GREG GAMBLE’S 2008-09 HARDWOOD Luv: 122-96 ats…56%
NBA 81-73 - NCAA 33-19 - Teasers 8-4 - Church League 69-0

Just like our friend Joanna here, the Bears know...

...great talent can come in a small package!

While the vibe around Chi-town & ESPN regarding GM Jerry Angelo’s selections focused on the crazy athleticism & size of 3rd Round DT Jarron Gilbert (San Jose St.). and the potential immediate impact of Sooners WR Juaquin Iglesias (3rd Round), the selection of the lil playmaking CB from Vandy, D.J. Moore, was the highlight of my Bears draft. Of course I’ll admit Gilbert’s crazy pool jumping feat is redonkulous and grabbing three WRs was an absolute necessity, but with Peanut Tillman & Nathan Vasher already starting to look a step slower, I love the aggressive move to grab the 5-9 192 lb ballhawk in the 4th Rd...especially one with 12 Ints over the last two years!

Just like my facial expression when I saw our friend here without much attire on the highway...

...GM Jerry Angelo made the same face when he saw D.J. Moore still on the board when pick #119 came up!

Moore was so valuable to the Commodores last year he even carried the rock on offense 9 times for 76 yards, caught seven balls for 143 yrds & two TDs, and was their return specialist on both kickoffs & punts. Throw-in that he’s an honor student, has a great pigskin IQ, and is a coach’s dream by all accounts, don’t be surprised to see D.J. finding his way onto the field with regularity by his second season. Especially with the size of the Bears current corners, Moore adds a new dimensional to Lovie’s D and could turn into a phenomenal nickelback with his knack for always finding his way to football.

As for the Bulls game Sunday...
While D-Rose, Ben, & Kirk put a smile on my face that could only be topped by Miranda ringing my doorbell...

...can anyone else believe how crazy it was that Doc actually had to play Mr. Scalabrine heavy minutes in a Playoff game!

As for one of the most exciting Bulls games since…well, I guess Game One & Two in Boston, it’s amazing to me how many people can’t believe Vinny Del Scott Baio’s team actually has a chance to win this series. While the Bulls have the most exciting offensive backcourt since Spud Webb & Mitch Richmond in Sac-town, the amazing thing is for once they actually have an advantage in the frontcourt. Especially once Perkins was in foul trouble, T-Time, Noah, & Miller had the luxury of banging with the undersized & overweight Big Baby, the Michael Rapaport looking Scalabrine, and the NBDL-skilled Mikki Moore. And while the Chicago diehards will tell you they still have Shuttlesworth and the oddley-shaped Paulie, without KG manning the middle, Leon Powe’s aggression around the bucket, & Posey’s attitude off-the-bench, this team might be the worst defensive team left in the Playoffs. Call me a hater if you’d like, but no matter how much fun this series has been, I’m more entertained than impressed.

With that...time for some NBA Postseason ATS!
It's really amazing how Chauncey's personality has changed Melo & the rest of the crew into playoff winners!

Which means I'll gladly take the points and relax while watching a Nugget victory tonight!
Btw, I used this pic because of the "plus" sign on the right!

While the Hornets pulled-off an emotional two-point victory at home this weekend, after the Nuggets combined to outscore Byron Scott’s crew by 44 points in Game One & Two, don’t you think there’s a chance Denver didn’t bring the same swagger and New Orleans came out with some desperation. I know CP3 is one of the toughest match-ups in the league, but with Peja a shell of his former self, Tyson still out-of-sync, Posey hobbled, and huge minutes off their short bench from the 33-year old New Zealander Sean Marks, I just don’t see how the Hornets have the fire-power to keep up.

After the Nugget starters get rolling, how nice is it to have these two cats coming off the bench?!

That's like buying a kick-azz car and the dealer throwing in these two for the drive home!

Chris Paul & David West basically run a pick-n-roll show all night, and while I love those cats...TOUCH ME HERE

With all the work CP3 & West need to do just to keep pace, look for the waterboy to be dousing those two all-night!

Chris Paul & David West basically run a pick-n-roll show all night, and while I love those cats, they seem drained from a long season and frustrated with the lack of help. Throw-in the impressive job Coach Karl has done switching-up his defensive rotations and utilizing his high-octane scoring punch from the bench (J.R. Smith, Linas Kleiza, & Chris Anderson), not to mention Peja’s inability to stay with Carmelo, and I expect the Chauncey-led Nuggets to simply outscore the Hornets on their way to an easy victory…NUGGETS BY 6-12 PTS

Hold on tight Homeboys & Girls cause...
...I have a feeling this could be a fun ATS week!

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