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Final Four Teaser Luv & NBA Sweetness

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 109-85 ats…56%
NBA 69-63 - NCAA 33-18 - Teasers 7-4 - Church League 69-0
BTW, did you miss my banter on JC being a Bear...Touch Me Here

While I've spent time telling you the other frontcourt cats for UNC are the difference tonight (not to mention the NBA's so-called gurus continue to hate on Tyler like Mox's coach in Varsity Blues), trust me...he'll dominate the Final Four Fellas!

Nevermind, I thought Misa's last name was "Camp"and was gonna say I'm in Tyler's Camp, but it's actually "Campo".

Call me a coward for not taking the Tar Heels straight-up on today's post, but I've been teasing UNC down all week and I'm doing it again today. As for the Izzinator vs Coach Shaddyville contest, I'd love to say my Wizzanator filled balls took the Spartans, but that's like trying to convince yourself you can steal a ham sandwich from Kirstie Alley. So instead, I'm giving you my Sexy Saturday Teaser Spectacular!

Unlike Jessica, nobody knows Mr. Thompson's face!

So if u don't know Deon's mug by now. trust me, he's the cat doing the dirty work giving Insideplays Nation a nice cover!

Since I already spent plenty of energy Monday telling you why I luv the Heels tonight...not to mention matched some lovely ladies with the reasons, I'm just gonna tell you the Nova dream ends tonight...and it ends by more than 5...ROY WILL BY 7-13 PTS

As for what to tease it with...
...While RIP won't say it, he's happy Iverson is gone!

So Just like Tiffany, Detroit will be relaxed knowing The Answer will no longer be stealing the rock & the headlines!

What do you know, Greggy G writes about one of his all-time favorites acting like a BEEATCH, and the next thing you know he's out for the season. Honestly, just like what happened when Ronny Mexico's dog fiasco drama was out of the Falcon's sights, the Pistons are gonna roll from here on out with the behind-the-scenes headaches finally out of the way. Throw-in that Philly's best player the last two months is on the training table (Thad Young) and Detroit City desperately needs a win, and I expect any easy victory for Sheed & Co

So like Jennifer, put on your favorite scarf...

...chill on your knees, and enjoy the Final Four Fellas!

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