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Bears Banter, ATS Handicapping, & Ladies

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 108-84 ats…56%
NBA 68-62 - NCAA 33-18 - Teasers 7-4 - Church League 69-0
What do you know, I begged for Jay, & Jerry came through!

After years of questionable calls, GM Jerry Angelo made the moves to help me forget about things like Ced Benson!

And I don't care if the gurus think Denver took his shirt in the process...cause that's not always a bad thing!

Driving home from the vet after getting my White Tiger his regular shots, I almost drove my Bentley into a ditch when I heard Jay “Diva” Cutler (JC) was now a Chicago Bear. Throw-in the signing of Orlando Pace and I never thought I’d say it, but you’re the MFin man GM Jerry Angelo. While I knew the NFC was the only place he'd end-up (as I told ya yesterday), the Bears have never made a move like this. After 20 years of mediocrity under center, we finally have a franchise QB and I don’t give a rats-azz if he’s more sensitive than Curt Shilling, Mayor Daley, & Jennifer Love Hewitt combined. Especially after all the shiznit he’s been getting over this fiasco, I expect the Vandy star to bring his game and leadership to another level once in uniform.

While Cutler doesn't have the plethora of candid bar shots that Krazy Kyle had (and who does), at least I found one!

But honestly, I don't care if he's more of a Diva than a partier cause they both have a place in the Greggy G World!

As for the Bears giving-up too much, besides a beautiful neck-beard & some high draft picks that Jerry usually gets too nervous about anyway,it's a steal in my book. Especially considering Chicago was probably grabbing an O-Line with their 1st pick, I’ll take a hopefully healthy Hall of Famer looking to prove he’s still a dominate Left Tackle. And considering Angelo always seems to have more luck as the draft wears on, I’m guessing he’ll do just fine with our middle & late round picks.

Waking up I couldn't believe it either Bianca. How the hell do Da Bears suddenly have a HOF tackle & franchise QB?

And If he's healthy, he's still a frickin monster with skills

But just like the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network to rain on my panty parade, I heard more comments about the dire situation Cutler enters because of our WRs & O-Line. Up front, I actually believe last year’s 1st round pick Chris Williams benefited from a year learning on the sideline, not to mention actually played with Cutler for a couple years in college, and now moves to much easier spot on the right side with Pace on board. Throw-in the bad-azz Olin Kreutz, a couple under the radar options at guard, and a feature back to take the pressure off the passing game, and I’m guessing the mobile JC will be look just fine.

While they didn't perform as well as these two, let's not...

...forget Cutler & Bennett spent two years at Vandy together!

As for Cutler’s receiving options, the Bears might have the best trio of pass-catching TEs in the league w/ Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, & 6-7 Kellen Davis. At WR, while Devin Hester only ran two or three routes last year, I have to admit he played better than expected and should only get better. And how about last year’s third round pick Earl Bennett, the SEC’s all-time leading receiver and a two-year teammate of Cutler's at Vandy, I expect to see him surprise everybody and to be a vast improvement over Rashied “I dropped it again?” Davis. While we still need a few more playmakers, I think I have few bargain FAs ideas that could make this a decent core for JC's first year…

Don't blame RC for an awful year w/ JaMarcus Bust Russell!

And unlike our friend, Ronald can't be covered this easily!

RONALD CURRY 6-2 210 29 years old Raiders
The former college QB and PG for the Tar Heels made an impressive transition to WR before two devastating knee/Achilles injuries early in his career. But miraculously, he bounced back and paired his flawless work ethic with solid skills to catch 117 balls the following two seasons for a horrible Oakland squad. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you’re the Bears finance director, the soap-opera that was the Raiders last year combined with a horrific performance from their accuracy challenged QB produced only 19 catches for Curry. Trust me Homeboys, a change of scenery and a Pro Bowl QB would give the sure-handed vet a chance to regain his moxy and finally utilize his underrated physical tools.

Other notable wide-outs receiving Greg Gamble FA votes:
LIL LANCE MOORE (79 catches 10 TDs last year with NO)
MARK “Don't Call Me Duper” CLAYTON (65 catches w/ BALT)

With dat, time to temper my excitment & hit-up the NBA!
And tonight, we have a match-up with two of the best young ballers on the planet, and...

...these two trying to stop an angry Timmy D, and...

...more bikinis, so TOUCH ME HERE FOR THE LUV FELLAS!

Unlike looking past this to see the ocean, the Cavs kind of looked past the Bullets with Orlando on the horizon!

While I told you the Wiz would cover double-digits yesterday as King James & Co. were playing a trap game with the Magic tilt today, I will admit I was pretty surprised they were able to end the Cavs massive win-streak…which means Cleveland comes out with even more fire tonight as Bron-Bron looks to bounce back from a loss in Orlando earlier in the year...CAVS WIN BY 5-10 PTS

Just like Mr. Duncan, you'd be all smiles too if you were wearing Spur colors knowing Murphy & Hibbert were checking you!

The Spurs keep losing ground in the standings, the players keep talking about how awful they are, and Pops is playing mind games telling the media certain players need to step up…which means SA and the Lethal Weapon Three dominate a Pacers squad just playing out the season. I know Indy has played well of late, but honestly, it’s because no one is taking them seriously. And tonight, their catching the desperate former Champions looking to regain their moxy…not to mention a rookie named Roy and white-kid from Notre Dame are in charge of stopping Timmy D…SPURS BY 8-14 PTS

Just like my friend Misa here...
...I think we can cover these two easily...Have a great weekend!

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