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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 80-67 ats…55%
NBA 54-50 - NCAA 20-14 - Teasers 6-3 - Church League 69-0
GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 PIGSKIN Picks: 68-44 ats...61%
NFL 28-19 - NCAA 20-15 - Teasers 20-10 - Lovely Ladies 69-0

I might have agreed the 6 OT thriller was the best game ever if it resulted in no longer having to see these 2 bozos!

First off, I no longer will watch a hoop contest if Devendork, with his ganster glare after a jumper or barbaric scream after an easy layup, is on the tube. As for his coach, who defends his azz no matter what the situation cause he's so desperate to make the tourney, I can't frickin' wait till he's knocked out! As for why I haven't jumped on the Conference Championship docket much this week, I'm simple scouting the field of 65 to give my fans enough playdough to sing "We goin' Sizzla, We goin Sizzla" for the next 6 months. But check in all weekend cause just like a fratboy after a summer at home, Teasin' T-Bone & yours truly can't stay away from the college action too long!

Just like Miranda's soft skin stands out on the beach...

...Yao's soft touch stands out on the hardwood!

The Rockets looked to have the LakeShow beaten on Hump Day before Kobe took ova and Ron-Ron the Tru Warrior decided to stop giving Yao the rock. While the loss was painful because Houston is out to prove they can beat anybody now that T-"day-to-day" Mac is finally gone, the real Monica Seles-dagger was letting a game slip with the middle of the Western Conference separated by just a couple games.

While the Cats had been on fire, facing the Spurs proved just how average they look against the top teams in the West!

While the Cats O Bob have been playing out of their mind under Grandpa Larry of late, I just don't think their frontcourt can match-up with the Rockets (As we saw when they got blown out by Timmy D Tuesday). Especially with Yao absolutely dominating but not getting the rock enough, look for Adelman to make sure they pound the ball inside to the Chinaman against Okafor & Diop. Throw-in the underrated efficiency & banging of Luis Scola (last 5 gms: 13 ppg, 11 rpg) & Carl Landry (10 ppg, 5 rpg, 58-fg%) against the psudo-PF Boris Diaw, and I expect the Rockets to find plenty of easy buckets.

While some were shocked they traded Rafer, trust me, Aaron Brooks adds tons of speed and can actually get in the paint!

And finally on the outside, especially with Artest & Battier coming of a 5-21 night (0-12 from deep), look for the defensive specialist from Duke to spend all his energy shadowing Gerald Wallace and the crazy St. Johnnie to simply overpower Raja Bell...while make sure to get Mr. Ming the rock. At the point, while most casual fans probably believe the Cats have a huge advantage with Raymond Felton & DJ Augustin, most haven't seen the speed of new starter Aaron Brooks or the strength of Kyle Lowry. ROCKETS BY 7-12 POINTS

While some have tried to change Krypto-Nate's crazy style...

...like Pam, why change a sweet and exciting thing!

The genius headmaster that was just too offensively-oriented for Stevie Kerr to cope with has a rag-tag group of Knickerbockers believing they can make the playoffs. Especially after they rolled into Mo-Town and dropped 116 in beating the Pistons, look for the swagger from Krypto Nate (last 2 gms: 62 pts, 13 ass, 21-22 FT), Larry Hughes (last 2 gms: 61 pts, 7-15 from three), and David Lee (last 3 gms: 18 ppg, 17 rpg) to continue, while their plethora of wings easily handle the injury-depleted group for the T-Wolves. If anything, Minny's rare win against the Grizz this week means they're probably due for the normal embarrassment since Al Jefferson went down...KNICKS BY 6-12 PTS

Wearing Hornets colors & looking lankier than Tyson Chandler has to be a sign CP3 & Co. are rolling in Milwaukee 2night!

First off, with Spurs losing last night, the Hornets can sneak even closer to the lauded two-seed with a win. Secondly, for how impressive Ramon Sessions has been taking over the point for Scottie Skiles, he's pretty Ben Gordon on defense while his back-up (Luke Ridnour) is even worse...which means CP3 does whatever the f*ck he wants tonight. And finally, a few quick match-ups, while Charlie V can shoot, he can't guard the block to save his life...so that means Mr. West goes for 28 & 14. As for the Bucks only other scorer, Richard Jefferson, let's just say James Posey doesn't get lit-up by anybody, and if someone starts to, he jacks them in the jaw...HORNETS BY 10-16 PTS

Monta MoPed's never had trouble weaving through the Mavs!

BTW, did you know Jessica was a huge Warrior fan?

The Mavs have been awesome on this road-trip without Josh "four-strikes and you're out" Howard, but tonight, chasing around the 30 wings of the Warriors in-front of those wild-azz fans should cause some problems for the tired crew. While Nellieball has been a bit different of late as the crazy coach has benched an occasional starter, don't worry, with Donnie's hatred for Mr. Cuban, Chris Mullin might be suiting-up if things get close...GOLDEN ST BY 8-14 POINTS

Who doesn't love a teaser on Friday Night...especially when Greggy G's are winning at a redonkulous 67%-clip!

BTW, I proper tease always involves two!

The Wiz don't have a true center and D-Howard is coming-off a well-rested blow-out against Chicago...MAGIC BY 8-14 POINTS

Just like ATL lately, Hawk red has never looked so sweet!

The Hawks have rediscovered their swagger since returning to Hotlanta, especially Josh Smith. And tonight, that freakish athlete has a match-up with Troy Murphy. Throw-in the fact Indy is forced to start two PGs because of injuries, and look for the 6-7 240 lb Joe Johnson to have a field day on Jarrett Jack or SF Marquis Daniels...HAWKS BY 7-14 PTS

That's all Homeboys...
...have a relaxing weekend and be safe!

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