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Whether it is Beer Pong or Bowling, make sure it meets Teasin' T-Bone's Sunday Funday approval list!

It's Sunday Funday and I just realized I have to walk to the liquor store in my PJ pants to pick up my Alize from the Orlando Magic winna from yesterday. But I don't mind wearing my Kansas City Chiefs Zubas with a pocket-full of lettuce cause it draws some double takes from the non-penile gender. Since we are talking about my beloved Chiefs, I loved the news about Cassell. Although this won't turn them into a playoff contender next year, it does show me that the new management team understands the importance of having a leader in the QB position. And quite honestly, I'd have to say that Joe Montana is the last QB leader they had, too bad he was on his retirement tour while in KC.
A leader is a leader, I don't care what color he is wearing...

The only thing that could make me happier for the Chiefs is if I see them pick up a couple young but solid offensive lineman and one all star wideout. If they don't do that soon, we will all find a highly paid Cassell all dinged up by mid-season and scared to drop back and throw more than a 5 yard slant. So lets all grab a 40 of OE today, screw off the cap, throw it over your shoulder, pour out a little for Derrick Thomas(the best Chief ever in my book), and dump the rest down your throat in anticipation of the football season that is still unfortunately 5 months away.
Back to the NBA, where the Mavs will look flawless!

As for my pick of the day, I'm going to stick in the NBA since it has paid out for me 80% of the time this year.

Toronto Raptors @ Dallas Mavericks -6

I agree with all Raptor fans that the addition of Shawn Marion is exciting and will open up the lane for Chris Bosh, but as we see with any mid-season acquisition, it just takes some time for everyone to get used to each other. Add that onto the fact that Toronto is the second worst team in the East, then consider that Dallas is fighting for a playoff spot, then multiply that answer by 9, cuz the Mavs have won 9 of 10 against the Raptors, then top it all off with the Mavs being at home. What you end up with is a number that is a number, but a million reasons why Dallas takes this one without breaking a sweat.
Keep it light fellas, looks like there might be some other things to tend to today as well!

Posted by Greg Gamble on March 1, 2009 5:34 AM |


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