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Lovely Ladies, Hoops Picks, & Pigskin Love

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Picks: 70-57 ats…55%
NBA 49-42 - NCAA 15-13 - Teasers 6-2 - Church League 69-0
*Greggy G's opened the week 100% ATS so far...WANT 2 C WHY?

Hey Denver, how about we give you Kyle, this chick, and our 1st rd. pick for the 25 year-old you think is nuttin' special?

Is the Bronco Brass Sippin' on Paris Hilton’s-Smart Sauce?
For all the talk Jay Cutler’s a prima donna and acted like a cry-baby when information surfaced he was being shopped, does he really sound much different than most upper-echelon signal-callers. I mean Dan Marino’s panties still get in a bunch when Boomer correctly claims Danny can’t be compared to the all-time greats because he didn’t win a Super Bowl. I know you’re probably laughing when I use Marino & Cutler in comparison, but the 6-3 rollout-wiz has already put himself in an elite class of QBs with his stats over his first three seasons.

While I agree he threw too many picks this year, just like...

...Jenn Thomas, I think Jay's future is extremely bright!

In addition, Cutler's shown solid improvement in almost every statistical category w/ the exception of INTs. But considering he’s always played w/ an awful defense usually full of former Browns cast-offs, plenty of those were because he was playing catch-up…not to mention his undersized line was masterful at run-blocking, but couldn't keep the pocket from caving versus a pass rush. As for the ridiculous media criticism talking about Cutler needing a pacifier when compared to players like Derrick Brooks not complaining about being cut...are you frickin’ serious! Brooks & Jason Taylor are AARP vets trying to hang-on, while the Broncos totally blindsided their 25 year-old up-n-comer (btw, Misty Rain was phenomenal in in Up and Cummers 26) and he’s getting roasted for telling the Denver Post “I’m upset. I mean, I’m really shocked at this point!”…what the f*ck did you expect him to say?!

While Cassell may be the perfect boy to bring home to Dad...

...like Cutler, it's more fun to sneak home the wild ones!

While I’m not saying the kid from Vandy doesn’t act like a douche-bag at times, but if anything, it’s because he has some superstar confidence & watched plenty of his idols do the same. As for who Denver wanted to replace him with, taking nothing away from Matt Cassell’s solid relief performance last year, I’m amazed how many teams are convinced he’s going to duplicate those feats away from the Patriot-genius and with the added pressure of being the man. Even when Brady went down, nobody expected Cassell to succeed, which made things easy for the former Trojan…who also had the luxury of learning an offense and & scheme from Mr. Bundchen. Call me crazy, but for a third of the price, I'll take the kid Minny traded for...Sage MFin Rosenfels. While Mr. Cassell may prove me wrong, mark my words…he’s going to be a huge disappointment in KC.

Btw, before hitting up my ATS picks, did you check out the new IP.com guru, Otis Van Style, breaking down some fantasy baseball?
Because of knee surgeries, Fr. phenom Delvon Roe needed time to work back into form...but now, he's ready to roll!

After an emotional victory against the Illini Sunday, most gambling gurus would tell you tonight’s trip to Assembly Hall against the last place Hoosiers is a trap game for the Spartans. But unlike the norm, this ATS-wizard will tell you (23-5,13-3) Michigan St. finally seems to be clicking on all cylinders and Coach Izzo knows his overachieving squad needs to continue to gain momentum with tournament play on the horizon. Also, it’s been ten years since Izzo won the Big Ten regular season title outright, and with two more wins, the feisty-shorty can have those bragging rights again. Throw-in the improving stamina of 6-8 Jr. Raymar Morgan (walking phenomena) and the development of 6-8 Fr. Delvon Roe (last 5 gms: 10 ppg, 7 rpg, 62-fg%) in his absence, and this deep squad has the makings of a Final Four squad.

In my opinion, you need plenty of backside to finish strong in the Big Ten...and the Spartans have plenty of dat!

Watching them basically control Illinois from start to finish Sunday, the biggest development in the Spartans play has been their overall defensive intensity & execution. While they’ve always been a beast on the glass & active defending the perimeter, the State is denying the ball better then ever and forcing their opponents to catch the ball in uncomfortable spots. And tonight, with an extremely young Hoosier squad that does not handle the rock or rebound well, I have a feeling Izzo will be stressing to his kids they should be able to dominate every possession.

The past year for the Hoosiers & Britany has been disastrous!

Speaking of the (6-22, 1-15) disaster that is the post-Kelvin Sampson Era, Indiana actually played well Saturday before losing by three at Penn State. While some believe that means they’re turning the corner, I believe the extremely short & sloppy squad believes they missed their finally opportunity for a win with MST and trip to Madison left on the docket. I could go into more detail, but the Hoosiers lost to the Spartans by 28 earlier this year and Izzo’s squad wasn’t playing nearly as efficiently as they are now…MICHIGAN STATE BY 20-25 PTS

With Allen out, Rip & Rasheed are finally having fun again!

I told you last week the Pistons would be a better team if A.I. was not on the roster...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE INFO & HOTTIES

Just like this lil thread, Iverson is a lil man that can manage to get in the way of all the good stuff!

I told you last week the Pistons would be a better team if A.I. was not on the roster. For a team that has thrived over the years with a motion offense and off-ball screens, watching Iverson dribble one-on-one before taking a bad shot or dumping the ball off as the shot-clock expired was driving this veteran squad insane. Throw-in the fact that Rodney Stuckey’s playmaking and open-court talents were becoming completely wasted, and a back-injury to The Answer might be the best thing that ever happened to Mr. Dumars this season.

If she's sporting some Detroit blue...that has to be a sign!

Since the former Sixer star went down, Detroit almost pulled off a road win against CP3 & David West before winning convincingly in Orlando & Boston. And if you follow the media in Mo-Town, everybody knows why the Pistons have regained their mojo so expect the home-crowd to be rocking with visions of 2004 back in their head

The Pistons should be as good as gold with Melo out!

As for their opponent, the always volatile Nuggets have last three of their last five and will be playing without Carmelo tonight. Melo was suspended after ignoring Coach Karl's request to replace him during Denver's loss at Indiana Sunday. While Billups finally makes his return to the Motor City and should receive an unbelievable ovation, I have a feeling the emotions could sap some of the energy from the veteran point who’s been playing heavy minutes all season (last 5 games: 38.2 mpg). Throw-in a banged-up frontcourt for the Nuggs (Nene & K-Mart), and if DET can get things rollin' early, I have a feeling we'll see another easy win for the former Champs…PISTONS BY 10-15 PTS

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