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I don't blame you Homeboy...kinda crazy how your new coach already thinks he's Billy Belichick!

After an ATS 5-0 Friday Night that had you treating your girl to a Denny's breakfast without sweatin' her side order of bacon, I understand how the 3-4 follow-up over the weekend wasn't what you expected. But unlike Denver in the Jay Cutler-fiasco, I can save face by giving you some luv this Monday...and that's what I'm gonna do!

But speaking of pigskin players looking for new addresses, can GM Jerry Angelo stand w/ confidence like Miranda...

...when telling Chicago he's taking a chance on Mr. Jones?

I'll make this short-n-sweet. Travis Henry & Tank Johnson aside, usually taking an athlete fresh off a couple mistakes usually means your getting a baller looking to prove he's a changed man...a changed man that is also bigger than every corner in the league, has great hands, can still can fly when given a nice head start, and extremely cheap since he's rumored to have tried some nose-candy. Throw-in a 1st round pick, Krazy Kyle, and whatever else Denver wants for Mr. Cutler, and the Bears suddenly don't look to shabby. I know...it makes too much sense to get a franchise QB and an upgrade at WR...nevermind.

Back to the professional hardwood, you think it's a sign that she's sporting some San Antonio Spur colors?

If you like this, play it early because the line is gonna be moving all day. The Thunder have played well of late, but mostly because teams aren't putting much energy into the contest when facing them. But with the Spurs barely holding onto the 2-seed, the Hornets playing tonight, and a coach that knows how to push the right buttons when needed...
...I expect the former champs to have a little bottom-feeder blowout swagger tonight. While I luv how Oklahoma City has shaped their roster and believe the Bulls were idiotic to basically give them Thabo for free, if a top notch contender comes to play, they can easily destroy this inexperienced squad...SPURS BY DOUBLE-DIGITS

Sit back, relax, & enjoy more by touching me here!

Sorry, I have an important call, check back after lunch!

Posted by Greg Gamble on March 16, 2009 8:02 AM |


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