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Hump Day Handicapping & Sports Banter

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 71-58 ats…55%
NBA 50-42 - NCAA 15-14 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
*Greggy G's 67% ATS overall & 100% in the NBA this week

Trust me Homeboys...he knows what he's doing!

Following-up my breakdown of the Jay Cutler fiasco and my belief that Thyme Rosenfels is a better option than Matt Cassell yesterday (not to mention the treat of another drunk-azz pic of Krazy Kyle),
I want to briefly slam the gridon-iron conspiracy theorists on the BS of:
“How the hell did KC get Cassell & Pro Bowl LBer Matt Vrabel for a 2nd round pick when other squads reportedly were offering a 1st round pick. Something's MFin fishy with those cheaters!"

Just like w/ NE, what's the point of paying a high price for a model when you can bargain shop for some hidden gems!

Think about this for a second. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Belichick & Co. always find gems in the NFL Draft no matter what the round. And when comparing the talent in the middle of the 1st (Denver’s reported offer) & the early 2nd they received from KC, I’m guessing the Pats believed the difference in talent was much smaller than the price-tag difference of signing a 1st rounder. In addition, trading a former 7th rounder (Cassell) & a smart, but aging & pricey LBer (dime a dozen), New England frees-up almost 20 M to upgrade in FA and gives themselves flexibility on draft day…not to mention the luxury of turning Denver into a MFin soap-opera! Now that's what I call organizational big-pimpin'!

With that, let's hit-up some NBA ATS Magic!
The crazy white-boys in Utah have been all smiles of late!

Considering both team are hotter than Jessica Alba in a yellow two-piece, I know this number seems higher than Snoop Doog on a purple plane, but have you seen the Rockets travel schedule of late? Tonight will be their fourth game in five nights, but more significantly, they’ve been all over the map and will be participating in the dreaded one-day at home before heading to Utah on a back-to-back. As for the particulars, after facing LeBron in Houston Thursday, Ming & Co. played in cold-azz Chicago & Minnesota this past Saturday & Sunday, before briefly heading home for a tilt with Toronto last night.

Houston's more worn-out than a pair of ole jean shorts!

Speaking of Jazz, nobody in the NBA enjoys playing Sloan’s hard-nosed squad in-front of those Salt Lake-crazies, especially with everybody finally healthy (AK-47, Boozer, & Harpring) and D-Will playing at a MVP level. And tonight,Williams will have the luxury of using his strength to push the newly anointed & tiny starting point Aaron Brooks into the paint all night. Especially with a tired Yao forced to guard the red-hot Mehmet Okur on the perimeter (last 5 gms: 21 ppg, 12-15 from three), the well-rested Boozer & AK-47 paired with the energetic play of Paul Milsap underneath, and the recent emergence of Ronnie Brewer (last 5 gms: 21 ppg, 6 rpg) & Aston Korver (last 5 gms: 11-21 from deep), I expect the Jazz to easily roll against the tired & bruised bodies from Houston...UTAH BY 14-20 POINTS

While he's not playing tonight, what a pick-up for the Spurs...and I guarantee he'll look even smoother unda Pops!

Besides clutch shooting & not getting beaten by Joumana, J-Kidd's biggest struggle is defending quick point guards. As a result, Jason Terry, rusty from missing more than month and never known for his lockdown D, will be forced to slow one of the hottest ballers in the Association...Tony MFin Longoria (last 5 gms: 26 ppg, 8 apg). Throw-in a well-rested Timmy D against a frontcourt that's never had an answer, the room Tony & he will have with Bonner (49-3pt%), Mason (43-3pt%), & Finley (40-3pt%) spacing the floor, and a showcase on ESPN, and I expect to see the Spurs look sharp against the Mavs shaky D.

After what happened in Oklahoma City & the public scolding from Cuban, the Mavs don't want to show their face 2night!

Speaking of Dallas, with the playoffs on the line and the lowly-Thunder playing without Kevin Durant & Jeff Green, how bad is the Maverick-psyche after they were crushed by some rookies & NBA-vagabonds. Throw-in the fact that their only talented wing (Josh "Smokey Speed-Racer Hatin' America" Howard) left Monday's contest after reaggravating an ankle injury, and this has the makings of an easy Spurs victory...SAN ANTONIO BY 10-16 POINTS

I thought Del Harris was supposed to spend his energy helping rookie headmaster Vinny Del Scott Baio?

TOUCH ME HERE for my kick-azz breakdown & MORE HOTTIES

Just like the Bulls and Warriors, some girls in life toe the line of super sexy and super scary!

I know I sound biased, but nobody in the league is harder to watch than the MFin Bullies right now. Led by a coach that should've just enjoying life after Charles In Charge, I’ve never seen a group of players that have never won anything at this level, especially a rookie, openly criticize the coach's in-game play calls & match-ups more than this underachieving a crew. And last night, after getting blow-out by a Bobcats team they desperately needed to beat to keep pace in the standings, I'm guessing they're not looking forward to the reception and media criticism they'll be receiving back home 2night.

Even not knowing who Donnie will be sitting tonight, GST is so deep it shouldn't MFin matter against the Bullies!

On the flipside, once again Don Nelson has infuriated his squad with his crazy antics (deciding to bench one veteran starter every game to play the youngsters), but all the drama aside, if you look at that roster it’s loaded with talent perfect for Nellie-ball. And last night, the ballers from the Bay took out their frustration in Minnesota and blew-out a hapless-Wolvers with flawless ball rotation and aggression at both ends. And while you always have to worry about a Warrior night-off, I actually believe Nellie’s magic has the boys playing on edge and with a chip on their shoulder. As a result, and because I frickin’ hate the Bulls right now, I’m breaking out my Golden State Zubaz and rolling with S-Jax & Chicago-native Corey Maggette tonight...WARRIORS IN AN UPSET

While some struggle to see the Association clearly...
...I have the ability to view things through the haze!

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