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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 54-39 ats…58%
NBA 37-27 - NCAA 11-10 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0

Before we hit-up the hardwood ATS docket, how cool is it that Jose is the most honest man in baseball!

Seriously, this is like CNN spending a month discussing the boob-job denials from all the chicks on The Hills. Everybody knows they got’em. I only watch the show to see’em. And I don’t care if they deny have’em. Here’s a news flash to the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network: ALMOST EVERYBODY IN BASEBALL WAS ON THE JUICE!

Do you blame him? Madonna likes her side-azz buff!

Instead of spending countless hours reporting what the janitor thinks after seeing him naked in the shower, if you’re gonna talk about this controversy, discuss how it’s a travesty the union, commissioner, & owners are not the ones on trial. And I don't even care that these three knew everybody was juicing and did nothing because they were making so money off it. The dirtiest aspect of this fiasco was how they tipped-off the superstars when the tests were coming, and to safe face and act is if they cared about cleaning up the game, they simply busted the mid-level & minor leaguers not making them any mula.

Why do you care if they deny they've been enhanced? Just like professional sports, it's simply entertainment Homeboys!

Also, while I hate Bonds like I hate The View & soft-core hotel porn, how funny is it gonna be if Barry Boids gets off on these charges. Considering I was just laid-off, do I really want to hear how the government is spending millions of dollars trying to make this meatheads admit they rubbed cream on their nut-sack…considering we all know they rubbed cream on their nutsack. And while I’m bashing the government, considering it’s my money, let me cash out my 401K without a penalty you f*ckers...I've earned it!

Speaking of $$$, time to win us some!
I bet you didn't know this cat averaged 30 pts & 10 reb the last two games while shooting 7 of 8 from behind the arc!

Btw, if your more into college azz...Touch Me Here
*Since I posted this, Raja Bell is out tonight...btw, I'm Happy
In all my years following the Association, I’ve never seen a crazier roster than what Capt. Dunleavy has put together. Even the mad-Donnie Nelson’s 2006-07 Warriors can’t compete with the crazy mix of characters. From Baron Davis to Zach Randolph to Ricky D to Chris Kaman (who must sit as his locker wondering what the hell he's gotten himself into) to a coach that everybody hates, this thing should be a Reality Show. And all that being said, I absolutely luv the LA tonight.

I hear ya Nikolina, I can't believe the Clipp Show either!

After being the laughing stock of the league the first half, with almost everybody healthy and their coach finally allowing them to play YMCA-streetball, the Clippers have won two straight with an “FU”-attitude that should last for a couple more nights. With non-stop fast-breaks, three-point jacking, and their sickly athletic youngsters attacking the rim at every opportunity (Al Thorton & Eric Gordon), LA has averaged 124 ppg in their last two and beat the Grizz & Hawks by a combined 45 points! And with tonight’s contest against the injury-depleted Bobcats and a home tilt with the Knicks prior to the All-Star Break, I have a feeling the Clippers are determined to head to the Weed & Groupie Party on a four-game streak!

The Cats don't have anybody to lace 'em up at SF!

Speaking of the AARP-coached Cats O Bob, as mentioned ad nausem, without Gerald Wallace they don't have a player to handle anybody athletic on the wing. Things are so bad at SF they actually traded 1st round bust Adam Morrison to LA for the sometimes uninterested Vladimir Radmanovic. Even better, last night at Miami they were so desperate for scoring they started PG DJ Augustin alongside PG Raymond Felton and dusted-off 46 year-old Juwan Howard to open the game at PF. While they played hard and only lost by four, trust me, I saw some of that game and Miami was simply going through the motions. Especially on a back-to-back tonight, even if Vlad is cleared to play, I fully expect another Clippers blow-out. And speaking of a back-to-back, you think Grandpa Brown will have the same amount of energy on the sideline anoche…CLIPPERS BY DOUBLE DIGITS

So ur telling me Gadzuric & Elson are gonna slow Yao?

With T-Mac, Ronny Ron, & the Great Wall all finally on the court together, I don’t know how the Bucks keep this close without Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, & Luke Ridnour. Especially without the big Australian, I have a feeling Yao will score 25 in only 30 min. against the deadly combo of Francisco Elson & Dan Gadzuric (last game: 0-4 FG, 1 pt, 5 fouls). And with the Bucks coming-off a heartbreaking OT loss to the Pistons this weekend where Ramon Session magically scored 44 points (which means he's gonna shoot 5-18 tonight), this thing could get ugly in a hurry…ROCKETS BY DOUBLE DIGITS

While I know they're not in school, I can't help thinking about Jen when it's time to invest on the college kids!

Want to know why I like the Broncos & Bikinis...Touch Me Here

Like our friend, no matter how u look at it, Boise is solid!

After losing the majority of their starters last season, nobody expected Boise (16-6, 6-3) to be a player in the WAC this season. But once again, underrated headmaster Greg Graham has worked his magic and lived-up to the “offensive guru” moniker given to him by many of his colleagues (48 fg%, 73 ppg). And unlike most coaches in D-1 that bring in newcomers when the roster turns over, Graham has a built a program with depth and had plenty of veterans ready to step-up.

Just like these two, the Broncos play well together!

A former JU-CO transfer, 6-7 Sr. F Mark Sanchez (13 ppg, 7 rpg, 51 fg%, 3pt%), is a prime example of the type of player perfect for the Broncos system and ready to embrace his first real opportunity at the D-1 level after averaging under 10 mpg last season. Throw-in the recent emergence of Wyoming transfer 6-9 Jr. Ike Okoye (last 6 games: 14 ppg, 6 rpg, 3 bpg, 62 fg%), the inside-out ability from 6-7 red-shirt So. Paul Noonan (10 ppg 37-3pters), and the experience of 6-9 Sr. Kurt Cunningham (10 ppg, 4 rpg, 71 fg%), and the Boise St. frontcourt could be the sweetest surprise of the conference.

Like Jesse, the Boise's guards have plenty of experience!

In the backcourt, Coach Graham rotates four guards all with the ability to shoot the ball from deep, rich with experience, displined in his style, and have improved their efficiency as the season has progressed. A prime example, after two years in Jr. College and logging 15 mpg last season for Boise, Jamar Greene has blossomed into a efficient scorer (last 3 games: 13 ppg 10-16 from behind the arc). As for a steadying influence, while former WAC freshman of the year red-shirt Jr. Anthony Thomas (9 ppg, 5 apg, 38 3pt%) isn’t flashy, he keeps the ball moving and makes sure everybody is in the right place.

She kinda reminds me of hoops squad starting a bunch of freshmen...exciting but a little too crazy at times!

On the Fresno side, I’m gonna keep this short-n-sweet. The Spartans only have one win in conference because they start three freshmen and have another averaging 26 mpg off the bench. As for their recent schedule, let’s just say their last game was in Hawaii against the .500 Warriors and they were blown out in the first half 34-10. As a result, while Boise didn’t have far to travel after playing in San Jose this Saturday, my guess is the youngsters for Fresno will still be jetlagged and dreaming of hula skirts at the opening tip tonight. And as a result #2, the disciplined Broncos will jump out early and hold on for an easy victory…BOISE BY 6-12 POINTS

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