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Welcome to Saturday Banter with Teasin' T-Bone, and if you didn't get a chance to witness Greggy G's TO prediction yesterday, just CLICK HERE and it is all yours. As for me, I think it is about time that we let out a little secret to all owners of pro sports teams....
Unlike 2PAC that lived the thug life, AI just lives the selfish life!

You can have all the friggin' goodies in the goodie bag, but if you ain't willing to share, you deserve to be sitting by yourself wondering what could have been! I think we can jump in our Delorian and go back in time to take a look at selfish pro sports players that have way more talent than anyone else, yet prove to be cancer to the organization, but the two that are most recent are TO and AI.
Jarah Mariono, a team player in my book.

Both of these players have bounced around to several teams, have proven that they only care for themselves, create drama in the media and the locker room, and magically don't have any rings to speak of. Yet we still have owners that somehow look through all of that because of their talent level. How can that be? I sure would think that if you are an owner, you have to have some success at being a business owner, so why do they all of a sudden get dumb when it comes to sports?
Even the extremely head strong Jones could only handle a few years of TO!

I truly believe that it all comes down to most of these owners being extremely head strong. For whatever reason, they feel like they can be that magic person on the planet that can change who these cry babies actually are. But put your ear close to the screen cuz I have a secret for ya....IT'S WHO THEY ARE, YOU CAN'T CHANGE THEM, NO ONE CAN CHANGE THEM!! It's like trying to ask a rock to be a fish, it doesn't work. With all that being said, I don't think it is a surprise to you when I say that both of these guys should be unsigned, sitting on their couches at the begginning of their next season. No matter how much they say they want to help the team win, it won't happen because of who they are....internally. And let that lead into my pick of the day....

Tough to hide perfection, did I mention I am 9-2 in the NBA?

For the loyal IP fanatics that have followed my weekend love, you already know that I'm sitting at an immaculate 9-2 record with the boys in the Association, and I see another early morning line that makes me smile like Wall Street actually produced a positive day!

Detroit Pistons +3 @ Atlanta Hawks

Without AI, the forever stable Pistons have gone 4-0, including wins on the road against Orlando and Boston. With the absolute pounding of Golden State last night, it became very apparent that Coach Curry is letting these guys go and they are finally having a blast again. I don't see how the Hawks can hang tonight, especially coming off a road loss last night. A team like the Pistons that is rolling doesn't care much if they played last night, minutes are being shared and winning legs equal fresh legs. Pistons win outright!
Assume the position and play with balls, Gamecock style!


South Carolina teased to -1 @ Georgia
Seton Hall @ Cincinnati teased to -2.5

It's the Gamecocks and the ex-Huggy Bears, do ya need more?

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