GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 110-87 ats…56%
NBA 69-64 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Before we hit-up some diamond notes and NBA ATS...
...tell me it wouldn't be fun following the this cat in Chicago!

I know he might be looking at a short stint in the clink, but sitting & thinking bout his career may be a good thing!

I said it the day he shot himself in his glorified Zubaz, Chicago needs to sign Plaxico. And I don't give a ratz-azz if 95% of Bear Nation hates him, he's the missing piece we need. Even if he's in the slammer and misses or is suspended for a few, Plax is one of the best WRs in the game & can be had for somewhat cheap. And as I've told ya before, nothing's better than grabbing a star after a major f*ck-up.

With Cutler's arm strength and Plax's redzone & downfield domiance, I don't see how they could be stopped!

Because just like with tank-tops, in football, size matters!

Sure he'll eventually resort to his old idiotic behaviors, but I guarantee he plays the changed man card for at least a couple years. And in my opinion, Burress isn't a Pac-Man Jones-type of delinquent, he's a pheom that gets lazy & problematic when success starts to feed his ego. And now, he's just hoping to regain his financial status and prove he's not a 9 to 5 punk. So like Daisy Marie in Mamacita 7, blow my mind again GM Jerry and give Mr. Cutler the superstar he needs!

As for opening day for the Cubbies (they'll win 100 games)...
...with the report that Soriano actually worked out this off-season, I have a feeling he's gonna have a monster year & won't have those nagging injuries keeping him on the shelf!

And w/ a weak division, no need to worry bout anything more than beer-n-hotties at Wrigley this season...but be sure to save ur lucky hat for the playoffs Homeboys!

As for their new closer Kevin Gregg, how cool is it that...
...he starred in the best movie of all-time Starship Troopers!

As for the red-headed stepchild of Chicago baseball...
...I hate to say it as a Camaro drivng, smokes rolled in the wife-beater Southsider, the Twins are winning the division.

Because rumor has it, Mr. Crede's incorporated a new stretching regiment that has him swinging & fielding like old!

While the sexy pick by the diamond gurus is The Tribe, unless Joe Mauer's back-injury lingers through most of season, I expect Gardy & his underrated staff to edge out Chicago. And trust me, Joe Crede's healthy and will have a huge year in Minny, which will lead to plenty of Sox fans bashing Josh Fields for his sloppy play at third and ridiculous strike-out totals. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see how Jose & Bartolo are the saviors that sneak us into the playoffs.

With dat, time to get back on the ATS win-streak!
While Roy gets most of the hype, Aldridge has been the silent assassin of late (last 5 gms: 26 ppg, 10 rpg, 58-fg%)

The Trailblazers are only a half game from home-court in the first round...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE INFO & HOTTIES

Wading through all the games in the Association tonight, the Blazers jumped off the page at me like my girl Bar!

The Trailblazers are only a half game from home-court in the first round, just a game from the the Manu-less #3 seed Spurs, and are coming off an embarrassing 14-point road-loss in Houston. As a result, they'll absolutely destroy a Grizz squad that's finally started to win, but overdue for their typical Memphis misery. As for the sizzling LaMarcus, considering the Grizz are weak at PF, look for the lanky scorer to fill-up the stat sheet and help PORTLAND WIN BY DOUBLE DIGITS!

And sorry about my Unda play last night fellas...
...but the Tar Heels were sweeter than Jennifer in pink last night!

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