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Hardwood ATS, Bears Chatter, & Bikinis

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 79-66 ats…55%
NBA 53-49 - NCAA 20-14 - Teasers 6-3 - Church League 69-0

Did you hear, the Bears signed another bad safety!
But at least when we had to watch Archuleta get blown by...

...when you googled his name his wife would pop up!

Before roll into the money-making aspect of this glorious site (sometimes), you've heard me ramble on how the Bears need to upgrade numerous aspects of their roster, and after a month of nothing, GM Jerry Angelo finally has made a splash. And the 26 year-old Free Safety splash goes by the name of Josh Bullocks.

Maybe he'll prove us & Youtube wrong, but I hear trying to pass on the new Bears FS is like taking candy from a bikini!

But unfortunately, the reason he’s already a major hit with the Greggy G fandom is a little youtube video named in his honor…and the title probably means he’s gonna be doing much more chasing than tackling:
HOW CAN A SAFETY BE THIS BAD?...I wish I was joking Fellas!

While it's not the reason I'm picking the Spurs tonight, I just wanted to let you know these are my two Finals teams!

While Vegas and casual bettors dwell on Manu being out, the Spurs have never been deadlier in my eyes. With Timmy D & Tony Longoria running the pick-n-roll to Tori Praver in a bikini-perfection and three unselfish floor spacers all shooting over 40% from behind the arc (Mason, Bonner, & Finley), Pop’s already has a championship quality squad with a well-rested Argentinean chilling for the playoffs.

The Lakers need a relaxing weekend at the beach!

As for the Lakers, after an unbelievable run without Kobe’s whipping-boy Andrew the Giant, the Lakeshow has started to look a little gassed. While I believe they’ll be as dangerous as ever come playoff time, with the #1 seed basically locked-up, I can’t see the Zenmaster keeping the peddle to the metal these final few weeks.

Not only does Mr. Bonner do the dirty work and help Timmy on the glass...he also shoots 50% from behind the arc!

And while a TNT Thursday Night Special against a rival like the Spurs is usually a circled game on the calendar, LA is playing on back-to-back after banging with Yao, Crazy Ron-Ron, Scola, & Battier. And in their dramatic come from behind victory against the Rockets, Kobe & Pau totaled 83 minutes, which comes just a few nights after they were all they way in Portland dealing with that chaotic drama. And in my opinion, I’d be much more nervous taking the Spurs if the Lakers had lost in Houston last night.

Just like this tiny suit, it'll be hard for Derick Fisher to fit through all the screens run for Tony Parker!

Back to the play tonight, especially with the rest of the Western heavy-weights chasing the Spurs for the lauded two-seed, this is much more important for the Spurs. At home, well-rested, and starting to find a nice rhythm since Timmy’s comeback from an “I’m kinds of sore, but mostly just need some rest for the final push”, I expect to see surgical perfection from my favorite to win the West this season. Throw-in the Lakers inability to slow the quickness of Longoria with veteran D-Fish (32 min. last night) or a still somewhat hobbled Jordan Farmar (knee), and don’t be surprised to see Phil resting his starters early tonight …SPURS BY 7-13 POINTS

The Cavs will bring the passion on National Television tonight to destroy the suddenly depressing vets from PHX!

The combination of the Sir Charles TNT stage & the unenergetic performance they provided against the lowly Clippers on Tuesday (needing a 21-point advantage in the 4th to beat them), I expect the Cavs focus to be tighter than the outfits worn by Bar Refaeli in her ‘09 SI Swimsuit Shoot! Especially with the athletic & strength limitations at SF for the Suns (Grand Hill & Matt “tatted-up” Barnes), not to mention their inability to rebound the basketball outside of a few possessions from Shaq, I expect Bron-Bron to utterly dominate tonight’s contest (prediction - 37 points, 15 bounds, & 12 assists).

While some will cross their fingers or legs regarding this play, I'm more confident than an NBAer at strip-club!

Speaking of The Artist Formerly Known as the Suns...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE INFO & HOTTIES HOMEBOYS!

The Suns are wishing they were already poolside!

Speaking of The Artist Formerly Known as the Suns, while everybody with knowledge of the Association knows they don’t have the mojo left to sneak into the playoffs, I’m sure a couple of their players believed they could beat the Mavs Tuesday (who sat four games ahead of them for the 8th seed) and catch some momentum. Instead, after blowing a halftime lead against a squad playing without Josh “Smokin, Drivin’, & Hatin on USA” Howard, I have a feeling they’re already looking towards summer.

Your gonna need more hands to cover than Cavs weapons!

And besides the King James match-up problem, while Stevie Nash’s offensive numbers have been solid lately, he’s been an absolute sieve on defense and will be catching a trio of guards coming off lousy performances (Mo Williams, Delonte West, & Boobie Gibson). Throw-in the relentless play of the Brazilian Side Show Bob, the disciplined & rejuvenated return of Joe Smith, and Big Z against the Suns one-man frontcourt, and I can’t even see how the Suns keep this close tonight…CAVS BY 12-18 POINTS

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