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GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 125-96 ats…57%
NBA 84-73 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0
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While Paulie's had his momments, Johnny's been on his azz from start to finish!

...speaking of azz, I luv her outfit!

After a poor performance from Salmons & a missed FT from Brad Miller Tuesday, I was a amazed how many fans were screaming for the former Kings sharp-shooter to stop casting and for Vinny to use Tyrus instead of Mr. Miller in the 4th. While I’m not saying they're headed to the HOF, they are the reason the Bulls made the playoffs and are consistently in every game. Sure Miller looks slower than Paul Konerko at times, but his ability to space the floor and keep a big out of the paint is the main reason Rose has averaged 20 ppg this series. As for Salmons, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but he might be the most underrated wing player in the Association. And while Gordon has been lauded for playing through a recent hamstring injury, Johnny's the one that’s been fighting a groin injury for more than a month & actually playing some defense at the other end.

While 90% of the world can't stand his azz, I actually think he's a funny cat that brings great energy to the hardwood!

...speaking of azz...that's not always a bad thing!

And last but certainly not least, the most hated Bull in Chicago since Brad Sellers has suddenly turned from a spastic punk to a passionate lunchpale baller! And while I’m sure most of you will call me a bandwagoner-jumper on Mr. Noah, I’ve always thought he does more good than harm on the floor and has consistently gotten better at protecting the paint, rebounding the rock, and using his emotions as an asset not a liability. As for the Celts, their superstar is tired, their frontcourt is slow, and Rondo looks a lil shaky after the Miller face-snag & Hinrich scuffle…which means Chicago is advancing and sending the Defending Champs to an early vacation. And while I’ve always loved KG, for the first time in my life he’s started to annoy me more than Blagojevich in front of a camera or Asia Carrera when she decided she would no longer give hummers for our viewing pleasure.

I can only think of a few things bigger than my handicapping success this week...too bad I won't tell you what they are!

As I told you on Monday, this ATS week was gonna be easier than duping Travis Henry & Jason Caffey into not wearing a hat so you can have their money! And minus an OT unda-loss that kept me from an undefeated week thus far, I can’t feel too bad about only winning you guys three of four this week, As for tonight…

Especially now that Jamario Moon is out, the Heat don't have the athletes to stop the highflying Hawks!

...speaking of athletes, I bet she works out!

The casual roundball fan doesn’t understand that the loss of Jamario Moon (sports hernia) is bigger than Old Country Buffet’s profit the day Kristie Alley dines in. While most couldn’t pick Mr. Moon out of a crowd...TOUCH ME HERE FOR MORE INFO & BABES

That's right Homeboys...Shhh, don't you dare tell Vegas we already know the outcome of this one tonight!

The casual roundball fan doesn’t understand that the loss of Jamario Moon (sports hernia) is bigger than Old Country Buffet’s profit the day Kristie Alley dines in. While most couldn’t pick Mr. Moon out of a crowd of 6-8 cats, the lanky 28 year-old SF is a great wing defender and provides plenty of intangibles (shot-blocking & rebound) that can’t be replaced by the likes of James “I just shoot threes” Jones. Throw-in that Miami’s superstar is banged-up and probably won’t be using too much energy on the defensive end, and I expect the athletic wings for HotLanta to have a field day in South Beach. While Al Horford (and Marvin Williams again) will be out tonight for the Hawks, I don't think that matters as much because Zaza Pachulia is better then advertised and should hold his own.

Just like Gemma, I might just chill in my undies and watch another ATS victory from my couch!

On Hump Day, the Hawks bitch-slapped the Heat as D-Wade looked like he was ready to be carried off in wheelchair again. And while I know he’ll somehow find the energy to make a few plays tonight, with a rookie point and a low-post threat that just doesn’t have much left in those knees (Jermaine O’Neal), I expect to see the Joe Johnson & Co. to have an easier then expected time closing out tonight’s series…HAWKS BY 6-12 POINTS

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