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Hoops Picks, ShamWow Hilarity, & Hotness

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 106-82 ats…56%
NBA 66-60 - NCAA 33-18 - Teasers 7-4 - Church League 69-0

At least during his weekends of bloody wildness, he has the right material to clean up the mess!

Seriously Vinnny, you are the ShamWow guy and hanging in Miami...hit the beach I grab a hottie you fool!

While the weekend provided me with more collegiate happiness than a back-up punter with sorority girls checking out the trophies in his room, the Nova & Spartan victories do not even come close to the highlight of the weekend. When The Smoking Gun released mug-shot photos of ShamWow Vinny & the hooker he beat-up for the vice-grip bite she put on his million dollar tongue, how does anybody get excited over some roundball action? And just like I’ve said in the past, why the hell do professional athletes & cult-figure icons need to pay for a relaxation therapist when there are hundreds of chicks willing to spread eagle for free for their famous asses. Bye-Bye Vinny, nice knowing ya…and nice job pissing away the crazy fortunes that were in your future!

I luv you Izzo, but please stop toying w/ the Zona thing...

...you're playing the media & MSU like a piano!

It is too bad Tommy Izzo is using the Arizona rumor to claim he’s underappreciated in East Lansing and allowing even the slightest bit of drama for his kids...which will probably result in an extension and more money for the little headmaster at MSU. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an awesome coach, I love their hardnosed style of play, and I appreciate he recruits kids that usually stick around, but this is the wrong time for this shiznit to be surfacing. While he may not have been able to prevent the leak of the Wildcat interest, he could have snuffed it out quickly instead of teasing the media with open-ended responses. If he wants more money or he truly wants to finish his career at Zona, that’s fine. But why not just say “This is not the time” and enable your kids to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience without these unnecessary headaches.

With that, let's hit my NBA ATS Play O The Day!
The Magic are flying high heading into the post-season!

And with another win tonight, Orlando becomes a little closer to looking down on the Celtics in the standings!

With the Magic currently just a ½ game behind Boston for the #2 seed, Ron Jeremy’s brother Stan has been emphasizing the importance of having home-court against the defending champs in Round Two. And the Magic have responded winning 12 of their last 14 and playing some of their best basketball of the season. On the flipside, GM LA Looks and his puppet Erik Spoelstra seem more concerned with entering the post-season with a healthy Dwayne Wade & Jermaine O’Neal and are sporting a .500 record over their last 12 games.

I have a feeling the Heat froncourt will be sweating now that Mr. Howard is in town!

As for tonight...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE

Just like Misa Campo makes me weak, Dwight makes Jermaine and Udonis weak in the knees!

As for tonight, the biggest defensive weakness for the Heat has been in the middle as Bad-Knee O’Neal has been forced to play out of position, while his back-ups are basically NBDL-quality (Jamaal Magloire & Joel Anthony). Throw-in the overworked Udonis Haslem & the undersized Michael Beasley leaving the paint to cover Rashard Lewis on the perimeter, and the Heat should have all kinds of trouble keeping the beast known as Dwight “Superfreak” Howard from controlling the frontcourt. In the backcourt, while D-Wade has been redonkulous all season, tonight he faces two defensive-minded ballers in Courtney Lee & Mickael Pietrus that also have the luxury of Mr. Howard sitting back and protecting the basket.

Just like my Homegirl Marisa...
...look for the Magic to put on a show in Miami!

And finally, don’t think this in-state rivalry doesn’t have some bragging rights for these two squads. Especially with the Magic playing the White Sox roll in Chicago the last few years, look for a rested Orlando squad to be juiced-up from the get-go and to keep putting the pressure on once they’re up. As a result…ORLANDO BY DOUBLE DIGITS

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