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Hump Day Handicapping & Friendly Faces

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 78-64 ats…55%
NBA 52-47 - NCAA 20-14 - Teasers 6-3 - Church League 69-0
Did you miss my undefeated ATS magic & hotties yesterday?

What a coincidence, the Utah cats helped me win last night, CP3's on my docket 2night, and who doesn't luv Bron-Bron!

So come on Fellaz...time to take a ride with Insideplays!

After Mr. Gamble finally had a 3-n-0 ATS day for you, and what do you know, no text messages or calls of luv? But no worries Homeboys, unlike Jay Cutler, I don't pout like TO. (Btw, even though he's acting like a frickin' baby, the Broncos are fools...here's why!) . Back to the world of Greggy G, while some may treat me like an NBAer after a stellar contract year or a veteran of the adult industry after a wild multi-group involved video, don’t bet on it Homeboys. Just like Billy Bob at a Keg Party, after last week, this week's a “PUKING RALLY!”

So Vegas is telling me the worst team in Hoops is gonna keep these three, off a loss, from rollin' by double-digits?

This one is gonna be short-n-sweet like the first time I was allowed to enter the Bat Cave without a hat. With the Hornets in the middle of a cluster-f*ck in the Western Conference, led by a Coach that doesn’t believe in saving his team for the playoffs, and some sick-azz matchups…this has 20-point blow-out written all over it.

Talk about picture perfect...with Utah & SA winning last night, the Hornets need to keep pace after the ATL-debacle!

CP3 & Co. looked awful opening up their road-trip in HotLanta and had a day off to steam about it. As for the match-ups, the best point guard on the planet against a well-traveled youngster named Jarvis & AARP Mike James…Tyson coming off a shitty night against the undersized & unathletic Mr. Songalia…what else u need? Oh yeah, and an awful team coming off an awful road-trip...HORNETS BLOWOUT

You know why she's so excited? She TOUCHED ME HERE for more NBA ATS Luv and plenty of friendly faces!

Ok, maybe I only have one pick, but trust me, it's a beauty!

I also like the Blazers catching Dirk’s undermanned squad on a back-2-back, without Josh "speed racing, cheeba smoking, America Hatin" Howard, against their fired-up & ridiculously hot youngsters at home…PORTLAND BY DOUBLE DIGITS

Just like Pam could have a tourney of bottom-feeders she's dated from the industry, 2night's contest is a cellar dweller playoff!

For a team already decimated by injuries, Randy Foye is out tonight leaving the Wolves with a bunch of scrubs on the wing...not counting Mike Miller, but let's just say he's not a defensive specialist when it comes to stoping A.J. Mayo & Rudy Gay. While the Grizz have been equally as bad lately, this is like a bottom-feeder playoff game and I can't see how they don't have a little pride tonight...GRIZZ BY 6-10 POINTS

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