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NBA Regular Season ATS Finale & Hotties

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 115-90 ats…56%
NBA 74-67 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Scottie's back Homeboys...and I'm guessing he'll do a lil better than D-Wise and Brian Anderson!

And while I have no idea if Lisa Dergan's still w/ Pods after his star faded faster than Lohan's after Herbie Fully-Loaded, once u marry a Playmate ur always cool in my book!

Before we hit-up my favorite ATS day of the year (aka the NBA tank & empty the bench regular season finale), I have to say I luv GM Kenny Williams decision to sign Scottie Dergan-Podsednik. While struggling with groin/hamsting injuries since his stardom during the Southsiders World Series Championship, he was serviceable last season for the Rockies in 93 games putting up a .322 OBP and swiping 12 bases and probably still has something left in the tank. Especially considering Ozzie doesn't really have a lead-off hitter and needs another lefty stick, don't be surprised to see 33 year-old up by next month. And trust me, what better way to gain some confidence than walking up to a standing ovation on his first trip to the dish at U.S. Comiskular.

I'm guessing Mr. Mayo puts up at least 30 as he reminds us who the most underrated rookie in the NBA is!

Just like Tila never got the respect from the Academy cause of MTV, O.J. didn't get much pub cause of the Grizz!

*BTW, all lines are a guess as Vegas hasn't opened the book
Not many teams in the Association have been more entrenched in their playoff spot than the ATL. And last night, while resting most of their starters against a Heat team resting just about everybody, they beat their playoff opponent winning an emotional two-point victory with their weak-azz bench...which means they have no interest in heading to Memphis to play in-front of six people with the playoffs on the horizon. As for the young Grizz, trust me, this organization desperately wants to end this season on somewhat of a high note. And as a result, Mayo, Gayo, & Conly run wild on the undermanned Hawks for a double digit victory...GRIZZ BY 12-16 PTS

Mr. Ming always puts a hurting on the Mavs!

Because just like our friend

Besides the fact that the Rockets are my sleeper to challenge the LakeShow in the West and one of the hottest teams in the Association, Yao Ming & Co. can grab the #2 seed with a victory and a Nugget loss. As for Dallas, they've spent a ton of energy over the last few weeks just to get-in and move-up in the standings, so I expect to see the Rockets easily handle a tired Mavericks squad as they continue to ride their recent momentum...ROCKETS BY 6-12 PTS

Just like her look, with a team trying to save their coach I'm guessing you'll see the some passion from NJ tonight!

As for why Vinsanity in New York reminds me of an Hot Asian on a countertop...TOUCH ME HERE FOR THE SCOOP FELLAS!

Just like her luv in the kitchen is somewhat unexpected, watch the Nets suprise you with their finale in the Garden!

While most teams out of the playoffs could give a flying f*ck about the season finale, the Nets are playing in the Garden against their neighboring rival. Especially with Coach Lawrence Frank (beloved by the players) possibly coaching his last game as a Net, I expect to Jersey play with some playoff passion tonight. And if you haven't noticed, the Nets just brought Devin Harris back from injury, Brook Lopez is playing like a beast, and Vinsanity never seems to play too shabby in Gotham...NETS BY 6-12 PTS

And hopefully, after taking these three gems you'll...
...be sleeping easier than our lil Flintstone friend tonight!

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