s Bigs have no idea what to do on a pick-n-anything, Miller’s ability at the high-post is gonna be sneaky special…but too bad he can’t run or jump anymore. While Noah & T-Time dove to the hole with no idea what to do, Big Brad will become a master of the pick-n-pop & keep an oversized body out of lane for Rose. As for defensively…let’s just say Brianna Banks defended better in the cinematic masterpiece Up the Wahzoo.

While the first word on his undies doesn't read like this, I still think Mr. Salmons is pretty MFin good!

Secondly, as I told you yesterday (TOUCH ME & SCROLL DOWN) the 6-6 John Salmons was the most underrated wing available…especially at only 5.5 Mill a year through 2011. That being said, this means Capt Kirk must go, Larry “I have the worst contract in the NBA” Hughes better find a home, and they don’t expect to sign Ben “I’m going to loose millions not taking Pax’s last offer” Gordon.

This trade is kinda like going to Subway. Not the best decision, but still not half bad for the price!

And finally, while we're not gonna be a player in the East, not much not to like here. Chicago gave-up nothing and got a little something back. Sure the quasi-GM needs to move a bunch more to consider this a Winna Chicken Dinna, but I expect that to happen (Kirk to Minny?). As for what I'll miss, of course Nocioni’s intensity was mesmerizing, but honestly...his shot-happiness and constant arm flailings to the refs after he basically ran over a kid on the playground got really frickin old!

While I'm tryin' not to hate, every time I see T-Mac make a move I assume he's hitting the shelf for a couple weeks!

And finally before my pick of the day, I have to admit T-Mac suddenly calling for season-ending surgery after rumors he was getting dumped because of salary cap issues was hilarious. Sympathy aside that his body is already 37 in NBA years, he’s absolutely done and the Rockets know it. The Nets…I mean Jay-Z just wanted him because his deal was a few years shorter than Vinsanity's. As for feeling bad for the Rockets, they dumped Stevie Franchise on somebody to get him…buyer beware BEEATCHES! Don’t blame Mr. McGrady you didn’t watch the Penny Hardaway NBA Movie of what happens to bodies like this!

You know why she's so happy Homeboys? Cause she's knows my ATS Play of the Day is on the horizon!

After going 2-1 ATS last night, I guess you're curious why I like the Jazz...or maybe you just want MORE HOTTIES...TOUCH ME HERE!

Playing in Utah is bigger distraction than these undies!

I don’t think the outside world knows how hard it is to play in Utah. From the lunatic fans, to accommodations with a slightly richer feel than Fargo, to Jerry Sloan would “Eat your Children rather than lose at home”-factor, this place is MFin unique. Not to mention, they have a deep roster with some athleticism on the wing to cause some problems for Paulie & Ray-Ray after a long layoff…6-6 C.J. Miles last 3 games – 17 ppg, 46 3pt%...6-7 Ronnie Brewer last 5 games – 15 ppg, 6 rpg, 54-fg%. Speaking of a long layoff, the Celts haven’t played since last Thursday (not counting the Weed & Groupie Weekend activities), while the Jazz already had a nice 2nd-half warm-up against the Grizz (W 117-99). Throw-in that nobody in the Association is playing better than D-Williams (last 5 games – 30 ppg, 11 apg, 54-fg%), Mehmet Okur will keep KG’s crazy D away from the bucket, and AK-47 just returned, and I expect the Jazz to open a nice lead and win handly against the Defending Champs…JAZZ BY 6-12 POINTS

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...the King of the Spread!

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